Revenge Love story (Episode 2)

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hai guys #puh and #crazy are back with #RevengeLoveStory
thanku so so so much for such huge comments din knew you guys ll like our work so much..
glad you liked it..

lets move to next episode now..

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Sanskar Maheshwri is the third year commerce student in one of the most reputed college of Banglore’. He is son of Delhi’s business tycoon RamPrasad’ He is the most arrogant. Ruthless and rude person’. People fear to talk to him’. He didn’t talk to anyone except Aditya who is his best friend’. Everyone in the college refers to him as SM’ He is the most handsome boy in the college’ Girls drool over him but he hardly talks to them’ And if he talks he insults them’.. But he was not like this before’.
Two years ago when he joined the college he was like all boys very naughty and at the same time fun loving’ He use to flirt with girls but never crossed his limits’. He was liked by all in the college but everything got change when his younger sister Twinkle joined committed suicide six months before because of a boy named Kunj’ he has received a note written “kunj I am sorry but I cannot forget what you did with me and I cant take it any more I am going”‘. From that day only mission in SM’s life was to destroy this kunj’. He found out from his source that twinkle had a friend named kunj who is senior to them and have completed his college’ she have met him through some of her friends in party’
SM was planning of taking revenge from him from a long time but then he came to know that he has a sister named Swara so he thought of making kunj suffer same as he had suffer’ So he has asked for the information about this swara


many asked the dout ki SM has met swara but din recognize answer for your this question is he has never seen her but just heard about her..coz our kunj was a bit ahead and had known about the intensions of SM so he never introduced his lil princess to any one..
and few asked me to show twinj secnes but guys its a swasan fanfic..but twinj are most impt more than swasan coz of them only hatred started na and love too..but at end i ll reveal their story k(puh pe barosa rahko)
hope the douts were cleareed now..


aditya his best friend whom SM shared everything..had been to united his elder sister stayed their..and she had recently entered into her 9th month of her pregency so he had taken the leave and was granted the permission of taking online classes..
so now SM was all alone dealing with few of his things coz he dont wanted aditya to take tensions about his silly life things and take tensions about him and he was also deeply knowing the value of a sister so he had decided to let sis-bro time to be “NOT TO BE DISTURBED”
and he had also not shared about his new engraved feelings about his mystry girl swarangli who had occupied his soul now..


It was ablissfull day another day a day of hopes a day of new begining of life a day of meeting loved ones..but ll this love be same and forever?
swara enters her home after her jog and moves towards the man sitting on the couch and hugged him.

swara: oohhh Bhai you know kal kya hua tha?you wont believe me i was so sacred!

Man: Kya hua hmm…fir kal raat ko sapna deka that some prince ll take you and go

swara: stop fussing and pulling my leg i know one day he ll come..btwn Wo bhai actually then she narrates the whole incident and also SM saving her from the goons but she didn’t tell him his name she just says that a boy from my college saved me

kunj: Ohh swara thank god you are alright. And please from next time never be late This city is not safe swara Agar tumhare education important nahi hota to we would have never came here Come lets have breakfast They moves towards dining table .

swara: Ok bhai I will take care of myself and bhai what was so important that you asked me to come here and to start my college here and that in the mid. I could have joined next year

kunj: No swara actually you know na how much I love you and I wanted to see you in front of my eye he then thinks “Kaise batau that he is still alive and I don’t want to harm you”

swara: Bhai can I ask you something

kunj: Haan bolo na priness

swara: Bhai why you have changed my name?

kunj remembers something and closes his eyes He opens his eyes and says for your safety swara.

swara gets confused and asked

swara: For my safety bhai? Why I mean I don’t have any enemies and I don’t even know anyone here than who will harm me?

kunj: See swara I know you are new to this place but I am not People knows me here and now you are going to go to the same college in which I have studied and swara their was lot of people who were jealous of me and my position in the college they use to hate me swara and if any one of them would come to know that you are my sister they would harm you swara and I don’t want that and dont forget your bhai is also a business man!

swara: But bhai I am a big girl and I can take care of myself!!!!

kunj: I know you are a big girl but there are certain things which you can’t handle and now I don’t want any discussions on this topic ok and please never ever tell anyone your real name ok..even if you get a boyfrnd or a crsuh u ll not reveal it oky(he chuckles)

swara: Ok bhai

They start having their dinner and nivaan thinks “swara mein tumhe kaise batau sanskar maheshwari is in the same college and I am scared that if he comes to know that you are my sister he will harm you.siyappa queen you tho left me alone but by being so far from me also u do siyappasna..but tumne aisa kyun kiya why ?i wish u would have trusted me twinkle”..

After completing breakfast swara moves to her room and change herself into a floral knee length dress with open hair a band on her head..
a perfect princess..!


swara was walking in the college campus She was lost in her own thoughts She was still thinking about sanskar when suddenly her foot got hit with the rock placed on the ground and she was about to fall when a strong pair of arms holds her swara closed her eyes in fear but slowly opens her eyes when she sensed someone holding her and smiled after looking at that person. He was the same man

swara blinks her eyes few times as she was unable to believe her eyes and says sanskar

sanskar who was passing through the campus sees swara and walks towards her to talk but before he could reach their she had injured her foot and was about to fall when sanskar catches her

sanskar: swarangli tumhare dhyan kaha tha dekh kar nahi chal sakti thi See now you have hurt your foot and if I would have not come tum gir jati and tumhe lag jati dhyan kaha tha tumhare haan . (They were still in the same position).. Crowd gathers around them and was looking towards them with mouth open wide as this was the first time when SM was helping or caring for some girl.. Forget helping and caring he never talks with the girl normally and with this girl he was so different.Girls in the crowd were jealous of swara as they were thinking who is this girl And boys were just looking at changed behavior of SM.

But our couple was still lost in each other

swara: Wo I am sorry I don’t know when that rock hit me

sanskar then helps her to stand and says

sanskar: c now its bleeding let me take you medical room..
He turns around to go to medical care room and that’s when he see the crowd who were looking at them with open mouth . He gives them all a angry look and before he could say something everyone moves from their whispering “Who is that girl man she is so lucky

swara: sanskar bohat choti si chot hai I will manage

But sanskar didn’t listen to her and picks swara and moves to the medical room swara puts her hands around his neck for support and was all the while looking at hM

He puts her down on the chair in the room and brings first aid box and then cleans her toe and puts the band aid and says ” this is our medical care roomBut swara was lost in hi She was just looking at him sanskar when didn’t get any answer looks at her and sees that she was staring at him. He at that moment realize what he was doing and thinks “Ye mein kya kar raha hu why I am so worried for this gir I have met her just yesterday but Why I cant stop myself from taking care of her or thinking about her what is happening to me. She was right it was just a small wound but why I created so much fuss about this thing..”

He came back from his thoughts and snapped fingers in front of swara swara blinks her eyes and says “Wo I am sorry I am getting late please let me go .

sanskar: Come I will take you to your class .

swarangli: NAAA I will go by myself I mean tumne already mere liye bohat kuch kiya hai . She then gets up and limps towards the door..


few days passed by and in these days many things have changed both have started with few feelings towards eachother..
it was a blissfull another day..
these days swara was staying alone as kunj had been to attented his international conference and sanskar had totaly forgot about the revenge that he had to take on kunjs sister..
coz he was enjoying his life with his swarangli..
he had huge feeling that she had a light a light of happiness which she would glow in his life..


sorry everyone if we disappoint you but this is a short story where we need to wind up the things fast so not preceing on each and every lil thing..


swara was called to a lonely place by sanskar..
where she was suddenly tied up with a nylon cloth over her eyes…

swara slowly opened her eyes and gets shocked to see a beautiful heart made on the ground with red rose petals and I LOVE YOU SWARANGLI written on it with white rose petals’.. swara looked at sanskar who was looking at her with eagerness to know what will be her answer’..

She throws an angry glare at him and starts walking close to him’. sanskar got scare looking at her’ He thinks “She is looking so angry I think I have committed a mistake by proposing her’. I should have waited for sometime’ I think it was too early’. Now what she will think about me’. What if she breaks the friendship with me’. Ohh no what I have done’ What should I do now’.

He was in his own thoughts when he felt something on his cheeks’.. He opens his eyes wide’ He was not able to believe what he felt just now’ He felt swangli’s lips on his cheeks’. Did swangli really kiss him or he was just dreaming and then he heard what he was waiting for’. She brought her lips near his ears and whispered’.. “I Love you too sanskar””

He looked at swara with blank expressions’. He was not able to believe that his swangli too loves him and she was telling him I love you’. He came out of his trance when swara snapped her fingers in front of him’.

swara: sanskar what happened’.

sanskar: Hmmm nothing’. Did you just say I LOVE YOU’.

swara blushed and then kissed him on his other cheek and nods her head and says’.

swara: Yes sanskar I love you’..

sanskar hugged her tight and says’.

sanskar: Ohh swangli you scared me’. I thought you are angry on me and you will break our friendship’.. I am so happy that you too love me’. He tightens his grip on her’. She too hugged him back tight and both stayed in each other arms for sometime’ After sometime swara pulled back from the hug and says’.

swara: sanskar this is really very beautiful’. Thanks’..

sanskar pulls her close and says “swangli I did that to see this smile on your face and to say that I love you’. Not to hear thanks’.”‘.. Hearing those words from sanskar’s mouth made her blush more… She hides her face in his chest and says “I love you too”‘..


their love was unique with few tiny indirect taunts on each other..but sooner they then laughed out loud thinking about their taunting talks on each other..
soon they were love couples known to clg..
girls still felt jeleous..he was still same SM to all except his swaragli..and boys were just a lil jeleous too as afterall swara was not less than an angel…





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