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Here the episode begins… ..

2.00 am

VANSH: Actually, there is a famous saying ” No one is perfect. Everyone does mistake”. This suits you well. Because, you think that you are perfect.

ARYAN: Stop taking class for me. Just say how did you find this place?

VANSH: Ok, just recall what you said to me. I’ll help you. You said that you will finish the matter from where it started. After you left, I just thought about it and came here.

RIDDHIMA: I told you na. My belief won. And today again you lost.

ARYAN: Riddhima, stop it. There is nine more days. Wait and watch my games.

VANSH: Aryan, you can play your game but just remember that whenever vansh participates in any game then he will alone be the winner.

Saying so vansh leaves the place holding riddhima’s hand.

In the car…

VANSH: Sorry, riddhima.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, it’s not your fault. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me until you are with me.

VANSH: But, riddhu..

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, leave it. Past is past. See, because of this dog Aryan, our night walk got spoilt.

VANSH: What!! Even after all this you are just worrying about the night walk.

RIDDHIMA: Of course. See again I’m hungry.

VANSH: Hungry?? Just one hour before we had ice cream.

RIDDHIMA: In all these kidnapping drama, those ice creams got digested. And, I’m feeling hungry now.

Scratching her stomach with her hand.

Now I’m hungry.

VANSH: Seriously, riddhu. You have become mad.

RIDDHIMA: Just stop scolding me. I don’t need anything. Even if you didn’t give me anything to eat, Its ok. I’m going to sleep now. Don’t disturb me until we reach home. After reaching home, just wake me up.

Saying so she leans backwards towards the seat and closes her eyes and sleeps.

Vansh looks at her ladylove who was sleeping keeping her one hand on her stomach like a baby.

VANSH: ( thinking) Finally, I got my riddhu back. This is what I was waiting for. Actually, I was just acting like scolding you. Do you know? I used to enjoy a lot while teasing you. I love the every moment that I spend with you.

Vansh stops the car.

VANSH: Riddhu, stop all your acting. Just open your eyes see where we have come.

RIDDHIMA: I won’t open my eyes. You scolded me na? So, ask sorry otherwise I won’t open my eyes.

VANSH: Sorry? Ok, This is my last warning, if you don’t open your eyes..

RIDDHIMA: I told you already. I won’t open..

Before riddhima could complete, vansh begins to tickle her.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, please. No..

VANSH: Open your eyes.

Finally riddhima opens her eyes.

RIDDHIMA: What do you want?

VANSH: Just look around.

Riddhima looks around.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, it’s the same place where we used to eat samosa and tea during our night walk.

VANSH: Of course. Get down.

Both riddhima and vansh gets down from the car and goes towards a roadside tea shop.

Vansh orders 2 tea and two samosas. Both of them sit on the nearby bench.

Riddhima is enjoying the night breeze. Meanwhile the tea seller brings the serves the teas and samosas.

VANSH: Riddhu, you said that you were hungry right? For time being have this tea and samosa. After reaching home, I’ll make something for you.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, are you going to cook?

VANSH: Why can’t I?

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, do you remember that you don’t know even ABC in cooking.

VANSH: Stop teasing me and eat this samosa.


They both had their tra and samosa by chatting with each other.

VANSH: Ok, shall we leave..


They both reach the VR Mansion.

4.00 am VR MANSION:

VANSH: Riddhu, now you go and take rest.

RIDDHIMA: But vansh, you said that you’ll cook for me.

VANSH: I’ll make breakfast for you in the morning. But now you go and sleep.

RIDDHIMA: Ok, vansh. But, let us make it more interesting.

VANSH: What?

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, do the cooking as a challenge. If you win then I’ll do as you say. And suppose, if I win which means if you can’t cook properly then you must do as I say.

VANSH: What’s this nonsense?

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, I think you are afraid of this challenge.

VANSH: Why would I? Ok, challenge accepted.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, think twice before accepting the challenge.

VANSH: I think now you are afraid of this challenge.

RIDDHIMA: I’ll accept the challenge. And I’m not afraid of you or your challenge.

VANSH: Fine. Now go and sleep. Let’s see in the morning.

Saying so both leave to their respective room.

Meanwhile at aryan’s house..

ARYAN: They both have done too much. They both have insulted me. This time I’ll make riddhima choose her death. Vansh can’t save her. I have done all the arrangements. Today will be the worst day in riddhima’s life. Riddhima is always proud of herself and today I’m going to break that proudness. Hereafter she’ll hate herself and even others will hate her.


At Vansh’s room..

VANSH: Oh, my god! What will I do now? I have to win this challenge.

Meanwhile angre..

ANGRE: Vansh, what happened? When did you come?

VANSH: Just now.

ANGRE: Why are you looking tensed?

VANSH: Actually, riddhima has challenged me.

ANGRE: What challenge?

Vansh explains everything to him.

ANGRE: Ok, what’s the problem here?

VANSH: Oh, idiot!! Have you forgot? I don’t know cooking.

Hearing these words Angre begins to laugh.

VANSH: Will you stop your nonsense laugh now? Both brother and sister are same in teasing me.

ANGRE: Vansh, don’t worry. I have a solution for your problem.

VANSH: Really? What’s it?

PRECAP: VANSH: So, how is it? Have I won the challenge?

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