Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya gets kidnapped

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhola getting caught by the goons. He fights them. Ahilya prays for him. Bhola gets stabbed on his back. She shouts and cries. The goons kidnap her. She asks Bhola to save her. The goons take her in a bullock cart. Khanderao and his friends come there. The goon asks Ahilya not to shout, else he will not leave her. He shuts her mouth. Khanderao asks who are you, where are you doing, what’s in this sack, why is it moving so much. The goons hold weapons and get ready. Goon lies to him. He says we are carrying a rabbit for the feast. Khanderao says I have to see it. The goon says rabbits will run away, you have to come here and see. Khanderao goes to see. He asks the man to be ready. His friend stops him and asks him to come, they have to find Ahilya. Khanderao asks the goons to go. He leaves. Goon says I would have handled him alone.

The minister comes to Malhar and says we couldn’t find Ahilya. Malhar gets worried. He sits praying. Khanderao and his friends are on the way. They see a man fallen there. They get scared and run. Malhar comes there. He scolds Khanderao for being so useless and a coward. Khanderao imagines Malhar. He says I don’t want to give a chance to Malhar to scold me.

They go to see Bhola lying unconscious. They see a cloth in Bhola’s hand. Khanderao asks Kanoji to go and take the cloth. Kanoji gets the cloth and says its some silk saree cloth. Khanderao asks is this Ahilya’s saree cloth. They see the marks. Goons kidnap Ahilya and take her to the dark place. The sickle falls there. She struggles.

Khanderao asks his friends to look around for her, then she will see him. Ahilya says I didn’t reach my house, don’t know what did these bad people do with her. She asks who will come to save me. Khanderao gets Ahilya’s saree cloth and the jewellery tied. He smiles and recalls her. He says Kanoji, Sadashiv, Ahilya is in that bullock cart, I got this potli here. Sadashiv says we should take Malhar’s help. Khanderao says you have to take my order.

They see Malhar and the soldiers coming. Khanderao hides the jewellery. Malhar asks what are you doing here. Khanderao worries. The goon comes to Dhana ji and Gunu ji. He says we have the girl captive. They pay the coins. They ask him to complete the work. Dhana ji smiles. Malhar asks Khanderao what is he doing here. Khanderao says we have come to find Ahilya, you said she left the house because of my pranks, its my responsibility to find her. Malhar asks how did you come without informing anyone, there are no guards with you. Khanderao says we don’t need guards, we will find her. Malhar says fine, tell me, did you get any clue. Khanderao says no. Malhar says you can’t find her, return to the palace, Gautama would be worried. Khanderao says okay, we will go back. Malhar leaves. Khanderao says good that he didn’t get Ahilya, now he will value me.

Khanderao finds Ahilya tied. He goes to free her. Goons catch him as well. Goon says we can’t leave these boys alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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