#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 43 – Vansh Takes Care of Riddhima

Episode starts with….

Kabir and others rushed to find why was Vansh shouting

Kabir: Bhai what happened?

Vansh (panic): Dadi she’s quivering with fever. Am worried what do!!!

Dadi checked Riddhima and

Dadi: I think we better call doctor Vansh! Her temperature seems to be growing

Kabir: I’ll call doctor. Bhai you stay here.

Vansh nodded. Doctor arrived and he examined Riddhima’s condition and prescribed some medicines.

Doctor: She seems to be weak! Didn’t she have anything?

Kabir: Actually, doctor she didn’t have anything except juice since yesterday afternoon.

Doctor: May be because of lack of any intake her body turned weak and if am not wrong she was stressing about something much which affected her health. Does she work?

Dadi: She’s a doctor herself. And actually, since yesterday she had over load of patients and today she had many surgeries lined up and was tired.

Doctor: Over load of work is affecting her health. She needs to take rest for at least a day and please make sure she takes the prescribed medicines on time.

Kabir: Yes doctor, we’ll take care of that!

As soon as doctor left, Vansh sat beside her caressing her face. Uma and Anupriya left to bring water and tissue for her. Dadi went towards Vansh

Dadi: Vansh you go and freshen up and have something I’ll be by her side.

Vansh: No dadi am fine. I’ll be by her side

Dadi: Vansh its ok. Its just fever. She’ll be fine. You go and freshen up.

Vansh nodded after dadi’s persistence he went to take a shower and by the time he was back he saw dadi taking care of Riddhima by Tepid water Sponging. He approached them and worry was clear in his face

Vansh: Dadi, you all leave, I’ll take care of her.

Anupriya: Its ok Vansh! We’ll stay. Even we are worried for her. This is the first time her health deteriorated

Uma: And it’s our mistake we didn’t even bother to check on her since these days. She always cares for everyone and today we were so reckless.

Vansh was just staring at Riddhima seeing her shiver. He wanted to soothe all her pain. His eyes welled up but was trying hard not to show his condition in front of his family. He slightly wiped his tears and sat near her and was waiting for his family to leave which was adamant to not leave. Kabir understood Vansh’s state and decided to help him

Kabir: Dadi, I think we all need to leave. Its not preferable for everyone to stay here. It may create suffocation to her. She needs rest so it’d be better if we leave. Vaise bhi its of no use for all of us to stay here. Bhai is there so he’ll take care.

Vansh thanked him with his eyes and Kabir smiled back and led everyone out of the room. Vansh locked the room and sat beside her and was caressing her face and was giving her Tepid Sponging.

Vansh: Am sorry sweetheart! Its all because of me!! I shouldn’t have avoided your calls and messages last night. You didn’t have anything since yesterday because of my recklessness. Am the reason for your pain. Am the reason for your deteriorating health. Am sorry!! I never wanted to distance myself but what do I do!!! My feelings for you are doubling and tripling with me being close to you. I am pretty aware that you can never love me and I still remember what you said 2 months back before our marriage and after that incident. I couldn’t help you to fade your pain its still afresh and then my behaviour might have hurt you too right! But trust me Riddhima its needed. If am close to you then I’ll fall for you and in some weak moment I may even reveal it which’d break you once again and you’ll go through the same pain once again. I cant let that happen!!! I need to distance myself from you to avoid giving you greater pain.

He kissed her forehead and was caressing her and was constantly checking her fever. He could see her shivering. He started giving her sponging. When there was no change in her condition, he decided to

Vansh: Am sorry Riddhima. I know I don’t have this right but to give you warmth I need to do this.

He removes his sweatshirt and slips into her duvet and wrapping his arms around her, he pulls her closer to his body. He could feel her breaths falling on his bare chest and her body was sending chills down his spine. Her chest was now in contact with his bare body and he could sense his nerves getting weaker due to her unusual touch. He tried hard to control his feelings, but that seemed to be next to impossible. His breaths were heavy and his heart beat was having its own race and was adamant to break its record by crossing the beat rate. He felt as if he’s having palpitations. He couldn’t hold back more and jumped out of the bed to avoid any mishappening which would break her totally!!! He could sense his body was sweating heavily in the deadly winter when people were shivering, his body was releasing heat.

He ran into washroom to have a cold shower and tried to control his flowing desires!! After a while he was back and stared at Riddhima who was still shivering. The cool shower has detained his flowing feelings so he once again slipped into the duvet and this time he made sure not to cross his limits of desires even in dreams.

He stared at Riddhima who inched closer to his chest and as if feeling secure, she was feeling a bit better. He caressed her face and pulled the hair strands on her face disturbing his view and tucked it behind her ear and gave a peck on her forehead.

Vansh: Who asked you to work long hours! Look what you made of yourself! And who skips their meals waiting for someone! Am distancing myself from you that doesn’t mean am not bothered about you. I get affected if you are unwell or hurt. Enough of recklessness now! If at all I get to know that you are being careless with your health am not going to spare you. And stop being so cute. Am unable to control myself from falling for you.

He kisses her and dozes off taking care of her.

Precap: You are my best friend and you’ll be but…. but something more than a friend is not what can happen neither today nor later

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    2. Vaishnaviaddanki

      @Nandu will do it soon 🙂

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