#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 70 – Any Lead?

Episode starts with…

Vansh: And what Angre (worried)

Vansh: Angre speak up!!!

Gagan: Sir, we searched many hideouts and we didn’t get any lead into the case! The kidnappers have neither called for ransom nor for any demand! This seems to be some conspiracy.

Vansh: Conspiracy!!! (shock)

Sejal: Bhai am worried for her now!! Her location isn’t traceable

Vansh (worried): Angre! Did you trace her phone?

Gagan: Sir we found it few meters away from the house. The kidnappers seemed to have thrown it out in order to destroy the evidence.

Vansh hit his fist on the wall in frustration of not being able to find Riddhima even after 15 hours of her kidnapping. Chanchal rushed to Vansh as his hand was bleeding

Chanchal: Can someone bring a first aid

Vansh sat beside Chanchal and Uma while they were worried for his wound but he was least bothered and his only worry for his Riddhima’s safety. A servant bought the first aid kit and handed it to the ladies who were treating Vansh’s wound.

Dadi: Listen, bring some turmeric milk for Vansh

Servant: Yes Ma’am I’ll get it soon

Saying so he left and everyone’s focus shifted to a voice that startled them

“Bhai!!!!” Everyone turned around to find Ishani rushing down the steps as if she’s chasing someone. Vansh stood startled and assumed her to be worried about his wound and tried to calm her

Vansh: Ishani calm down it’s just a small wound. Am fine!! Nothing happened

Ishani (trying to catch her breath): Bh ….. bha…. Bhai… Bhaiiii!!!!!

Angre: Ishani calm down it’s a small cut. He’s fine. Why are you panicking!!!

Dadi held her by the shoulder and tried to give her some water but Ishani threw the glass and was trying to say something but her voice wasn’t cooperating!

Gagan: Ms. Ishani take deep breaths and please take your seat you seem to be unwell

Ishani: Enough!!! Let me speak! Bhai, bhai I have heard the same voice which was involved in Riddhima’s kidnapping

Everyone stood there shocked and gave her a puzzled look waiting for her to speak something

Vansh: Ishani, Ishani speak when and where did you hear?

Ishani: Bhai just now when I was coming down. I heard it but couldn’t see the face but am sure it was the same voice

Vansh: Angre!!!! Who spoke now! (shouting)

Angre: It was only we who were speaking, there was no outsider here.

Sejal: Ishani you sure you heard the same voice?

Ishani: Yes Sejal! Am cent percent sure that it’s the same voice. I cannot assume it to be any other. I have heard it too close and it was the same voice. Bhai the kidnapper is here!! Bhai, please search her maybe she’s around!!! (crying)

Sejal and Siya held Ishani to give her support.

Gagan: Ms. Ishani do you remember anything else? Have you seen the person’s face? Or any such detail which would lead us to the kidnappers? In fact, where did you hear? Out of the mansion or inside?

Ishani: I have heard it inside just a few minutes back and saw his retreating figure too

Vansh (shock): Ishani where did you see the person going?

Ishani: Bhai towards there (pointing towards a direction)

Angre: Are you sure you saw that person in the house!! (worried)

Ishani: Yes Angre. He left towards either kitchen, storeroom, or temple

Gagan: How do we find that person now because they may be anyone among my department who are spread across your house in search of clues or maybe your servants or even anyone among the guards

Sejal: Why can’t we interrogate everyone in the house?

Vansh was thinking something seriously and then something strikes him

Vansh: I have an idea…



He whispers something and Angre, Sejal, Siya and Gagan left towards different directions to implement the plan. Siya with Angre left towards the temple area and found 2 guards with 2 servants. Guards seemed like enquiring the servants. Angre and others were in a conference call and plugged their ear pods to hear the voices. Vansh stayed back with Ishani to handle her and notice her reaction.

Actually, their plan was

(a few minutes back)

Vansh: I have an idea… in fact, it’s a plan

Gagan: And what’s that?

Vansh: We have three areas on that side, so why don’t we divide ourselves and reach the areas and listen to their voices and Ishani could identify the voice of the kidnapper!

Sejal: Bhai why to do this long process! Why can’t we just drag everyone there and enquire or pester them to reveal the truth?

Angre: If we do so then the kidnappers will be alerted and we can’t risk that

Gagan: Mr. Angre is right! I think we need to follow according to Mr. Vansh’s plan

Siya: But bhai how will Di listen to the voices? Will she follow us?

Vansh: No Siya! We’ll all be connected through earplugs and will be on the conference call. So that none could doubt us. Each of you would go to one area and make sure at any cost every person there should speak at least one sentence so that Ishani could identify. I’ll stay back with Ishani to handle her. If we get any lead we’ll let you know.

Gagan: Great! You be here we’ll proceed


Angre and Siya stood near the guards and servants so that their voice is audible to Ishani. Ishani was keenly trying to listen to the voices and identify them but their luck didn’t favor them as none of their voice matched the voice of the kidnapper!

It was next Gagan who went into the storeroom to find a servant trying to hide something.

Gagan: What are you doing here?

Servant panicked


So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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