We dont know when love comes in our life (Epi 4)

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Epi 4
Anika comes oberoi mansion
See shivay there and gets shock

Some time before
Its morning in oberoi mantion
Shivay gets ready to office omru comes to him and ask what happened yesterday

Shivay: means
Om: did u like that girl
Shivay think about anika and says yeh
He is not in his sense
Rudra: ok u like her
Pinky heres from outside and says i will tia home today bcoz shivay liked her
Shivay tries to stop her but he fails

Nxt scene
In collage
Anika and priyanka and some oftjeir friends agrguing about joint families and small families
While arguing anika says that she can support small families bcoz she dont know about joint families

Priyanka: i will not agree with u anika
U come to my home then u can agree joint families r the best
Anika agrees for that

Nxt scene oberoi mansion
Pinky informs every one that tia is coming tofay omru dadi pinky janvi waits to see tia
Tia enters in her own dressing style

Omru gets dissapoint by seeing her
Tia talk to every one and return to her home

Shivay go to his room think that all are happy with tia then why iam thinking about that unknown girl
I think tia is in my fate
When he sits alone omru comes to him

Rudra: can i ask u one thing
Shivay: ofcurse
Rudra: did u really like that girl
Om: even i felt the same
Shivay: yeh if my family is happy then iam also happy

Om: iam asking not that r u in love with her or not
After a second shivay says yes i love her
Rudra: u know one thing baiyya we dont know when will love comes in our life

Bythen anika enters into oberoi mansion with priyanka

In shivay room: shivay om see rudra in shock
Rudra : what happened
Shivom : we r surprising to here these words from u
Rudra: these r not my words these r love angle words

In living room: priyanka introduce anika to dadi pinky janvi and call shivay om rudra to down
Omru comes down but was in his room only
Priyanka indrtroduce om ru to anika
By then shivay comes from the back of anika
Priyanka says he is my elder brother by pointing shivay
Anika turn to see .she see shivay and shock after asecond see statr laughing by reminces of restaurant scene

Shivay says just stop it
Dadi: do u know our billu before
By hearing the word billu she again start laughing
Shivay shouts on anika
She tries to hide her smile but she cant
Shivay gets irrked and leaves from there

Omru dadi pinky janvi priyanka anika have spend a good time
By then anika gets acall from vikram rana
Vikram: where r u anika
Anika : in my friend home
Vikram: come home someone was waiting for u
Anika: okbhaiyya
Anika says ok dadi iam going
She says bye omru ,pinky aunty janvi aunty bye , bye priyanka bythen shivay comes there
Anika says bye billuji all gets smiles

Anika: sorry i dont know u r name that why i called u billu ji she leaves from there

Nxt scene rana mansion

Anika enters in to home get suprise by mallika and ranveer
Anika: what r u doing here guys
Mallika: we came to share a good news to u ranveer got promotion and posting was in this city only
Anika: wow that a great news she congratulate ranveer
Ranveer: now i had said mallika to settle in this city only bcoz i dont want mallika to stay alone
By then siddharth rana comes and says u r interested in repoter job know
Mallika says yes
Sid give one adress and says go to this adress they will give u a job i will talk to them
Mallika smiles by seeing sid

( acually mallika and sid were love each other but but didnot convey )

Precap: om, rudra priyanka listens to love angle show
Priyanka ask om to propose his love to ishana

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