#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 26 – Riddhima & Vansh’s Truth game & Romance Pouring

Episode starts with…

Its 3am, RS Mansion,

Ishani: Sejal, chalo lets sleep.

Sejal: But…

Ishani made a sign through her eyes which Sejal understood and without uttering anything they both left toward Ishani’s room closing the door of Vansh’s room. There was awkward silence for few minutes when

Riddhima: Shall we continue?

Vansh (curiosity): Seems like you are much more interested in this game

Riddhima: Why won’t I! This game shows us how daring the other person is and we can know their secrets too (wink)

Vansh: Interesting Madam.

Riddhima: Come na let’s play (making a puppy face)

Vansh: Acha chalo spin the bottle

Riddhima: One second

Vansh: Now what?

Riddhima: Small changes in the rules (winking). There won’t be any dares, we are supposed to choose only truth and if we don’t feel like revealing something then punishment is whatever the other person asks to do

Vansh: Interesting … Very Interesting

Riddhima spins the bottle and it stops on Vansh.

Vansh: So, what do you want to know

Riddhima: Let’s start simple… Your strength and weakness

Vansh: My family

Next it is Riddhima

Vansh: What is the one thing you are the most afraid of?

Riddhima: Darkness

Vansh: What!!! You go out alone in dark and are scared of dark?

Riddhima: I was always scared of darkness at the same time I love going out for night walks, because it is peace

Vansh: Understanding you is tough

Riddhima: As if you are open book

Vansh (smiling): I am password protected

Riddhima: And what’s the password

Vansh (murmuring): Feels like it’s going to be you!!!

Riddhima: What did you say

Vansh: Nothing, shall we continue

Its again Riddhima

Vansh: What is one thing you did as a child that you still enjoy?

Riddhima: Playing in rain

It’s Vansh

Riddhima: Do you love someone?

Vansh (Shock): What?

Riddhima: Do you love someone?

Vansh: Yes, my family

Riddhima: Don’t try to be smart Vansh, I am not asking about family and friends love

Vansh: I need not try to be smart because I am smart (wink).

Riddhima: Vansh!!!

Vansh: And coming to your question, no I don’t love someone (thinks I guess am not sure though but can’t tell in front of you)

Riddhima: But on Diwali you said you have lost your heart to someone

Vansh: I thought only 1 question is to be asked in one chance

Riddhima: Ok, will ask in next turn

It’s Riddhima

Vansh: The worst dream you ever got which would scare you till today?

Riddhima: The dream of my family accident, which scares the hell out of me till today since childhood

Vansh: I am so sorry; I didn’t mean to remind you of…

Riddhima: Relax, there is nothing you reminded me of, I never forgot that so its ok. It’s a game and we can ask anything

Vansh smiled but blamed himself for asking such question. He spin the bottle and it is him now

Riddhima: So, you know my question

Vansh: Umm… what question (trying to avoid)

Riddhima: Mr. Smart Rai Singhania…

Vansh: That’s me!!! (wink)

Riddhima: Funny!! My question was on Diwali you said you have lost your heart to someone. Who’s that? (curiosity)

Vansh: I didn’t mean what you all felt. It was just a random dialogue and there is no much depth in that statement that you are behind that

Riddhima: Vansh please tell the truth.

Vansh: Riddhima this is truth. Vaise why are you so eager to know if I have indeed lost my heart!! (raising eyebrows)

Riddhima: Even I have no idea but my heart is eager to learn about your love (murmuring)

Vansh: Did you say something?

Riddhima: Nothing come lets continue

It’s Vansh

Riddhima: Are you single?

Vansh(smiling): What?

Riddhima: Are you deaf!

Vansh: No, I am not (smirk)

Riddhima (Shock): What!!!!!! You are not single!!!

Vansh: I meant I am not deaf

Riddhima (relaxed): Thank god (murmuring)

Vansh: Did you say anything!

Riddhima: Answer my question

Vansh: Why are you behind my love life?

Riddhima: Does that mean you are committed?

She didn’t know but her expressions changed from chirpy to upset. Why was she upset? Only her heart has the answers. Vansh observed her expressions and her upset bought a smile on his face. Reason even he didn’t know. It was only his heart which know that he is happy to know that he being committed is like a bitter truth to her.

Vansh: Not at all. I am single.

Riddhima: Ready to mingle? (excited)

Vansh: What did you say (happiness)

Riddhima: Nothing, nothing spin the bottle

They both blushed and other couldn’t notice that.

It was Riddhima next

Vansh: Is there someone in your heart?

Riddhima: Same question Mr. Vansh

Vansh: Intentions may be different (wink)

Riddhima: I didn’t have any intentions behind asking that question (innocent face)

Vansh: I didn’t say you had any intentions (naughty smirk)

Riddhima: (banging her head) So, do you have? (wink)

Vansh: I didn’t say so. Without diverting topic answer the question

Riddhima: I don’t have any such person other than family and friends. May be if someone is interested then they are allowed (wink)

Vansh: Smart answer

Riddhima smiled and then spin the bottle and it was Vansh

Riddhima: Here I want to ask 2 questions and it’s my decision that you need to answer both or at least any one please (making a cute puppy face)

Vansh(smiling): What are you going to ask? But I’ll try if I can

Riddhima: That’s better. So, my first question, yesterday when you were at my place, and you dozed off while working. So, when I came to see you, I saw few tears near your eyes. Can I ask you as to why were you being emotional?

Vansh was shocked to see that she observed something which none could till today. Precisely he never let anyone to do so. He didn’t know how to answer this question of hers as he didn’t have any proper answer for that. He didn’t want to share his that ordeal and pain. He thought of ignoring that and before that she shouted another question

Riddhima: Did you ever fall in love?

Here comes another wrong question!!! The playful Vansh’s expressions changed to silence to anger to emotional breakdown. Riddhima observed and realized may be she had asked wrong questions. She didn’t know how to rectify her mistake. She just stared at him who sat in silence, didn’t even lift his head and was just staring the ground with emotions pouring down and something from him was hurting him and he wanted to get rid of that yet he was unable to.

Riddhima: Acha ignore those questions and tell me the answer for this question – Whom do you love the most Ishani or Siya?

Vansh smiled and was wondering as to how come did she understand that he wasn’t willing to answer the previous questions.

Vansh: You tell me whom do you love the most Sejal or Angre

Riddhima: Mr. Smart Rai Singhania, it’s your turn to tell truth not mine so, this question isn’t applicable to me

Vansh: So, you decide to trap me in front of my sisters?

Riddhima: May be (wink)

Vansh: My answer is indecisive or should I say I accept defeat for this question

Riddhima: Think one again. Because you should accept punishment if at all you won’t answer

Vansh: I accept punishment

Riddhima: Fine then your punishment is dance

Vansh: What!! (laugh)

Riddhima: Yes, you need to dance now with me

Vansh: Is it a punishment?

Riddhima thought it might not be a punishment but it is definitely a way to stay close to you for me. I don’t know why but my heart is pondering to stay close to you and am unable to back off. What is happening to me!!!

Vansh was wondering Riddhima you might have thought that as I hate dance it’d be a punishment but how do I tell you that dance with you is a boon to me, this is the only situation where I could get you closer to me. Why am I unable to control my feelings for you!!!

Vansh got up and picked Riddhima and then they started dancing forgetting the world around them, they just went into trance of another dream world

Tu nazm, nazm sa mere
Honthon pe thehar ja
Main khwab, khwab sa teri
Aankhon mein jaagun re

Tu ishq, ishq sa mere
Rooh mein aake bas ja
Jis aur teri shehnaai
Uss ore main bhaagun re

Na, na…

Their eyes were once again talking something which none could understand, their hearts were pounding on each other, brains were denying the fact that they started having feelings for each other, that they wanted the other to be with them all the time, that they never wanted to leave the other alone. As they were dancing around, they lost track of time and were engrossed in each other’s embrace. One of his hands was gently around her waist making her heart skip a beat, whenever he pulled her close, she felt butterflies in her stomach, she was unable to understand or control these feelings but was enjoying them a lot. Vansh was actually enjoying this cute punishment of hers as this proved to be an advantage for him as he wanted to be this close to her, her eyes were just mesmerising and he just wanted to spend his whole life staring in those innocent eyes forever. He was observing how her long strands of hair were flowing to the tunes of wind and she was struggling to pull them back and so before she could use her hand, he used his other hand which was holding her hand and catching those strands of hair twisting them and pulling them and placed them behind her hair. All this while she was staring at him in awe as to how he took the initiative to help her get rid of those strands. The way he was gently handling her was making her fall for him every second. Vansh gently moved towards her ear increasing her heart beat, he whispered

Vansh: I guess my punishment is over (smiling)

Riddhima was blushing and was about to break their dance posture when he held her by waist and pulled her towards him shocking her. She looked at him in surprise and before she could say anything, he placed his finger on her lips, his cold finger touched her juicy pink lips making their heart skip a beat and coming close to her he whispered

Vansh: I asked you if my punishment is finished didn’t say that I want dance to finish, I guess we can continue (wink)

Riddhima was blushing and her cheeks turned tomato red and her lips had shyness and she didn’t have courage to look into his eyes with that blushing expression. She just surrendered herself and moved as per his moves and didn’t think of breaking that situation.

Breaking their moment was a phone call for Vansh, Riddhima came into reality and was about to back off when he pulled her close and said

Vansh: It’s just a call and for that we need not stop our dance, I can talk even in this posture (naughty smile)

Riddhima blushed and didn’t oppose, she was questioning why wasn’t she opposing to him, what’s that connecting to him, what’s that she is unable to back off. Though she didn’t have any answers to her questions, she loved that feeling and his presence was enough for her to be happy. She was lost in her own thoughts while Vansh lifted his hand from her waist and pulled his phone from his pocket, seeing the name, he handed his phone to her and asked her to put it on speaker while he once again laid his hand on her waist. She did as he said

Unknown: Hello Sir,

Vansh: Yes Ashish (stern voice)

Ashish: Sorry sir for disturbing you at this hour but it was important

Vansh: Its ok, tell what’s the matter

Ashish: Sir, the international delegates want to have a meeting with you on the project at 4:30am.

Vansh saw the time and it was 3:45am,

Vansh: Okay no issues, schedule the meeting, I’ll handle

Ashish: Okay sir.

Saying so he cut the call. But Riddhima was wondering how come Vansh is so stern with his staff and with family he is a different personality and with her he is a totally different personality. She was curious why does he possess such multi – personalities and why is he care – free, chirpy, naughty, casual person with her. Vansh was observing her lost in thoughts still holding his phone for him without realizing that the call was done, he snapped his fingers to bring her back to reality and

Vansh: I know I am hot and handsome that doesn’t mean you keep on staring me (wink)

She hit him playfully when he let her go off his grip and asked her

Vansh: Shall we continue our game because now I am supposed to stay awake for my meeting and if you are sleepy then you can go and sleep

Riddhima: I am not sleepy so if no issue then we can continue our game until your meeting starts

Vansh: Not a bad idea, chalo lets continue

They sat back to continue the game and the bottle stopped on Riddhima

Vansh: Did you ever fall in love?

Riddhima: You are asking the same questions I asked you

Vansh: Even I am curious about your love life

Riddhima: Interesting… Very Interesting

Vansh: Offoooo….

They both laughed for Riddhima imitating Vansh

Riddhima: No Vansh, I never fell in love in my past.

Vansh: Any specific reason?

Riddhima: I don’t know but never felt that attachment with anyone

Vansh: Ohh okay

They again spined the bottle, it was Riddhima once again

Vansh: What’s your opinion on Love

Riddhima: For me, love is the feeling of trust that envelopes you when you find someone reliable. Not someone you are totally giving your life to, someone who makes you want to live it instead. Love is something that binds everyone. It is the most secure feeling.

Vansh went into a trance when she was telling her view and unknowingly even, he started telling his view on love along with her

Vansh: Love is having a companion,

Riddhima: a best friend,

Vansh: a lover,

Riddhima: a partner,

Vansh: a sounding board,

Riddhima: a cheerleader,

Vansh: an advisor,

Riddhima: and cuddle buddy

Vansh & Riddhima (unison): through every avenue in the journey of life.

Vansh was stunned as to how come both have similar views on love, even Riddhima was speechless. They just stared at each other. Riddhima excused herself to use washroom, when Vansh was wondering what’s happening to him, why is he unable to control his heart which is pounding on her, how come after all these years he spoke about love, what’s that connection he is experiencing with her, why does his heart skip a beat whenever she comes towards him, why was he not letting her go during dance, why did he want her to be with him,

Riddhima in washroom stood near mirror and was questioning herself as to what’s that feeling which she’s experiencing, why is she unable to take her eyes off Vansh, why does she want to be with him, why does she feel butterflies in her stomach whenever he touches her, why does her heart beat increase its pace whenever he is near her, why didn’t she back off during dance, why was she comfortable yet shy when dancing with him, why didn’t she feel same with anyone till today,

Something strikes both together in their thought process – Vansh & Riddhima (together in their thoughts) – “IS IT LOVE???”

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

  1. Seanna_0044

    I really enjoyed the update and it was honestly really amazing!🔥
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    But in the last you should’ve written ‘IS IT REALLY LOVE??’ You know the reason why 🤭

    1. RiyaVaghani

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    Look yaar what an episode number one, actually i think my idea was fantastique after reading this episode. It was perfect ivanhsiaV.
    Look yaar what an episode number one, actually i think my idea was fantastique after reading this episode. It was perfect ivanhsiaV.

    Just found another way to annoy you

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      I am not sure if jealousy can be fit at present because I have some other plan for the realization of their love.
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      At this stage, jealousy may not be fit in the plot but definitely, I’ll consider this for my later episodes where you can see the jealousy and possessive nature of Vansh.
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