#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 73 – A way?

Episode starts with…

…. Because they spread burning coal beneath her feet and that’s hurting her. She tried to pull her legs up but being tied to the chair she wasn’t able to do that too. She tried to move those coal blocks with her legs but in vain, as they were just injuring them. Her trials were broke when she heard their evil laughter.

Riddhima (crying): It means you are their business rivals who targeted their families for your loss or something such! Why are you troubling me!!!

Female: Woahhh girl hold on! We aren’t their business rivals and don’t you think you fill the blanks as you want to without paying heed to the facts

Riddhima (shouting): What the heck!!!! Who the hell are you and what do you want from me!! If this isn’t any business revenge then why am I here? Who are you who confined me away from my family?

Male: Don’t you think you are crossing your limits? (anger) I already told you I don’t like anyone troubling my darling and you are raising your voice! Vansh & Angre hurt her and now you are bearing the punishment for their mistake and if at all you raise your voice again I warn you that I won’t think twice before killing you (warning)

Female: And yes You have just 26 hours left in this world! So, any last wishes? But before that, I want to fulfill one of your long-term wish. You wanted to know who we are right!!! Don’t expect too much babes because am not going to reveal our past and the connections because for that you need to wait more but would like to tell our names and would even face you now

Male: Are you sure darling?

Female: Yes darling, let’s just come face to face with her it’s been almost 22 hours since we kept her here so itna toh banta hain na

Male: As you wish darling. Come let’s go and meet her

They both walk into the light hand in hand with an evil smirk crept on their lips, eyes had evilness filled. Riddhima saw their faces and she was sure it’s the first time she’s meeting them,

(Unknown Location)

Vansh: They are Kabir & Ragini (anger)

Angre: They tried to harm our family years back which we foiled and now they are here to avenge their long-left revenge

Vansh: This time they targeted our weak point Riddhima!!! Last time I just sent them behind bars but now!!! Now I’ll not spare them for trying to hurt my Riddhima!! (fierce) Angre!!!!! Put all your sources and trace the vehicle number and check the CCTV of the area

Gagan: Mr. Angre may I know their names!

Angre: They are Kabir & Ragini!!! (disgust) You’ll get more details of them from the Central Jail. They were there for 2 and a half years

Saying so Angre took the vehicle number which the neighbor was aware of before storming out. Gagan was trying to gather information about them while Vansh held his angry fist trying to calm and think of ways to reach Riddhima

(Unknown Place)

Female: Hello Ms. Riddhima Sharma uff Future Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania!!! OOPSS!!! You don’t have a future so you are going to die as Ms. Riddhima Sharma. And he is my darling my love my everything My Kabir!!! (kisses his cheek)

Male: Hello Mrs…. Oops it’s Ms. Riddhima Sharma this is my love, my lifeline, my happiness, my strength & weakness My Ragini (gives her a peck on her lips)

Ragini: And don’t stress yourself thinking who we are why we kidnapped you, we’ll help you in this. Actually, we have enmity with Rai Singhania’s and Angre importantly Vansh and Angre so you are our pawn to give them pain. Now don’t stress yourself and rest before we start your next torture (smirk)

They were about to leave when Riddhima stopped them

Riddhima (attitude): So, you are here to avenge your revenge on my bhai and Vansh so let me clear your misunderstanding that soon they’ll reach me and drag you to your destination. You want to hurt me right! Am ready to face any torture of yours because my Vansh & bhai will give you the fruits of the pain I’d be bearing. You want a snake to bite me or burn me in this coal, am ready to face anything as that fear would keep me alive with a hope that they’d come

Kabir: Overconfidence but I know how do I stamp it. You know what I tried to hurt you many times in the previous month. I first failed your car breaks on Diwali because of which I thought Vansh and his confident Angre would die but then bhai – behan milap happened!!! And then I tried to chase you near that secret spot but Vansh came and you were saved. I tried to attack you in your house but then the Rai Singhania girls reached and then Vansh too came so phir se plan failed. In fact, every moment I was behind you trying to hurt you but every time Vansh came to save you. I tried my luck on Bhai dooj day in your hospital where Vansh was once again there, I followed you everywhere. Even few days back on your that proposal night I was there and tried to kidnap you but then he came and after he dropped you home and left, I was about to sneak in to your house in fact, I reached beneath your balcony but na!!! Na that idiot Vansh was back again on time to save you. The next day too I was following you through out. I saw you both romancing on the beach too (wink smirk). After snatching my happiness for years he was enjoying his life which pissed me so isliye we planned to kidnap the same night and we succeeded (evil laugh)

Kabir (sarcasm): Don’t you think you are having overconfidence! Maybe they’ll reach you but not before I wish for! They’ll be here only after your death

Ragini: Kabir just forget it!! She’s daydreaming and let her do it maybe these are going to be her last dreams (smirk)

Riddhima (shocked to the core yet composing herself): I don’t give a damn to your filthy thoughts and your so-called masterstrokes which failed dramatically all the time but I’d be glad if you could just untie me

Kabir (laughing): So that you can run away?

Riddhima: Oh, hello Mister! Let me remind you that am tied here for 22 hours and my bladder is bursting so I need to use the washroom

Ragini: Chill Kabir she can’t escape let her use it and I’ll myself stay by her so that she can’t escape.

Saying Ragini was about to step on the coal when Kabir pulled her back while Riddhima had a small smirk.

Kabir: Darling what were you doing! What if you hurt yourself!!!

Ragini: Am sorry I didn’t pay heed

Kabir: Be careful, I cant risk hurting you for this revenge. You are the most precious to me.

Ragini (cupping his face): Don’t worry I’ll take care of myself. This revenge is our everything now.

Kabir: Go from the other side to untie her.

Ragini walked a bit away from the coal and united Riddhima and dragged her making her walk on the coal and took her to the washroom and she was guarding to make sure Riddhima doesn’t escape. Once into the washroom Riddhima released her breath and was literally crying her heart out looking at her state and trying to caress and soothe the pain she has on her feet

Riddhima (thinking) (crying): Vansh!! Where are you please come and take me away. They are giving me bad vibes and am afraid of the worse. Please save me!!! Please……. Am trying to display myself as a strong confident girl who trusts her love and brother but deep down am freaking afraid Vansh! My fear is their strength and I don’t want them to win over you and bhai so I need to pretend as a confident girl which am not at present! I need you I need bhai please take me away!!! Please!!!!

She caresses her ring which Vansh gave on proposal night, then something strikes her the conversation they had on the beach

(Flashback starts)

Vansh & Riddhima were calmly staring the waves, the way it was cleaning the shore and the sound of the waves were giving them peace. Something strikes Vansh and looks towards Riddhima who was on his shoulders resting her head

Vansh: Riddhima I want to tell you something

Riddhima lifts her head off his shoulder and glares him curious, he turns towards her, holding her hands in his and gently pressing them as if to assure that he’s here

Vansh: Riddhima the Vansh you met; you fell in love is a different form of me which was hidden under my harsh self after something that happened years back. I suppressed my feelings for you as danger is around me but I couldn’t hold myself longer so had to reveal and I did it. But my heart is worried for your safety. I cant live a moment without you and for your safety I did something which maybe you won’t like …. (voice low)

Riddhima: Vansh I trust you and I love you. I clearly don’t know your past but I do know that it changed you totally and you distanced yourself from everyone afraid of being betrayed and being broken so I can understand how hard it’d have been for you to control your feelings for me. But never say that am unsafe because wherever I am, I can count on you as you’ll make your way to me and save me from all the hurdles.

Vansh: Thank you for understanding Riddhima but I want to show you something which may hurt you or maybe you’ll even assume that am being possessive or obsessed but the reality is contrary, am just trying to protect you as its indirectly protecting myself.

Riddhima: Vansh I can never think of anything such. I know you care for me so whatever you do would be for my safety. So, tell me what you want to

Vansh gently pulled the ring he gave her previous night and turning it around he opened a secret opening behind the solitaire and there it was. A small button was there and Riddhima was amused to see such, she was giving him puzzled looks and then he spoke

Vansh: Riddhima, whenever you feel that you are in danger or you need me just click this button and it gives me your location wherever you and I’ll get your location to my phone and I’d reach you swiftly. Am not stalking or keeping an eye on its just that ….

Riddhima: Vansh I know you why do you explain yourself! In fact, am amused to see how protected you are towards me. This seems to be thrilling as if am a spy and am reporting everything to my superior (wink)

Vansh: Riddhima its not funny. Am worried for your safety so please remember that when you think you need me just click it please

Riddhima: Vansh I assure you whenever I feel that am in danger then I’d press it. OK?

Vansh nodded and slid the ring on her hand and kissed it. She hugged him and clung onto his shoulders enjoying the evening sky and chaos of the beach.





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