Revenge for the sins of past (poem)

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The sweet girl, that innocent eyes,

For making them cry, may the person dies,

Trapped her for someone’s crimes,

He even miss her at times.

Bearing death of brother, she cries,

Away from family, here cruelty smiles,

Behind the bars, mercy dies,

Oh dear life, those sweet lies.

Beaten, tortured, abused, sleepless,

Oh monster, why you’re heartless,

Will u even care if I m lifeless?

I wish you regret endless.

Love was when you hugged me,

One true time, you held me,

My tears, unbearable to see,

Only if it was real, happy would be me.

Fighting the monster, came from jail,

She herself is the reason for her bail,

For revenge, she didn’t wanna fail,

This revenge, she wanted to nail.

She got to know, now she’s all alone,

She wanted to crush his every bone,

He wanted him forever gone,

With that, fell from her eyes a tear so lone.

Death, she no more fears,

For her loved ones, her dears,

But her pain, no one hears,

She is the only one who bears.

The innocent and monster face to face,

Looked at each other with deathly gaze,

She took a gun, and shot him,

He deserved it, for the monster was him.­

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  1. Satya127

    Wow perfect poem for the perfect revenge story reminded me of the best show i had watched….I hope they could have the same ending as ur poem…
    But those brainless people destroyed such a perfect show and the cutest jodi….Miss u ARDEEP

  2. Truly it’s amazing. I love the way u write. Ur poems ???

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