The Very Next day :

Riddima is driving her car , and a few flashes came into her mind , she lost control of her car and she hitted a tree

(Laga laga ?? Shock laga ??)

She is admitted to the hospital and is getting treated

Out of OT :

Karan : this is second time , she got into an accident .

Adah : don’t worry beta , everything will be fine

Sanam : keep hope on god karan

The doctor comes out from OT

Rajdheer : doctor , how was she ??

Doctor : nothing to worry , but , she got minor injuries on her head . Don’t worry , they will get fine .

Doctor 2 : you can meet her , after she will shift to the normal ward

In the Ward :

Riddima wakes up and finds herself on the hospital bed

Riddima (holding her head and her head is aching) : (in a slow and calm voice ) what happened to me ??

Abhi : you got into an accident shona

Angre : and now you got treated , but there are some minor injuries on your head

Siya : but it’s ok , you will get well soon

Riddima again gets some flashes

Riddima remembers something

Doctor enters

Riddima : doctor discharge me , I want to leave (puppy face and eyes )

Doctor : ok ok , you can go darling , but you have to take your medicines , don’t forget .

Riddima nods

In khanna Mansion :

Riddima is constantly thinkong then vansh and his family came

Riddima : why you all came , no need to worry , I am fine

Uma : what find beta , see yourself once

Ajay : are you the same energetic riddima ??

Dadi : meri bacchi ko kisi ka nazar lag chuki hai (someone kept their evil sight on my grand daughter )

Dadi takes kaajal from her eyes and keeps it on the back side of riddima’s neck .

(As everyone do🤣🤣 , when atleast we get our mothers will do😂😂 , such possessive😍😍 , so sweet of them 😘)

Riddima :(puppy eyes) vansh , (puppy face ) say your love story na .

Vansh : hmm , seems like , you are truly interested in my love story , even in this condition .

Riddima : what to do , I just love it

Vansh : but riddima , it’s a failed love story , how could you ?? …….

Riddima (interrupting) : vansh , when you said love story , I listened only the word love story , but nothing , so if it is failed or not , I doesn’t need , first say .

Vansh : hmm ok , but not today , but tomorrow , as I said after 2 days I will say .

Riddima (upset) : ok (fierce) but if you will not reveal , I will chop you into pieces .

Vansh : ok baba

Evening :

Riddima is constantly thinking , she got an idea , and called a number .

Riddima : hello Mr Anthony Sir , I am riddima khanna , I wanna say do you know the surname initial ? , Ok , thanks for the information.

Riddima : I got nothing

It’s Engagement of ishangre :

Ishani and angre exchange their rings

Everyone bless them

Riddima : so bhabhi , when you will make me bua ??

Ishani blushes

Sanam : riddu , what are those questions ?

Riddima : hmm , so ish bhabhi , there are no worries , I will not disturb you , when you and bhai need privacy , infact I will support you both .

Angre : stop it sweety

Riddima : bhai , what have I done ??

Uma : so riddima , when you will marry ??

Riddima : I will marry , when this laila gets her majnu

Abhi : thank God , you doesn’t said heer ranjha

Riddima : bhaiyya , I will kill you .

Riddima : all youngsters , lets play a game , and our elders could speak about the pre wedding rituals and ceremonies

They all leave to garden

There were a few candles , and a cutted tree branch shaped , large wood table

All sit around it and then

Riddima : hmm , let’s play truth or dare , its my favorite

Siya : but why ??

Riddima : as we can make anyone do anything , by dare , and can make them spill there secrets by truth

Precap : vansh’s sweet love story



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