#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 71 – Lead?

Episode starts with…

The servant turned around to find Gagan staring at him and his stares sent shivers down his spine and stood there shivering.

Gagan (stern): I asked you what are you doing here?

Servant: Si… sir… I was … was hiding my hard-earned money!!!

Gagan: Money??

Servant: Sir actually my father is an alcoholic and so he snatches money which is earned by my family so I hid our money here. I have many dreams for my sister.

Gagan: It’s ok don’t worry your money won’t go anywhere and do give me your father’s details I’ll teach him a lesson so that you won’t have any need to hide your money in such a way

Servant: Sure, sir thank you.

The servant leaves when Gagan speaks

Gagan: Ishani is the voice the same?

Ishani: No!!!

Vansh: Sejal come on!! Go!!!

Sejal moves towards the kitchen and she finds 2 servants working

Sejal: What are you doing?

Servant 1 & 2 (unison): Am preparing Turmeric milk/ am making juice for everyone

Both spoke at a time and looked at each other

Ishani: Sejal they spoke together and am unable to recognize

Vansh: Sejal ask them to speak one at a time

Sejal: Arrey why are you both speaking at a time! I didn’t understand what you said. First, you tell and then you’ll

Servant 2: Ma’am am preparing juice for everyone. Seems like none had anything since morning and everyone is weak so thought juice would help

Sejal: Umm…. And you?

Servant 1: Ma’am am preparing Turmeric Milk for Vansh Sir. He was injured so dadi Ji asked me to prepare some for him.

Sejal: Ok!!!

Ishani’s eyes widened in shock! She started panicking! Vansh who saw her state tried to control her

Vansh: Ishani calm down!!! Drink some water! (worried)

Ishani was about to say something when she hears something

Servant 2: Ma’am do you need anything?

Servant 1: Ma’am I’ll be back after handing the milk to sir

Sejal: Ok! You work!! I’ll leave

Ishani starts choking! Vansh handovers water and she was drinking water to calm herself when

Servant 1: Sir your turmeric milk!!

Vansh takes it and asks him to leave. While the servant was leaving, Ishani’s eyes were laid on the retreating figure of the servant and her eyes widened in shock! Vansh observed her eyes and looked in that direction and saw the retreating figure of the servant and he felt they caught the kidnapper

Vansh (anger): Ishani is he the one???

Ishani nodded her head in approval. Vansh’s anger had no bounds. He stood from his place and was following the servant into the kitchen when Gagan, Angre, Siya, and Sejal surrounded him as they heard Vansh and Ishani’s conversation and understood who that person is. The servant was confused as everyone surrounded him and they were giving him questioning looks.

Servant 1: Sir (eyeing Angre who was in his front) Do you need anything?

“Yes!!! Give us what we want” Servant turned around to see who said that and it was Vansh whose eyes turned red in anger and was glaring at him with much anger.

Servant 1: Sorry sir but I didn’t get you. What do you need? Shall I prepare something for you?

Gagan: Look, what’s your name?

Servant: Sir am Victor

Vansh: Victor don’t drag the matter and reveal where is Riddhima?

Victor panicked but he didn’t want them to understand his involvement so tried to act normal

Victor: Sir how will I know! I saw her last night when we all were leaving

Sejal: So, if you left with others, why did you return again?

Victor: Maybe you are mistaken ma’am I didn’t return and why will I!

Gagan: So, you mean you didn’t return to the house after you left

Victor: Yes sir!

“So, what were you doing late at night in the backyard?” Victors eyes widened in shock and turned to find Ishani approaching them

Vansh: Answer her

Victor: Si…. Sir, I wasn’t there!!!

Gagan: Why are you stammering?

Victor: N… no si.. sir am fine!!!

Angre: Victor just answer where is my sister?

Victor: I… I do… don’t know anything, sir.

Angre held his collar and dragged him into the living area where the other family members were present. Angre punched him hard that he fell down bleeding,

Angre: Don’t play with us. Just come to the point where is Riddhima!

Victor: S… si…sir you a… are mis…. Mistaken… am innocent

Vansh hit him next making him fall on his back and Vansh was bashing him hard. In fact, he was venting his frustration of not finding his Riddhima even after 18hours of being kidnapped. His all that anger was being vented on victor after finding that he is also involved in his love’s kidnap, how can he spare a person trying to harm her!!!

Victor was by now bleeding, but he was such a stupid guy that even after all the bashing session by Vansh & Angre; he wasn’t opening his mouth. He was finding it difficult to even stand and after many struggles when he stood on his feet, he received a tight slap on his face and he fell back once again. All turned to see who that was and it was Rudra

Rudra (shouting): Where is my daughter!!! What did you do to her? How is she? Where is she? Answerrrr!!!!!!

He was almost broke Sejal and Angre held him to support him. Vansh kicked victor to vent his helplessness. He was about to kick him once again but was stopped by Gagan

Gagan: Mr. Vansh please no!! He’ll die. And if it happens then we can’t find Ms. Riddhima!

Vansh (hitting his fist): How do I find her officer!!

Gagan: Let me try once!!

Gagan: Look victor, if you don’t reveal the truth then I can’t handle them! They’ll kill you. You decide now what’d you like to do! Reveal or die

Victor: S… ir…sir… am … innocent … I don’t kn… know…an …y …. anything!!!

This time he once again received a blow on his face and to everyone’s shock it was Siya

Vansh: Siya!!!!!

Siya: Tell me where is she! Tell me where is my bhabhi! Where is she!! Why did you kidnap her! How is she!!! Please reveal her location

Siya collapsed and was weeping inconsolably!! Vansh held her and tried to comfort her

Vansh: Siya!! Please handle yourself! We’ll find her soon. I assure you. And this victor will lead us (eyeing victor)

Victor was now almost covered in blood and was even struggling to get up. Gagan held him and pinned him onto a wall

Gagan: Victor reveal the truth before you die

Victor: W… wa…wat..er…

Ishani: You want water right!!

Victor nodded

Ishani: I’ll give you if you reveal where is my sister!!

Siya: Why are you being adamant? Is your life no important to you? Why don’t you reveal where is bhabhi!!!

Sejal: We are requesting you and if you don’t reply then our brothers will bash you once again. Is this pain so relaxing to you that you aren’t revealing it!!!

Vansh: Victor this is the last time am asking you! Reveal where is my Riddhima!!!! Where did you hide her?

Victor nods his head in approval as if gesturing he’ll reveal something


Precap: Vansh that location has been identified

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