#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 5 – Riddhima gets a Family

Episode starts with…

Its 3pm, RS Mansion,

All were seated at the dining table. That anonymous person who was staring at Riddhima few minutes back now started stalking her and was once again secretly staring at her from distance.

Sejal & Siya were busy licking their fingers, while others were laughing at their childishness.

Uma: Riddhima beta, are you so calm all the time?

Sejal: Aunty don’t underestimate her. She’s calm as she is with unknown people or else, she’s much crazier, naughty, lively and more childish than you can think. Isn’t it dad and mom?

Her parents gave a smile while Riddhima hit Sejal.

Sejal: Auch!!! Saw Aunty… (Laughing)

Dadi: Riddhima, beta what does your parents do?

This question made Sejal and her parents’ eye Riddhima who was almost broke as she didn’t have answer for that. She was thinking what would she tell that’s she lost her family many years back in an unfaithful accident on that night where unluckily she escaped? Or how would she tell that she’s an orphan who doesn’t know what and how having a family meant? She was lost in such thoughts when she could sense tears rolling down her eyes. Sejal thought if only she told them before of Riddhima’s family that this question wouldn’t have popped out and Riddhima wouldn’t have been in this state. By this time everyone was waiting for Riddhima’s reply and were staring at her. Riddhima could sense those stares and she started feeling uncomfortable and was staring at her plate and didn’t lift her head. Rudra and Chanchal were observing everything and he couldn’t see Riddhima in this state and said

Rudra: Maa, her parents are in front of you.

Riddhima suddenly looked up with moist eyes when Rudra and Chanchal stared at her assuring that she has their back. Sejal could sense Riddhima’s state and hugged her tight confusing the Rai Singhania family. They had a blank look,

Sejal: Dadi, Riddhima is my sister and my parent’s daughter. Isn’t it Riddhima?

Riddhima knew they always regarded her their daughter and the way he regarded themselves as her parents shook her and was emotional.

Dadi: Sorry beta we didn’t knew that you are…

Before dadi couldn’t complete the sentence, Chanchal spoke

Chanchal: That she’s our daughter right Maa!! (signing dadi by nodding her head in disapproval of using the word Orphan)

Dadi and others understood Chanchal’s sign and made sure they didn’t utter that word. All this while Riddhima was hugging Sejal and was weeping. Suddenly she felt a pat on her head to see Dadi standing near her looking at her lovingly. Riddhima felt that she’s around unknown persons and weeping such in her client’s place was unprofessional so she stood and wiping her tears she said

Riddhima: Sorry Ma’am, I was emotional. I apologise. There’s lot to work on. It was wonderful meeting you all and I assure that your event will be as successful as you want to. Now it’s time for me to take your leave.

Dadi: I trust you fully. I wanted to ask you one thing will you do?

Riddhima: Sure ma’am.

Dadi: Can you call me dadi and not Ma’am. Why do you consider that only Rudra, Chanchal are your parents and Sejal as your sister? Can’t we be a part of your world? Can’t we be your family?

This statement was a shock to Riddhima and she stood their motionless, while she gave a look at others, everyone was smiling at her. This made her recollect the memories she shared with her grandmother and her family. She didn’t understand what to say or how to react so she turned towards Rudra who signalled her to proceed…. With tears rolling down her cheeks she with heavy heart ready to melt, she took a step further and

Riddhima: D…Dadi (tears rolling)

Rudra, Chanchal and Sejal were the happiest faces in the room as they know what Riddhima went through and after how many years she finally got another family and many more relations though not blood. They were crying happy tears while hearing how Riddhima took her name dadi was utter happy and hugged her which was reciprocated by Riddhima. All turned emotional while Sejal came and hugged dadi and Riddhima tight.

Riddhima: Thank you dadi. (finally smiling)

Dadi: God bless you beta. So now its finalized, we have an addition to our family from today. Isn’t it?

(Everyone on Unison): Yesss (almost shouting).

Dadi: From now I have another Granddaughter and I think out of all the grandchildren I have only 2 are worthy children (trying to pull others to make the situation light as it was so emotional)

Ishani, Siya and Sejal: That’s not fair Dadi. You got another granddaughter doesn’t mean you’ll call us not worthy. We all are upset now.

Dadi: How did you three know that it’s you about whom I was speaking? I didn’t take your names (hahaha)

Siya: you are mean dadi! But acha one grandchild about whom you are talking is Riddhima so who’s the other?

Ishani & Sejal: (Hitting Siya on her head) Obviously Vansh Bhai.

Everyone laughed making the situation into a happy one.

It’s 3:30pm, RS Mansion,

Riddhima and Sejal left to work on other arrangements, while Ishani went to her boutique accompanied by Siya. Rudra, Chanchal, Dadi, Uma, Anupriya and Amar were sitting in the living room when

Anupriya: Chanchal, but what happened with Riddhima’s parents?

Chanchal and Rudra told all that happened with her family years back. Listening to all that everyone understood why Riddhima broke when asked about her parents. They felt sorry for refreshing those memories in her heart.

Meanwhile the mysterious person sneaked out of RS Mansion to follow Riddhima….

Riansh meet is going to happen in the next episode. Hope you’ll love it. Their meet os not going to start on a bad note where they’d misunderstand eachother bbut its definetely gonna be an unexpected. Hope you’ll encourage me. Meanwhile guess the mysterious person following Riddhima…

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

  1. Seanna_0044

    The mysterious I hope it’s Vansh. Let’s see I don’t remember the character Sketch

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      😄 it’ll be revealed in tomorrow’s episode.

    2. Vaishnaviaddanki

      😄 it’ll be revealed in tomorrow’s episode. You’ll also meet RIANSH

  2. Thank you for letting us meet our riansh …i mean for tommrows episode…very lovely episode…happy to see riddhima gets her a family..😊💛💛💛

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Thank you… you’ll meet Riansh today. Hope you’ll love their first meet. Its gonna be unexpected meet

  3. Eagerly waiting for riansh meeting and today’s episode is superb 👌

  4. Riaa

    This was beautiful! I’m looking forward to the next episode, hope you can post as soon as possible.
    Also, one thing I wanted to clarify was: why does Riddhima not stay with her grandparents? They’d a really lovely bond, I’m guessing? Or is it just that they’ve passed away now, so she stays alone?

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Thank you. Your wait will be over today.
      I understand you are eager to know about her grandparents but I cant reveal here but you’ll know in further episodes

  5. Awaited 💖

  6. Episode was amazing and you uploaded two episodes in a day.And both are amazing.you are very good writer.your writing skills are damn good.waiting for next episode eagerly…

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Thank you 😃. It means alot

  7. Beautiful and emotional one😍😍😢😢….looking forward to Riansh to meet🤗🤗🤗

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Thank you :). You’ll witness their meet today. Hope you’ll like

  8. Jazzmiiiine10

    Amazin 😘😘💙💛

  9. Really wonderful dear 😘😘😘
    I’m thinking the person who was staring at Riddhima must be Vansh 😛😛
    Waiting for Riansh moments 😍😍😍😍

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Thank you :D. Your wait will be over today. You’ll witness Riansh meet

  10. Denza

    Is that stalker was Aryan ???
    He is there in the mansion still missing. And in your intro he is a bad guy too.

    If it was Vansh. According to your intro his character does not seems like fit to this mysterious guy.

    I know you would be fed up with answering when RiAnsh are going to meet.😂
    When would Kabir enters to the scenario ?? pls Portray him with his psychic charm.

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Thank You :). 😀 😀 You’ll get your answers on stalker in tonight’s episode. Riansh are also gonna meet tonight. Kabir will enter and he is gonna be much psychic as you wish.

  11. Waiting for the next one… Loved it😍

  12. Maybe he is vansh but I think this is not according to vansh’s character

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Your curiousity will end today. 🙂

  13. So adorable episode!!!🥰🥰
    Looking forward and eagerly waiting for the next update 😊
    Keep updating us

  14. Naira U Singh

    Really good

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