In the Name of Love (Ishq Mein Marjawan) – Chapter 3

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In the Name of Love (Ishq Mein Marjawan) – Chapter 2

Vansh was sitting peacefully in his cabin by the dock. The room was filled with a puff of smoke emanating from the cigar held in his hand. Just then Angre, his most trusted man and his right-hand entered, thus breaking Vansh from his trance. “Boss, out of the two, one of them is dead while the other is still alive.” Vansh clicked his tongue and expressed his remorse. “I didn’t want to kill him, Angre. But I had no other option. I had to do it in order to save myself.” “But,” continued Vansh, now standing tall and hovering over Angre. “I want the other one alive at any cost. The punishment for coming in Vansh’s way is not death, but instead is a life WORSE than death.” “But Pathak won’t be quiet after all this,” Angre added in. “He’ll definitely retaliate back after his well hatched plan to kill you has gone down to the drains. Plus he has even lost two of his very important men.” “It’s okay Angre. I actually really admire people who don’t give up,” said Vansh smirking. “Do one thing. Send a message to Pathak telling him that Vansh Raisinghania would be eagerly waiting for his next move.” “Your wish is my command, Boss.”


Ishaan blindfolds Sushant and brings him to the living room. “You can’t see, you can’t see, and now you CAN see!” he shouts after taking off his blind. Sushant sees the whole room filled with lots of lights, balloons and ribbons. In front of him there’s a gorgeous looking chocolate cake, waiting to be cut before him, and a colourful greeting card. It read :

“You have always been like a shadow to us, guiding and supporting us. You have given us things, even before we could ask for them. We CANNOT even in our dreams imagine our lives without you. You are the best Papa and the best husband in the world! Happy, happy, happy b’day!” 

Sushant’s eyes welled up with tears. Was he really the best dad and… and the best HUSBAND? He started feeling guilty at the thought of his children thinking so highly about him, when in reality he was going to have to let them down very soon.

Just then Riddhima enters singing a song.

“Saal bhar me sabse pyaara hota hain ek din

Sau duaein de raha dil tumko aaj ke din

I wish you a happy happy birthday, happy birthday, happy happy birthday to you. (×2)”

The whole family dances together and shares a group hug. “You both are the best things that have happened to me,” whispers Sushant. After the cake is cut, Riddhima and Ishaan run playfully behind each other laughing, each trying to smear the cake on the other’s face, while their parents look on.

“I’m getting scared thinking how the children will react when they will come to know the truth about our relation,” said Sushant softly. “But I’m feeling more scared about what will they think when they’ll find out about my past mistakes,” cried Sunidhi. “I dont want to stoop down low in their sight.” “Not only you, but even I am going to fall in their sight,” said Sushant dejectedly. “I feel they might be able to forgive you atleast, but I don’t think I can expect the same treatment.” “We both know this decision of getting separated will hurt our kids. So…,” said Sunidhi taking Sushant’s hand in hers with a shimmer of hope in her eyes. “Why don’t we forget everything and give another chance to our marriage?”

“What? How can you even say something like this?” asked Sushant angrily freeing his hand from hers. “Everything has already been decided between us. Even you were ready to cooperate. So what now?” “You are ready to forgive your evil sister and brother,” said Sunidhi angrily. “But not ready to forgive me? How hypocritical of you!” “I’ve already forgiven you Sunidhi. But I cannot, for God’s sake, continue with a relation which was solely based upon lies and betrayal. It is against my ethics.” “And don’t you dare try to shift any blame upon me,” continued Sushant. “Whatever is happening today, it is entirely your fault.” Saying this he stormed into his room leaving a sobbing Sunidhi behind, while Riddhima and Ishaan continued to have their share of fun, unaware of all the happenings around them.


It was 10 AM. Gayatri was busy doing her aarti in the small temple inbuilt inside VR mansion. “Here, take some prasad, Anupriya,” she said to her eldest daughter-in-law and Vansh’s mother, who had just entered the temple. “Maa, you do your daily morning aarti by 7AM, which I presumed you must have already done,” said Anupriya. “So this extra aarti is for what special occasion?”

“Yes you’re right Anupriya. I have been performing the daily morning aarti since many years, but no one ever cares to take part in it, and I have to do it all alone,” said Gayatri. “But now things are about to change.” “What do you mean Maa?” asked a bewildered Anupriya.

“I had told you yesterday right about how I had the chance of meeting Sunidhi and her lovely daughter Riddhima?” “Yes, what about that?” asked Anupriya getting irritated at the mention of Sunidhi and her daughter’s name. “I had proposed a marriage alliance between Riddhima and our Vansh. And guess what? Just a few minutes ago Sushant called me up to say that it was a ‘yes’ from their side!” said Gayatri getting visibly excited.

“What are you even talking about Maa? Riddhima and Vansh? No way! I know Sunidhi is dear to you, but I’m sorry to say, her daughter is no match for my son. Plus Vansh doesn’t even know her….”

“Enough said Anupriya,” scolded Gayatri. “You don’t have to tell me that what is right for Vansh and what is not. I have decided that Riddhima is the right girl for Vansh and have even given my word to the Sinhas, and I wont back down from my word. And that is final.”

Anupriya was left fuming. She really disliked Sunidhi, and making her daughter as the daughter-in-law of this family was beyond question for her. How could Maa take such a big decision for Vansh, without even consulting her? It was true that she hadn’t given birth to Vansh and was his stepmother, but she had loved and cared for Vansh and his siblings just like how a real mother would do. Even she had a right to decide for her children, especially Vansh. And she had decided that she wouldn’t at any cost let Maa’s wish come true.


It was 6PM in the evening and the Sinhas had already arrived at the Waves Mall, where they were supposedly going to have a family reunion with Sushant’s brother, Dinesh, and his sister, Tripti, along with their respective families after quite a few years. After Tripti and Dinesh had managed to decievingly transfer Sushant’s mansion to their names, all ties between them were broken. But now both of them were guilt-ridden and wanted to personally apologise to Sushant and his family. While Sushant looked happy beyond words at the prospect of meeting his siblings after many years, Sunidhi and Riddhima sulked down.

“I don’t even understand why are we here to meet them!” exclaimed Riddhima annoyedly. “C’mon young lady. You very well know that forgiving someone, is the most virtuous act ever. For maintaining relations, it is essential that we learn to forgive and forget,” explained Sushant. “Papa, I beg to differ here. I know that forgiving someone is really good, but what is not good is becoming blind in someone’s love,” said Riddhima. “Isn’t it strange that Bua and Chachu realised their mistake after so many years? I’m 100% sure, that the only reason they want to reunite with you Papa, is because they either want some help from you or have some work with you.”

“If they need my help, I will most willingly agree to do so,” said Sushant. Just then he gets a call from Dinesh. “Yes we are waiting for you people near the gaming club. What? You don’t know where it is? Okay I’ll catch up with you guys near the entrance then.”

Sushant asks his family to wait there itself while he himself goes to the entrance and escorts his brother’s family to the gaming club. After Sushant leaves, Riddhima decides she wants to checkout the bookstore right in front of the club while Sunidhi and Ishaan wait at the club itself. Riddhima’s love for books knew no bounds, and she became so engrossed in them until the bookstore owner had to nudge her.

“Excuse me madam, but you have been reading books here for the past 20 minutes. Are you even going to buy any of these or not? If not, I’m sorry to inform you but you can’t read any further.”

“What? 20 minutes have passed already?” Riddhima exclaimed looking at her watch. “Why didn’t anyone even call me yet? I had informed Mumma that I’ll be waiting at the bookstore.” She hurries to the gaming club, and finds Ishaan deeply absorbed in a video game. “Ishaan! Put away these stupid games of yours and tell me where are Mumma and Papa,” she said angrily. “I don’t know,” said Ishaan disinterestedly. He was still into the game. “What do you mean you don’t know?” she screamed. “Mumma told me she needed to use the washroom, but she has been gone for a long time. Papa has also not returned yet,” said Ishaan.

“What? Mumma and Papa haven’t returned yet? Why is it taking both of them so much time?” Riddhima tries calling up her parents, but strangely both their phones were switched off. Now she started to get even more worried. “C’mon, lets look for them,” she said taking Ishaan by his arm. She tried to search for them everywhere : inside the washroom, inside each and every store and on all floors, but alas they were not to be found. During her search, she even met Dinesh along with his family, who informed her how he had waited for Sushant at the entrance, but he had never turned up there.

All kinds of unpleasant thoughts started to run through her mind. She had searched nearly every nook and corner of the mall, had even asked for a mass announcement to be made for them on the speakers, but all her efforts were now proving futile. She had even tried to look for them in the parking area, where she saw that their car was still there. That meant her parents were either still inside the mall or somewhere near the mall. But where could they possibly be at?

Precap : Vansh enjoys at the party with his family. Riddhima fervently prays to God to return back her parents safe and sound.

Hello everyone! It was a very long update. Hope you guys liked it. If you have any doubts or questions, you can post it in the comment section. For now there are few questions for you all :

What do you think is the huge mistake that Sunidhi is talking about?

Where do you think are Riddhima’s parents at? Do you think she’ll be able to find them or not?

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