#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 20 – Girls Night out and RIANSH Moment

Episode starts with…

Riddhima shivering who could be banging the door and why aren’t security not responding. She didn’t have courage to open so she sat in her bed trying to figure out whom to call when she suddenly heard her name being taken, she was confused. She wanted to hear clearly so she started to walk towards the door.

Unknown 1: Riddhima!!!

Unknown 2: Riddhimaa!!!

Riddhima could hear that they were female voices and she clearly remembers that the shadow she saw was of a man and not any female. She was thinking who could come at this hour and why!!! She thought of seeing it herself and went to open the door and as soon as she did, she was shocked to see whom she saw….

Riddhima: You!!!!

“Whom did you think will come at this hour” ….

Riddhima: Do you guys have any idea how scared I was!!!

She hugged them, they were Sejal, Siya, and Ishani. It was they who were ringing her door and when she didn’t answer they were banging.

Ishani: Where were you? And why didn’t you open the door?

Riddhima: I…

Sejal: And what the hell happened to your phone? How can you be so careless!!!

Riddhima was in tears. She was scared and suddenly finding someone known was like a relief and her tears couldn’t control more.

Siya: Riddhima, what happened why are you crying.!!

Riddhima: Thank you so much for coming. I was freaking out of fear and my phone was switched off, may be due to lack of charging. And…

Ishani: Relax Riddhima!!! Come let’s get in and then talk

As they settled in her room, she told them everything and was weeping. Ishani went out into the balcony to see who was there and though she didn’t find anyone, she did see a car leaving the lane.

Ishani: Guys Riddhima is right someone was definitely here and seeing us enter he left. I think we need to inform Angre

Riddhima: No Ishani, Bhai will be worried. Let him come home then I’ll tell him. One second, how come you all are here!?

Sejal: Actually, we were all in RS Mansion, when Angre Bhai called Ishani to inform that he is struck and he won’t be able to reach home tonight and Vansh bhai might reach anytime. So, he wanted to make sure you are ok.

Ishani: So, we thought we all would bring you to RS Mansion so that we can stay together tonight

Siya: That’s when Vansh Bhai came and asked what we all were discussing, when we told him our idea of bringing you. He asked us to go to your place so that we can have our time and even you’d feel like you are in your house.

Riddhima: Thank you soo much!!! I don’t know what would have I done if you guys didn’t show up.

They all sat and were enjoying their girls night out while Ishani was speaking to someone on phone. After a while she came back and they all decided to watch a movie and so Sejal and Riddhima were preparing some snacks to have while movie night, when suddenly they heard door bell and that sound freaked out Riddhima once again and she shouted out of fear. Ishani calmed her down and went to answer the door. After a while she came back with someone, Riddhima had a relief feeling seeing who it was… it was Vansh

Vansh: Ishani told me everything and I dint want you all to be in danger so I decided to stay back tonight for you all. And Riddhima, I am sorry. Actually, Angre is struck there because of me. So, …

Riddhima: It’s ok Vansh, that might be important or else he wouldn’t have stayed back. And I have you and others here so am not scared of anything. Thanks for coming

Vansh (smiling): You girls seem to be planning a movie night

Siya: Yes Bhai, Riddhima was scared so thought we’d have some fun.

Vansh: That’s good idea. You all enjoy

Riddhima: Won’t you join us?

Ishani: Riddhima, Bhai and movies are two opposite poles which would never attract (laughing)

Vansh: Done? Shall I leave? I have some work so I’d be in Angre’s room. If there is anything call me.

Vansh: Acha, I forgot Riddhima, did you see his face?

Riddhima: No, it was dark and his face was not visible but I feel like I have seen that shadow somewhere. And next time when I went to see if it’s my illusion or reality, he was waving at me and I think he was wearing a hoodie and his right hand a tattoo I guess, I am not sure though

Vansh: Umm… it’s okay. Don’t worry, I’ll find out.

Saying so he was heading out when Riddhima ran behind him while others went into Riddhima’s room

Riddhima: Vansh, Vansh…

Vansh: Riddhima, what happened?

Riddhima: Where are you going? You told that you are here for our safety and then you are leaving!!!

Vansh: Ms. Riddhima, can you once relax!!! I am here to speak with security and check the camera’s to see who that shadow person was. I am not going to leave you alone and go!!!

Riddhima (Surprised): What did you say?

Vansh: Can’t you hear, I told I won’t leave you alone and go!!!

Riddhima was staring at him, when he realised his statement and

Vansh: I meant I won’t leave you all in danger in Angre’s absence. So, you get in and enjoy your girls movie night while ill have a conversation with security.

Riddhima smiled and left towards her room. While Vansh was enquiring with security and was checking the CCTV footages when he saw the said person. He saw that car waiting near the house from evening and was having a look at Riddhima’s balcony and was waiting for her. Vansh realized that it’s something more than stalking. He felt Riddhima’s life is in danger so decided to speak with Angre as soon as he’s back. He after having some conversations with security personnel, left towards Angre’s room to work on something. He was crossing Riddhima’s room and saw how happy she was sitting among her friends. He was wondering who could it be who’s trying to hurt her. He then went and was engrossed in his work.

Its 2am, AR House,

The movie was over and all the girls except Riddhima were tired and occupied her bed and couch without leaving a space for Riddhima. She cleaned the mess created by them and switching off the TV and lights, she left towards kitchen to keep the plates and other items. She saw lights of Angre’s room lit so went to find Vansh sleeping while working. Riddhima smiled at him and saw how he sat on the chair and keeping his laptop in his lap, he dozed off like a kid. All the papers and files were in disorganized manner. She decided to pile them and organize them. She arranged everything in original position and was about to take his Laptop from his lap, when Vansh pulled her hand towards him and now she was so near to Vansh that her breath was heavy and heart beat was ultra-fast, her brain was asking her to try moving away from him but her heart was not willing to do so, it wanted her to get much closer to him and stay in his solace. She was having an argument with her brain and heart when her eyes fell on his eyes where she saw few droplets of tears as if he was dreaming of something or dozed off with tears while thinking of something. She felt strange, as to how a this kiddish Vansh who isn’t organized when working and who sleeps while working depicts himself to be a strict Vansh. She smiled at how his eyes were cute and his long nose was breathing oxygen in and out. His beard and moustache seemed to be rough and wanted to feel, she moved her hand towards his beard when her brain questioned her as to why does she want to feel and even Ridhima wondered why is she being attracted towards him. She composed herself and tried getting her hand from his grip and in this process Vansh moved a bit and he opened his eyes to find Riddhima so near to him, he didn’t realize that he was having her hand in his but was so engrossed in her eyes that he forgot the world and was staring at her eyes and was trying to explore every inch of that cute eyes. He wanted to dive in those deep eyes and explore every inch of that mysterious eyes. He thought it to be his dream and was muttering something about her (I just want you to be this near me forever and I just want to glare at those eyes which speak much more than these cute lips) which was almost inaudible to her. Even she didn’t mind staying in that posture forever. Suddenly both realized the reality and coming back from dreams stared at each other in utter shock when Vansh realized he held her hand, he just let it go and stood from his chair. Even Riddhima composed herself and

Riddhima: Act…Actually, I was going from here and saw how disorganized your files and papers were and you dozed off in the chair so thought of helping you and arranged your files and thought to take and shut your laptop when you dragged me towards you and…… I am … I am sorry

Vansh observing his files organized and realizing that he had his laptop in his lap

Vansh: It’s okay. Thank you for organizing my files and I should apologize to you for dragging you in such way. I am sorry I was in sleep and didn’t knew.

They both stared in opposite directions to avoid awkward situation and that’s when

Vansh: So?

Riddhima: haa???

Vansh: Your movie night done?

Riddhima: Haa yes, they all slept in my room. I thought of arranging everything before heading to guest room and then came here seeing the lights on

Awkward Silence…!!!

Riddhima: Vaise you went into the security room right! What happened? Any information?

Vansh: No, but that car and the person was here since afternoon and was actually planning to intrude into the house but in the nick time, Ishani and others reached and his plan was foiled.

Riddhima was scared of the thought that what if the girls didn’t reach and that person intruding!!! The thought was enough to scare the hell out of her

Vansh: Riddhima, don’t worry, until I am there, I won’t let anyone dare touch you!!! So, harming you is out of the box thought for whoever it is.

Riddhima: I know you won’t let anything happen to me! I trust you

Vansh smiled at this statement.

Vansh: We’ll find who it is at any cost… don’t take any stress. And I’ll speak to Angre about this so you just relax

Riddhima: Is it necessary to tell to Bhai?

Vansh (questioning expression): What do you mean?

Riddhima: I mean, you know Bhai loves me and if he gets to know that something like this happened and something worse would have happened then he would blame himself for leaving me alone. I don’t want that to happen and I feel it’d be better if this matter stays among our youngsters and better no elder would know.

Vansh: You are right Riddhima but hiding such a big and sensitive issue from him? If he gets to know later then he’d be much upset. I’ll explain him in my way so that he doesn’t blame himself ok?

Riddhima (thinking): Hmmm…. Ummm… but…

Vansh: Trust me!!!

Riddhima nodded her head in approval and was about to say something when

Vansh: Yea it won’t reach any elder. I assure you; I’ll speak with girls too of not disclosing about this with anyone

Riddhima smiled and was about to go when

Vansh: You are leaving!!!

Riddhima turned to see what did he mean

Vansh: I meant, you can stay in this room, while I head to guest room

Riddhima: No Vansh, you have work and again shifting all this into guest room isn’t possible. So, you stay. I’ll head. And vaise bhi you aren’t guest (smiling)

Vansh: In that case you are the owner of the house (wink) so how could you go to guest room!

Riddhima (smiling): This you first you first isn’t going to lead us anywhere and as you said this is my house so I’d decide who’d stay where and I decided that you’ll stay here and I am heading towards guest room. And…. no more ifs and buts (trying to boss)

she stared at Vansh who’s expressions were changing and that scared the hell out of her. She felt like she might have crossed her limits

Vansh (serious expressions): So, Ms. Riddhima Sharma whom I met few days back is trying to boss around me!!! Do you even know who I actually am, and what could I do for this act?!!! I never let anyone take advantage of me and I was speaking to you normally and then you thought you could just say whatever you feel like???

I know many have guessed the person behind the door to be Vansh and now might be thinking to hit me for creating such a suspense :D. But I felt like that’s needed and if any are upset then I am sorry

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

  1. No precap!??😰 Who is the intruder Aryan but he is in jail so Kabir……
    Oh tell me whether you have introduced Kabir in your FF or not 🤔🤔🧐

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      kabir is present but his entry would bring many darkest memories back. So, he’ll take entry later.
      And baat intruder ki hain toh… keep guessing 😛 😉

  2. Awesome episode and I think the person is Aryan(not sure)and please try to increase # riansh moment… 😋🥰😍

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      RIANSH Moments will be gradually increasing in further episodes
      Keep guessing the intruder 😉

  3. I think at last in the epidode vansh is doing acting of getting angry😡. Your pen name is so long hard to pronounce . So what you would like to be called. Please tell me

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      My name is Vaishnavi, so you can call me any way you want.
      Vansh is unpredictable so….. keep guessing 😛

  4. Episodes was amazing as always..
    Loved riansh moments.
    Everyone is guessing that aryan is intruder but one can’t guess what’s going on in your mind.. don’t know why but I m sure that he isn’t aryan..
    post next one asap.

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Glad I didn’t upset anyone by RIANSH moments
      It may be Aryan too…
      But still, there’s a long route before the intruder is revealed so till then I’d encourage guesses 😉

  5. Hmm…i wonder who is this person….kabir is always my first guess….anyway it was great as always…..

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Expect the unexpected 😛

  6. Hi , Vaishnavi. I have been following your ffs since your start. I just got a small doubt – Are you from South India??

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Hello, Jasmin, yes I am from South India

  7. It’s just incredible eagerly waiting for your upcoming update good luck

  8. Naira U Singh

    Yaar u the suspense will surely kill me. Post soon the episode was fantastique

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Hahahhaa :D…. will try posting asap

  9. Nice episode😍😍….looking forward to your next episode🤗🤗….by the way my friend has started writing a ff by the name love is love ….pls see…if u like it pls comment..it’s a request to all the readers

  10. OH he is so unpredictable!!!😅😅
    Waiting for the new update!!😊

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Thank you 😀
      Vansh is definitely an unpredictable character


    What a lovely episode…….❤️❤️❤️I just loved the RIANSH MOMENT…I just loved thissss so muchhhhhhh….. your ideas are just amazing😘😘😘😘love uuuuu… u just amazing as always💕💕💕want the next one as soon as possible 😔😔😔can’t waittt i was waiting for the intruder 😜😜😝😝love uuuu❤️😘💕🥰

  12. I can’t even tell you in words how much I loved the episode a. It was fantastic! Vansh ke liye kuch predict karna sahi nahi hoga kyun ki woh kya karega woh sirf usko aur tumko pata hain.

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Vansh is definitely unpredictable
      so may be I am too ??? 😛 😉

    2. You are also unpredictable yaar! It’s your famous dialogue ‘ Expect the unexpected ‘ . Your dialogue reminds me of ‘Interesting very interesting’

    3. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Hahahhha…. impact of our Vansh 😛

  13. Muntaj

    Vyshu Thum hamesha suspense sae hee end Karthi. I loved it. But Aaj kaal real serial Mae suspense dhaeknae Kae baadh yeah suspens dhektho heart attack aajatha yaar. Please just think about my health.

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      I think I need to change my title to A Suspense Love Story 😛
      Apni health ka khyal rakhna dost, agar kuch unch neech hogaya toh real serial or yaha ka further suspense revelations kaise dekhoge 😉

  14. Vansh is only try to act as 😡

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Ho bhi sakta hain aur na bhi
      he is unpredictable

  15. RiyaVaghani

    haha! dude! it is absolutely okay… actually, i understand.. i did worser things than this… and people supported me… so don’t worry!
    and oh lord! what an amazing eppisode! and i am waiting for the next one! and to know what Vansh is gonna do…

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Hahahah… So, I expect people to support me to so that I can deliver many interesting episodes 😀 😛

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