Yo! Beautifuls and handsomes. I’m an avid admirer of IMMJ2, and today its 111th episode. So I thought of writing a humour on our show. Most of you don’t know about me as I’m a new writer in TellyUpdates. In fact, my first article ever in my life too.

Being an admirer, I noticed that sometimes characters are portrayed as really dumb though being sharp and intelligent. They even fail to notice what is happening around them. But the very next time becomes super-reactively intelligent. I guess Due to over thinking, the brain might be in a stage to blast. For relaxing, in between their brains might gone for some kind of holiday.

This is my small attempt to show how fun it is to watch when the brain of IMMJ2 characters suddenly came after a holiday for a permanent settlement with super sensitive skills So that characters starts to connect dots and think logically.



First of all, I would stop daydreaming and start to use my brain instead. Then I had to file a complaint against Ishani, Anupriya, Chanchal, and Aryan on Attempt to murder and domestic violence charges. After that, I wanted to save myself from the dangerous game of Kabir. Vansh! He is always a skeptic on me!! I had to consult him to psychiatrists for his mystifying behavior. He is business tycoon Vansh Raisinghania still doesn’t know how to express feelings.


Except for Dadi and Sia, all family members are greedy and annoying. I should throw them out of Mansion. Ridhima was a spy, but now she loves me also doubting me I should fix her dilemma after only I would consider the last chance for her. I can’t bear a penny second without my SWEETHEART. For Anupriya Mom and Kabir, two options left. Put them behind bars or bury them behind the wall. What do you guys say??


For succeeding in my mission, I should get rid of my dumb mom first. She always spoils my every plan. She hadn’t given proper love and care to me, Ridhima was the only one who loved me without any greed and because of my mom’s stupid mission and ego, I lost her. And I should stop killing every trespasser,  inspector Kabir to ripper Kabir is not so far……


I can’t any more waste my time listening to mom’s unwanted silly plans and all ,I had to focus on my career and make my future safe. Nobody knows when Vansh kicks all to garbage. Separate RiAnsh is not needy. I should also accept the fact Ridhima is bhabhi and should stop roaming around her because next time she might gift me flying slippers, her heels are too high. I can’t stay with my spineless family anymore.


Kabir is excessively obsessed with Vansh. I shall get my child to a psychiatric facility, or else he will turn insane. Kabir had already killed many people. IDK when he dials my number too, I should keep me safe. I shall maintain my business rather than going behind Ridhima, which only kills time and energy.


it’s very much important to teach Ishani a good lesson. After her maternity, I should send her to such a place where she will lose her all ego & attitude and comes to senses. Then only she starts respecting and caring & take care of her to be baby. Otherwise, they might appoint me as a baby caretaker too!!! For all these, I need to quit my job under Boss and should look after my detective agency.


What the heck all I was doing these days. Taking this much stress will cause ailments to me. I should take care of myself rather than torturing  that Ridhima. She is a superwoman type who can easily walk on everything. Being my bhabhi Vansh Bhai always saves her from all stumbling blocks. Angre is hot, intelligent and he knows bhai very well, so he never mistreats me obeys me. He is not at all a bad match for me.


Is I’m any drum for public hit n play? All are using me as an instrument for their benefit. I need to put an end to this at any cost. Atleast I should file a FIR on attempt to murder on Anupriya mom. Ridhima bhabhi came here only for me, after getting married to bhaiyya she forgot about me and eventually involved and gone behind every silly thing. I’m done with being physically challenged and was forced to transform myself into physically fit now. Otherwise, I’ll be getting a promotion from the wheelchair to the bedroom permanently soon.


What is the use of getting the brain in this old age? At least I could send my Vansh and Ridhima to a place where nobody disturbs them. I should end Anupriya’s game by sending her to an unknown place and shall take my Sia along to somewhere else and have a SWAG life there. I don’t have any expectations from others, they doesnt improve until they gain consciousness which is impossible as frozen hell.


How stupid was I’m going behind Ridhima and Vansh? At that time I should secure my son’s future. Doesn’t know when Rudra appears and disappears. He is always after Vansh calling Sher Mera sher he never looked after our sher – Aryan. I don’t have any expectations from my hubby. if I could, I will hit a coconut on his head GOLD PROMISE!!


What god? I was after Vansh pretending to be loving and loyal that I could take him aside now all made me aside. At the time of planning to usurp Vansh, I needed to save something for me. Now nothing is behind and after me. Chanchal loves gold more than me though having a big treasury of gold still taunts me of having nothing and won’t help in time of need what a misery! My son is of no use. Better I should get rid of them and take off to Hawaii or Monaco to lead a bachelor’s life.             


Big mouthfuls often choke!!

This is what happened to me. What sin do I had done in my past that I got such a so-called private hell by AnuBir? In my greediness, I lost my love and now losing my life too. Oh god, what the use of getting brain in my last breath,you should been gifted me three years ago. Then instead of blackmailing Anupriya, I could inform Vansh. Thus Vansh put an end to her and psychic Kabir’s story. Now the duo is up to halt me. I can’t stop saying that they are dumb pretending to be intelligent.


Oh, deva…….. What were I’m up to by Working with that psychic Kabir? He just waste time chasing VR! He does not have any career ahead; Kabir is trying to involve my hands too in his dirty deeds. I am ruining my career by working under him. I should quit my job under him and look for any other normal and loyal officer. Otherwise, Kabir will gift me either free ticket or visa to Parlok  or make me insane like him and directly to the mental asylum. I should look after myself.



Where do I disappear all these days??? I hadn’t seen myself for more than 70 episodes. There was a good scope of the thrilling novel plot in the VR mansion, but I was not there. This is not justice. I would do a case study on whole incidents and fix all loopholes to make it perfect. I want to rectify the characters accordingly. Then my dream of writing a thriller novel is accomplished.  Their lives are full of jeopardy I should get out of their lives ASAP.

So that’s all guys,

I had finished the entire article between November 1 and November 5. Due to some reasons, I procrastinated in submitting the article. I beg your pardon for being unable to list the recent events. Hoping for your love and support

PS: This is to show my admiration towards the show, not for condemning the show.

  1. Seanna_0044

    Really amazing article!!
    I agree to all your statements💛
    And must say they all highly require brains🤯

    1. Denza

      Thank youuuu🥰 for your kind words.
      Lets wait N watch when makers are going to gift them brain😄

  2. Riaa

    Haha, I love this! I’m glad you posted it, finally.

    1. Denza

      Hat hip Riaa🥰
      But now I’m at a stage of bitter sweet bcuz you ended ‘Luka Chuppi’ so soon😐

    2. Riaa

      aw Denza, I didn’t know you read the FF, but hopefully, I’ll come up with something really soon. I do have a story in mind, but I’m a little worked up atm. But mostly, soon.

  3. Ur episode was the outpore of 99.99% of person who are watching Ishq Mein Marjawan season 2 😜😜
    I wish u write an FF about IMM 2✌✌✌
    Absolutely nice episode😘😘

    1. Denza

      I will fulfill your wish within a month. In fact i had already started working. Now my date sheet for board exams had released and i had to appear for it in December. So I’m not able post FF now.

  4. Bhuvaneshwari

    You were absolutely correct 💯💯💯. Nowadays I don’t watch episodes and don’t even read the updates of IMMJ 2. I just read the FFs 😂😂 bcuz I’m just tired of these characters being brainless and I personally feel that these FFs have really a good plot than the original story. I think when the characters get brains in the show, then I’ll watch 🤣😅 maybe. I think you should do this series of WHEN THE CHARACTERS GET BRAIN bcuz that would be too interesting or you also can write a FF. I would suggest the first one though 😅😅☺️😉😉

    1. Denza

      Can I call you Eeshu……
      Well dear I didn’t have any Idea about other shows, Immj2 is the only show I’m watching. I hadn’t given a single glance at other shows.
      Even after 2 months if the characters aren’t improving then i will consider your suggestion to continue this series.
      I will fulfil your second wish within a month

  5. Hmm…really like how you made kabir call her riddhima bhabhi😂😂😂…poor mishra…he better run before kabir catches him and makes him insane

    1. Denza

      Dear, its Aryan who called Ridhima Bhabhi not Kabir.😃
      Im well pleased to know you found Mishra’s part as very hillarious.🥰😂

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Oh my god! It’s hilarious from past few days i am totally upset and am so stressed about this serial and some personal reasons but this one 🤣🤣🤣 amazing!
    Love you dear 💖

    1. Denza

      Love you too dear………..🥰
      And thanks a million yaar……its not as simple as likely to bring laugh on someone dismayed. you made my day💖💖

  7. Hahaha made my day

    1. Denza

      Thanks a lot khushiiii……….🥰
      Your name bought happiness in my face😊

  8. Denza

    1 ) Comment down which characters reaction is most hillarious??
    2) Vansh is asking you a help. Which option you choose for AnuBir?? First one or second one ???

    1. 1.I really find chitwan’s part hilarious when he said I haven’t seen myself for 70 days..😂
      2.Vansh should bury them behind wall becoz that mother son can escape from the jail by killing the cops.they love taking lives.

    2. Denza

      Haa yaar…..😂
      In the first few episodes he was the only happy go lucky character. After few episodes I really missed him and his vibes.

  9. 1…haha i think mishra ….he is stuck with kabir… bechara

    2 …bury them behind the wall ….

  10. Denza, you nailed it!!!! Each of your statement is correct. I hope in the serial they use some logic.

    1. Denza

      Cheers TSA🥰…….. Can I know your name . (if you can)
      Lets wait N watch when all Tv shows are going to apply logics in the plot.

  11. Excited ☺waiting for the next one 😊

    1. Denza

      I’m as pleased as punch……..🥰
      You people are not ready to spare me. You guys are insisting me to go forward with series on this.
      Ab toh maamla serious hain 🤔

  12. You made my day as well as night 😂😂
    So adorable and well written 😊🥰
    Nice start keep going 😉
    Lots of love

  13. Denza

    Thank youuu💛
    Your kind words warmed my heart as well.

  14. Gr8 job @ denza…. we needed something like this …. to lighten up our moods ….from this immj2 intense track…. looking forward to have some more fun….. 👏👏👏👏👏

    1. Denza

      your comments filled bliss in my heart…….💖
      Thanks a million for your love and support🥰

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