FATE! (A Twinj FF): Chapter-5

A girl was standing totally confused infront of a shop looking at the menu…..and making all sort of cute faces…..and looking upwards closing her eyes,” Babaji aap humesha muje itna kyu sathathe ho… Dekha na sab kitna yummy yummy he konsa lu…me….. Babaji help me na…chalo ek kaam karthi hu sab ka ek ek lu kya…but…voh gadha thodi haa..khahega……Aaahhh”

Well when the girl was into her Babaji land the boy was just looking at her face and sighed thinking, “iska kuch nahi ho saktha vapas babaji se baat chalu…..vaise Babaji voh aap ko bahut pareshan karthi hogi..na!!! Wait me mukthi detha hu aapko usse”

He went to her keeping his hands across her shoulder he pulled her towards her. Stopping her complains or talk with her Babaji….,”Ek baat batoo…babaji ki rani humesha babaji babaji karke rahogi tho voh b chod denge tumhe….kabhi tho….”

The girl giggles and proudly said…,”Babaji muje kabhi nahi chodenge dekh lena….tum chodoge fir bi voh nahi chodenge.. itna yakeen he muje unpar….!!”

Listening this the boy scrunched his nose pulled her towards him,” I won’t leave you understand & yaa don’t utter such words again in future”

The girl realized what she said so smiling sheepishly holding one ear said cutely, “I am sry Kunj I won’t say it…..pakhaa pinking promise”

The boy smiled, “it’s okay, waise kya chahiye jaldi lo… babaji ko or my satao”

“Waise ek chiz batoaoo Kunj…(Kunj nodded) mera tho nahi patha but dekhna tumhare bache bhi Babaji ke fav bache honge dekh lena….voh b Babaji Babaji bolte rahenge dek lena” said the girl proudly….. The boy chuckled hearing it and kissed her forehead whispering Love u which earned a love y too back

Suddenly the boy came back from his flashback…and looked outside to know that the vehicle stopped due to the signal….

Kunj’s pov

Well see the irony I don’t know about you but my kid is an Babaji fan…. Uske har baato pe ya sentence me Babaji tho rehthe hi he.. voh kaise even I don’t know till now….at times she say so much things which automatically reminds me of you…do you both know eachother…if yes then how…..

Uss tym it was me who use to scold you for the nonsense you spoke but I didn’t knew that it would turn out exactly the way you thought…..I don’t know where are you. But I hope you are happy in your life and moved like I am in my life….

Many times whenever prani talks about her sister I feel that its you….but how come that be possible because if it was then you would have said it to me at those days….
Any ways…..let’s see if we ever meet….I would love to meet you for apologizing for breaking your life..

Suddenly the driver said that they reached home…so rubbing the thoughts he got down and went inside the house….

But some time before in the parlour….

When both the boys reached table….
Sri asked little shocked, “how you know that he is Mr. Sarna….”

“Tumhe patha nahi hoga but muje mom (praniti) ne photo bataya tha….ki unke pathi kon he….tho uss bahane muje patha he ki vohi Mr. Sarna he….simple” said Karthik…

“But tum kisi se share karna nhi karthe ne tumara fav tho issbaar jab voh de rahe the tumhe tumne mna kyu kiya”

Karthik looked at Sri and glared, “tu pagal he ki jaan bhuj kar irritate karne k liye puch raha he?, I mean agar voh mom ki pathi he tho unhone kya bola ki unke bachi ke fav flavour he tho unki bachi kon hui and mene uska naam bhi tho liya directly kya tum bhi”

Sri realized smiled sheepishly, “apni choti…..okok matlab karthi kisi se share kare ya na kare…but apne choti ko jaan b de saktha he rg8”

Karthik glared him, “hua natak khao chup chap and jaate he ghar”

Both the boys ate their icecreams and went to their home ….
And here at Twinkle’s office he took care of her all the meetings and at 5 she packed up all her requirements and went back to her home so tht can spend sometime with her kids….

While at Sarna Mansion…

Entering inside the house prani asked kunj to freshen up and come….so kunj went and freshened up and came down and sat on sofa the family had their pancakes and ice-cream with loads of fun…..and later at evening shikha and Kirthi went to Shikhas room to help her in studies and here kunj picked up prani and went to their room so that they can talk about something imp…..

Reaching the room prani and kunj entered their balcony. Kunj first sat on the mattress and opened his legs wide open and pulled prani and let her settle between his legs and prani leaned back towards kunj

They both sat and was looking at the sky in silence so finally prani decided to break the silence, “Kunj….did you searched about the company I asked you to do?”

Kunj came back from his thoughts, “yes I did!!”

“Tho batao na kya malum pada company ke baareme”

“Well the company is earned by two members….which is not known to anyone….. except the employees…. And the company is runned by a lady in place of that owners…. (Listening that she was surprised but didn’t showed it to Kunj and her doubts where clearing slowly)
And the name of that lady is Ms. Nair the full name is not yet disclosed…and the image of the lady is also not available as all the matters is been done by the employees and PA itself ….”

Prani thinks, “Nair……but she is not nair…. Kya me galat ho sakthi hu….but…let’s see … Babaji I hope u will help me in this….”

“Well that’s all for now…as we are the first one they are planning for any project and PA itself said that the owner will be attending the meeting so we can see her”

“Kunj can I also join the meeting but I won’t come along with you is tht ok ?”

“I don’t have any problem jaan but why after me”

“Well that the exact reason I will tell you after I meet the person becuz I want to know something and if it is then u will be the person I will tell first”

Kunj nodded and again went on his thinking lane….and was Planning with the fingers of prani….prani noticed that Kunj was silent from a long tym

“Kunj is there anything you wanna share?”

“I exactly don’t know jaan but today I met someone….and it’s strange that I felt bad and good both”

Prani was startled and asked with a hope of getting a Postive reply…., “Do you know them Kunj?”

“Nahi na jaan vahi tho I am confused I didn’t met them but yet they gave me a feeling that I know them”

“Them?” Asked little shocked

“Yes two boys”, listening to it.. prani was literally shocked and with thinking anything asked excited, “really boys…pura bolo na kya hua”

Initially Kunj was shocked by the way she asked and raised an eyebrow asking behind her excitement….

Prani realized how instantly she replied, “ohhoo it’s like aise kuch thumare munh se sunnna matlab it’s new na isliye…waise bataoo na”

Kunj nodded and explained, “wo I met two boys..today pahle ek se hi milatha…and that boy was so sweet and was ordering icecream for him and for his brother both….and after realizing that uske bhai ka fav icecream katam hua tho voh panick hone laga and was literally complaining it to Babaji….. (Prani was shocked hearing it and was more eager to know more ) tho I was shocked initially n later his brother came and his attitude srsly reminded of mine jaan patha nhi but…I thought that I am seeing myself in front of me…. And later when they got to know that that flavour is with me…tho I said that you can take it i will look for other flavour…so the second boy literally gave back my pack to me n coldly baat kr raha tha mujse ki unhe nhi chahiye shikha ko dedo. You know shocking kya tha?”

Prani nodded as no and asked, “what?”

“He knew my name and shikha too(this shocked prani and got to know who the boys where she was literally sad and excited both) and when u asked him how does he know my name then he said that he knows you and mom well shikha too and you all met them in an orphanage and were bonded with them nicely so that’s how he knows me”

Prani thought, “I know kon ho saktha he kitna asaani se jutt bola and coldly baat kiya matlab he knows who u are exactly….but usse pahle….let me ask something to Kunj first”.

“Tho Kunj tumne naam pucha hoga na unse?”

“Ha pahle ladke se pucha tha….and his name was alag tha but acha tha…hmmmn uska naam ….haa it’s SREELOK NAIR and dusre ka nahi patha”

Prani was so happy that it was him her two Devils she was so happy that a tear drop fell from her eyes and it landed on kunj’s hand…. startling him

“Prani jaan why are you crying what happened is is because I said about tht boys I am sry aisa feel hua m sry jaan don’t cry for it”

Prani nodded as no fastly and said, “kunj this tears is of joy you know I know that boys Sreelok & Karthik Nair this is their name…. Me kabse unhe dhund rahi thi patha he….n thank u tumne bataya muje….
Do u remember where u met them?”

Kunj was surprised seeing her happy listening hearing about that boy but replied eventually, “it was near St Peter’s school”

“Matlab the same school where shikha Monday se shift hone vali he OHhh my goddd!!!!!.. I am so happy”
How does it feel when you know the whole truth and is not able to do anything so that the problem may get solved and the situation can be turned peaceful.

This is exactly what Praniti is going through. She is alot happy to know that she got a lead to reach her persons…were there was no information of them from past 1.5 years… With that she even got to know that her daughter will reach in the hands of her monsters were her daughter was waiting from long… But the main confusion faced by Praniti was how come their surname is different from the original one..

But in all this she got to know that now there is no stopping for the truth to come out and she will be the happiest even though it may create problems in her life but this time she is willing to take the risk. It’s time that everyone gets to know what exactly everyone wants to know.

She promised not to say anything in her absence and not to say anything directly but she can use indirect methods to reach them rg8!!!..this what exactly Praniti was thinking but before tht she wants the main person to be alert…

So she did what she wanted to do….

After a deep silence Praniti tightened her hold on Kunj’s hand tilted her head towards Kunj


“Hmmm yaa say prani,….”

“You always wanted to know the things that I am hiding from you rg8!!!” To which Kunj nodded so she continued, “There will times were you will feel that you did a huge mistake….and the present situation won’t help you to solve the issue, but the way that u can move on from the topic is your will power and the decision that your heart would lead to…Kunj..!! At times you would feel that I betrayed you….but I would say that if it was in my hands then I would have solved it long back….but in this I was and I am really helpless….it will b entirely your decision but…don’t make any such decisions in a haste or ur anger… becuz it may destroy many life so you have to be alert for all the things that u are going to face…”

Hearing all this Kunj was scared now….thinking what is Prani actually talking about….and we’re is exactly she is leading on too, “Prani u r scaring me, what is the matter jaan, don’t hide it any more please….I request you….”

“Kunj….!!! Now I can’t say but I want you to be alerted…..and please do trust me in future don’t take every damn thing through anger…..and if you trust me you would share your every emotions to me at last of the day…thts all I can ask from you….Kunj..!!!!” Said Praniti in fear…

She had a fear why if her kunj won’t trust her….what if kunj will keep distance…her mind was giving all sort of negative response were her heart was saying that no such thing would happen…..just let go in the flow…the situation is going through

Sensing something deep Kunj pilled her towards himself….and dipped his face in the crook of her neck planting a kiss, “I don’t know what is their in our future and what will it lead to knowing the thing that I don’t know now….but I will promise you that I will act maturely and will always trust you…and one more thing….I loved someone back then but I will always love you…I my promise to you by your Kunj….!!!”

Saying this kunj picked Praniti in his arms to which Praniti snuggled more into his arms..Kunj placed her in the bed and what continued was moans, giggles and groans in thr room. The room once more noticed the love of the couples…

Here In twinkle’s Place it was…as normal…the only thing was Karthik asked Sreelok to not say anything to Twinkle as she would be sad remembering Mrs. Sarna so they didn’t say anything to her….and the trio was buzy in their world with loads of laughing, teasing, teaming up… The boys completed their school work along with Twinkle completing her household works…. And they ate their dinner and went off to sleep…

Next was Saturday and Sunday which means only family time for both the families so Kunj’s family went to their farmhouse in Lonavala for enjoying their family time and here Twinkle and kids preferred staying at home on Saturday enjoying themselves buy baking, cooking and playing within themselves and Sunday followed by visiting a Amusement park….. which ended in a mall for shopping and fooding and both the families drifted back to their world their home…to bring the new day….with a smile….

Not knowing that each and every person’s life is gonna change from tomorrow bringing lots of twists and turns in their….life

Lets see how these both families cope up with thr changes in their life and how their emotions will be portrayed.





Face off in next part!!






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