Yeh Teri Galiyan 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki to be transferred to Calcutta

Yeh Teri Galiyan 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ridhoy says dada why didnt’ you save that girl? Shan says you don’t even know here name. I dont’ know her. I can’t waste my time. Ridhoy says I.. You will know. Shan says what? Ridhou says I kind of love her. Shan says you don’t even know the name. This is nonsense. Ridhoy says love doesn’t need a name. shan says I don’t believe in this childish love. Puchki is walking out. Shan feels weird. Constable says madam please sign these papers. Ridhoy says where are you lost? Shan says go sit in the car. Shan says why do I feel weird.
Ridhoy says dada please listen to my story. I missed you a lot. Why are you lost? Are you in love too? Shan says please. Try to understand your family name and dignity. We have a respect in the society. Ridhoy

says that are such big names. What will I do with a surname that will come between two brothers. I don’t wanna be a Mazumdar.

Shan wishes Ridhoy happy birthday and hugs him. shan says I hope all your dreams come true. You take name of Mazumdars way to up. Ridhoy says I feel like I am talking to Ravindra Maxumdar. Why so serious?
Ravindra asks Nevi where is Ridhoy? Nevi says he went to Mumbai. Ravindra says did he ask you? Nevi says he told me. Ravindra says he is our son. You are his mom you have some responsibility. We will be defamed because of his deeds. Nevi says did something happen? Ravindra says he will ruin our family name. Shan calls Ravindra. ravindra says hello son. You handled it? Great. No problem happened after that? Shan says no.

Ridhoy says dada you have such amazing body. To be like you I will have to work really hard. Shan says you don’t have to be like me. You are amazing already. Ridhoy says I want to be like you completely. Shan says you are better than me in everything. He hugs Ridhoy. I want to make you really happy. Ridhoy says you mean everything to me. Shan says family is the most important. Mom dad.. He says better not talk about dad. Shan says what are you saying. Ridhoy says has he ever done something like a dad? You have been there for me always. Shan says wherever he is he is worried for us. Ridhoy says I don’t care. SHan says he really loves us. Ridhoy says I could never see that love. I got that love from you only. Promise me you will give me the birthday gift I ask for. Shan says promise. Ridhoy says you will come with me to Calcutta. Shan recalls what happened.

Nevi says Shan can’t come to Calcutta. And my Ridhoy is celebrating his birthday with that Shan. He is in Mumbai. What if Ridhoy asks him to come to Calcutta.
Ridhoy says why don’t you ever come to Calcutta? Why do you get pale when I take Calcutta’s name? The bottle in Shan’s hand breaks. Ridhoy says what did you do.. Come let me dress your wound. Shan says you matter the most in my life. Ridhoy hugs him. Ridhoy says for me you will have to come to Calcutta. He puts Shan’s hand on his head.

Scene 2
Puchki receives an award for her good performance. She wins police gallantry award. Puchkki receives it.
Puchki recalls her childhood. Her boss says you are a role model for girls. Young girls should learn bravery from you. She says I was 7 when I saw this dream first. My baba is the one who made me who I am. She points at pathan baba. He did all this for me. Puchki says the darkness I came from, I hope no one should go through it. But the way to heaven goes from hell. I don’t wanna forget my lessons though. Maybe yesterday makes today beautiful. I just wanna say no matter what you go through, you are your own power. Everything else is temporary. No one can stop a girl. Everyone stands up and claps. Pathan baba says she is my daughter. Pathna baba is invited on the stage to give Puchki the trophy.
Inspector says there is a case very complicated. We know asmita can do it. She will be transferred to Calcutta for mission Sona gachi. Puchki is dazed. Inspector says Asmita will rescues the girls stuck there and inspire them to be like her. The trophy falls from Puchki’s hand.

Shan says no I will never go to calcutta. I have a flight I am going back to London. Ridoy breaks a bottle. He cuts his hand. Shan says stop. Ridhoy says you have to come with me.
Pathna baba says no you wont go to Calcutta. THey don’t know the truth but you do. It will mess up wtih your life. I wont let you o to that place again. I am telling you. Puchki says I think that’s what God wants. Puchki says I think this is the mission of my life. BAba says you cant go that city. It isn’t a right place. Puchki says I have to complete the incomplete story.
A guy comes close to Puchki. shan comes and hits him. Puchki looks at his face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nyc epi shan&puchki role very nyc woh dono ek sth bht ache lag rhe hai world ka best show hai

  2. Candiva007

    Who is this guy that is playing “Shan”? Isn’t Manish Goplani supposed to play Shan?

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Manish has backed off from the show because he got new project ready… This new lead is Avinash Mishra who has acted in Ishqbaaz as Abhay and Mariam Khan as Zain Ashraf…

      1. Candiva007

        Thank you. I knew he looked familiar. Ishqbaaz, that is where I saw him. Now they need to change the picture and put Avinash’s picture. 🙂 So confusing.

  3. Ohi_Mehrin5

    Maybe Avinash mishra

  4. Leisa s morris

    I have a question shan never went back to calcutta si how come he and ridhoy is so close? U would think dat nevi will keep dem apart and foster hatred for shan in ridhoy but we r so d total opposite,where ridhoy luvs shan more than anyone else in his family. Wat gives?

    1. Leisa, you forgot that logic is always absent in these serials… These writers are magicians, they make the impossible, possible!!

  5. Can someone explain the storyline to me? Why did Puchki end up in water by her grandmother? Why is Puchki not allowed to show her face according to Nevi? And why is Shan also not allowed to go to Calcutta of Nevi? Why is Shan angry at Puchki?

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      I also didn’t watch the show properly… As I know, Chanda asked Puchki to jump into water to save Puchki from getting caught by the goons… Nivi threatened to harm Shan if Puchki tries to meet him… Shan doesn’t want to go back to Kolkata because his past will haunt him again…

      1. Thanks Ruby

    2. I have not followed the initial episodes in detail… but the summary is something like this: ‘Shan and Puchki were born in a red light area, Sonagachi. Shan gets adopted by the Majumdar family, by Nivedita’s husband Arindam (the name might be wrong, not sure) as Nivedita couldn’t conceive. But after the adoption, Nivedita gets pregnant too. Later it is revealed, Shan is the biological son of Arindam and Chanda, and Arindam had cheated on Nivedita. Nivedita is not able to accept Shan after that. There is little tussle between Shan and Nivedita at the top of stairs, Nivedita falls down and her child is born with a deformity. She holds shan responsible for this and vows to destroy him, and get her own son, Ridhoy, the rights as heir. (Shan and Ridhoy’s grandfather prefers Shan because Ridhoy has deformity).
      Meanwhile, in Bari, where Puchki lives with her mother and Shan’s mother Chanda, numerous atrocities take place. Puchki’s mother dies. Chanda tries to get puchki admitted to school or run away from the area for her safety (plans were even there to sell puchki to child traffickers). So the goons of Sonagachi are already against Puchki and Chanda. Moreover, Puchki tries to save Shan a few times from Nivedita, so Nivedita and her sidekicks are also against Puchki and Chanda.
      The climax of all this is: Nivedita manipulates Shan emotionally and sends him to London. Shan still worships Nivedita and is constantly fed by the adults that Sonagachi and the people there are dirty. On the day Shan is leaving, Puchki and Chanda try to stop him, but goons catch them. To protect Puchki, Chanda throws her from the bridge into the river. Chanda dies but Puchki survives. Nivedita tells Shan that Puchki left Chanda to die and thus Shan holds Puchki responsible somehow and hates her. Shan also doesnt want to return to Kolkata because Nivedita has manipulated him into believing that he is the root cause of all problems and should stay away. As for Nivedita threatening Puchki, i think it was one of her lies to keep Puchki away from Shan.
      There are many other characters, but this is the main story in short. Hope this clears up your doubts a little. Even I dont know who is the man who now calls himself Puchki’s father. Can anyone tell?

      1. Wow, good job Dhara… The man calling himself the father of Puchki is the kindly gentleman who lived and worked at sonagachi back then, he was a shadow for Puchki all her years there, he had immense love for the little girl so basically he took it upon himself to be her father… The way he used to protect Puchki and his pains in seeing her misfortune brought him closer to her, oftentimes tears would come to my eyes when I saw his devoted fatherly affection…

      2. Thanks Dhara you answered all my questions 🙂 I am now able to understand the soap. I am watching it since the leap.

  6. Ruby_MarNy

    Good episodes… Asmita speech was nice… ShaMita are going to Kolkata… In precap, Shan is fighting for Puchki…. Waiting for their face to face meeting…

  7. Hello Naz,how are you ,,..After almost a month i am back on the forum …With the leads finally making their entry, iI hope it will be worth watching..I find Shan’s attitude is a little disturbing….he is more worried about Mazumdar family name and honour rather than relations… the same time the bond he shares with his younger brother is heartening….I think he is still harbouring the guilt seeded by his foster mother that he is the cause for Ridhoy’s deformity…..And I love Puchki ‘s transformation into Asmita ,a confident and no nonsense police officer….I am happy that atleast in this regard the writers are keeping in touch with reality….children from red light areas coming out of their shackles and becoming successful in various professions is a common happening now…Waiting for that encounter between Shan and Asmita….I would like to see if Shan will recognise her as her name is changed….but that soul to soul bond should atlleast make him aware of her……
    Hope you got my mail posted on the day before ….as usual my email is playing truant sometimes…

    1. Hello Lakshmi… Long time no chat! Yes, I’m happy that the leap took place and I’m really pleased that writers deviated from the original direction that we saw in the original promos and took Puchki out of the gutter, kudos to them, good example of showing that one can come out of sonagachi and become successful in life….hope it transfers to real life and others use this as an example to improve their lives..
      I did receive your mail, just like you, I’m waiting for quiet time… Lol… I’m concerned however by what you said is happening in Radhika’s life, I’ll reply to you in private… Anyways, happy to have you back even I took a vacation from here but I’m back since the leap… Cathy asked me about you yesterday, told me to let you know that she’s thinking of you and her best wishes are with you always, told her I’d pass on her message, would have mailed you the message but here you are so I’ll give her a feedback. BTW…. I’ve finished watching Bashar Momin… My goodness, that is how a serial should be run, not these long my drawn out plots which eventually loses its way and details get lost in the quest for longevity which eventually loses us the viewers… So, I’m happy to say that I enjoyed the serial immensely, amazing how all the details were covered and tied up in a neat bow.. As Bashar said… It’s the first love story to emerge from the pits of fear!!! How apt… I’ll elaborate a little more when I mail you soon, I’ll be starting the other one soon.. Khanni it’ll be!!! No regrets at all, I stayed up late at nights, I was so engrossed. Now I know what you and Cathy were speaking about… Lol…

  8. I like this leap….. Both leads are doing good job as Shantanu and Asmita…. I liked the way the makers show Puchki as a police instead of making her staying at baari… They made her a strong character instead of weak… That is very much appreciated… Hope this show will be successful…

  9. Candiva007

    Puchki’s real dad left her mother in Sonagachi. From what I remember, didn’t her mother call the old man “Father-in-law”? so wouldn’t he be her grandfather? Unless her real father lied.

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