#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 83 – Past

Episode starts with…

Vansh took a deep breath and staring in those hazel brown eyes which were giving him confused glares. Taking her delicate soft hands in his and gently pressing them as in assuring her, he spoke

Vansh: Riddhima, I have to tell you something which is high time you know. I hope you understand my stand.

Riddhima though confused just gave him a slight nod of her head

Vansh: Riddhima all this started 5 years back……..

(Flashback Starts)

5 Years Ago

Ours was a happy-go family. I was not like this grumpy or angry all the time, I was the greatest prankster and my partner in crime were Angre and Siya. Dad passed an year ago and I had to take over the business, those were my initial days and I was having trouble in managing everything suddenly but thankfully chachu was helping and so was Rudra uncle.

Chachu is Anupriya chachi’s 2nd husband. Before meeting chachu, Chachi was married to some person who was a drunkard and a beast in the form of a human. She had a kid with him. Chachi used to do odd works to run the house as the man was unemployed and he used to grab chachi’s hard-earned money for alcohol. One day as usual he came home and demanded money from Chachi but when she refused he beat her and taking their year-old son with him he left the house. Chachi searched for her kid all the night but didn’t find him nor was any news of her husband. She was devastated. She started losing her conscience in the love of her kid and started searching for him everywhere but it seemed like she lost him forever. She registered a complaint with the police too but seemed like even they couldn’t trace their location. Neither was her husband found nor her kid. She lost hope when she didn’t find her son even after 4 months, she couldn’t stay there in his memories so she moved from Nagpur to Mumbai and started doing petty works here.

One day chachu was driving in hurry to a meeting and he was involved in an accident and his car hit a tree and he lay there unconscious. Chachi who found him rushed him to the hospital and informed us, mom and dad rushed to the hospital and Chachi left from there. After few days when chachu was fine, he was on a walk in the evening he saw a women in distressed state being followed by some goons. He was about to save her but she lost her conscious and he rushed her to our home where mom and dad identified her as the one who saved chachu few days back. When Chachi gained conscious chachu told her how he found her on-road and bought home. She thanked him and left but chachu felt as in love at first sight and after that day he started persuading Chachi to marry him and so did my parents. Chachi told them her past and asked to leave her but after that chachu was adamant to not let her go and after many months she finally gave in and they were married and then came Aryan and Ishani in our lives.

Everything was going on smoothly in our lives and years passed on and every year on the day Chachi lost her son she used to go to the orphanage and distribute toys, food, and necessary items in her son’s name. Chachu who saw Chachi upset over her lost son decided to search him and so appointed detectives and after lot of struggles for years finally we got news of finding her lost son. And that was 5years back after dad passed and I was in business. One night we were having dinner when chachu entered with a boy who was around my age maybe 2-3 years younger to me.

Chachu: Anu, after all these years of our marriage, I’d like to give you the best gift of your life

Uma: Amar who’s this boy?

Chachu: Bhabhi he is my son….. mine and Anupriya’s

Listening to which we were all confused and that’s when Chachi realized something and she with baby steps approached the boy and caressing his cheeks she with tears saw something on his left elbow and as if identifying something she fell back with happiness.

Chachi: Ka….bir!!!!

Yes, that was Kabir… Kabir Singh, the lost son of Chachi. Her happiness had no bounds, she hugged him and cried all the night. She didn’t leave him for a moment. We all spent our night together after his arrival, it was like our family was complete finally. Kabir got well with everyone and Chachi never left a day turned without pampering him, in fact, everyone in the house were behind as we met him after years we all were showering him with all the love we had for him. He was a forensic expert working with the government. We all were leading a happy completed family life for a month when one day suddenly when I came back home after work I got to know that Chachi fell off the stairs and rushed to see Kabir by her side and she was eating fruits

Me: Chachi how are you now?

Chachi (smiling): Am fine Vansh! Maybe I was busy these days so just had some dizziness and fell off. Nothing to worry

Me: Are you sure Chachi? Shall I call the doctor?

Chachi: Am fine Vansh!

Me: If you say so!!! Kabir if you need anything do let me know am out

Kabir smiled and nodded and later we had dinner and we slept. I had a meeting in Bangalore and I fly off the next day, and returned after almost a week and then I got to know that Chachi was involved in an accident. She fractured her leg and all this while Kabir was by her side taking care of his mother. I got to know later that the brakes of her car were failed and I asked Angre to investigate further and we got to know that somebody had wantedly cut the connections leading to the accident. Kabir was furious and was hellbent on finding that person and so was I. It took almost 3 weeks for Chachi to get well and she was once again on her feet. Kabir was the happiest, after all, he got his mom after years and he loves her the most.

Months were passing and its been 4months since Kabir came into our lives and our world changed, we were having fun, fights, night outs and what not. It seemed like there isn’t anything which we’d want in our life. One day Chachi was going to the orphanage and I wanted to accompany her and so we both were going when even Kabir wanted to join us, and so he too accompanied us and we trio reached orphanage and after spending half a day with them we decided to have lunch in some restaurant and reached a good one. We ordered our food and were chitchatting when the waiter bought our food and after taking a morsel of her food, Chachi started having difficulty in breathing and collapsed and that’s when my eyes fell on her plate and it had Passion Fruit and she is allergic to it. I had her medicine luckily in my car and gave it to her after which she was fine. I and Kabir rushed to the manager to question his hospitality, but he begged his life that he didn’t know anything. We took Chachi home, making her rest I moved to your house, to meet Angre

Me: Angre, something is amiss!!! From many days Chachi is falling prey to someone.

Angre: Why do you feel so Vansh?

Me: The accidents Angre!!! The accidents…… (anger)

Angre: Vansh you yourself are admitting that they are accidents then?

Me: I…. I don’t know Angre!!! But something is definitely wrong, which we aren’t able to notice

Angre: Like?

Me: Her first accident…. She fell off the staircase and reason is dizziness and maybe for not having proper food but mom and Ishani are always behind her for her health as she was always irresponsible then how come she fell off the staircase? When she was properly having her food? The 2nd ….Car accident, who cut those wires? And why??? They were aware that she was going out and is going to drive alone, but who’s that who’s keeping an eye on her? and major query WHY? And today…. Only few people are aware of her allergy to the fruit and how come the waiter serve that only in her plate when we ordered same dish? Don’t you think something is missing!!!!

Angre: Ummm…. I guess there is indeed something fishy. You don’t worry, I’ll personally look into the matter

After that day Angre’s men were constantly having an eye on Chachi and her surroundings but they didn’t find anything suspicious. None knew of this except me and Angre. One morning Chachi went into the lawn for plucking some flowers and we were all in our morning routines; I was in gym, when suddenly we heard a blast sound and all rushed to find Chachi injured not major though. We took her to the room, mom and others were taking care of her when I reached the lawn to see some bomb particles here and there. I contacted my men and I got to know that they are behind a guy who threw the bomb into the premises from out. All these were triggering something serious which I wasn’t able to understand. Chachi had minor injuries and she was resting when Angre received call from our men and we got to know that the guy flew away and they couldn’t catch him. I was furious!!!! My Chachi was having death threat and I couldn’t save her. 4 attacks took place in front of our eyes and we couldn’t find the culprit.

I asked everyone to be extra careful and increased security around the house. As time passed, the attacks didn’t take place again. We were back to normal. Kabir created a great bond with everyone in the family. It was Navratri and our house was no less than a new bride all decked up for the celebrations. Those 9 days we were having many games for youngsters and prayer meets for elders. Every night we used to end with a game or movie night. In the mornings we used to cook for everyone as in each day it was the duty of one youngster to cook as we wanted to give some rest to the elders. Our days were moving smoothly and I felt the danger on Chachi and family finally isn’t there. (But (sarcastic chuckle) ….. I didn’t expect that the attacker is planning his big move). It was the last day of Navratri and we were all preparing for Ravan Dahan in the backyard, Angre, Rudra uncle and family too were present. Being the elder son of the house, I burnt the effigy. But unexpectedly the smoke the effigy released was not what we were prepared for. Inhaling which we all started coughing hard and Angre sensed something and asked us to cover our noses and mouths to prevent further inhaling. With difficulty, we led the whole family into the house when we sighed and took a proper breath.

Everyone settled in the living room, me and Ishani gave them some water to relax and that’s when we realized Chachi was missing. I and Angre went back to the backyard to search for her while Ishani and Siya were searching for her in the whole house, but in vain as she wasn’t there anywhere. Everyone started panicking while I and Angre had a different perspective of the situation as she already faced many attacks and we were worried for her safety.

Ishani (worried): Pa Ma isn’t in the whole house

Chachu (concerned): Where did she go without informing anyone!!!

Me: Siya call chachi’s number

Siya: Bhai I called and found her phone in her room.

Angre: Vansh….

Angre’s eyes were like searching or scanning whole surroundings and that’s when even I got his view

Me (panic): Where’s Aryan and Kabir?

Ishani (worry): Bhai, Aryan ka I don’t know but Kabir bhai was with us during Ravan Dahan. Maybe he is with ma!!!

Dadi: I just hope they are safe

Angre: Vansh we need to rush to search for them

I and Angre along with Rudra uncle and chachu went in 2 different directions from the mansion to search Chachi and Kabir. I and Angre were searching desperately but found none neither did we get any clue of their whereabouts. And suddenly my phone started buzzing and seeing an unknown number I expected it to be some of Angre’s informer and answered it but what I heard next was…


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