Reunion of ishqbaazis (Part 1)

Hi guys I am diehard fan of Rikara so I have decided to write a ff about rikara shivika and ruvya

Here it goes
On the day of Anika-Vikram and Ragini-Shivaay wedding
Guys there is a change that is the misunderstanding between Gauri and om is not over but still he cares for her only because she helps him in getting rid of Svetlana and bua maa’s problem om doesn’t know about kaali thakur and gauri’s problem
Sivaay’s room
Rudra:Sivaay what is this why are you getting married to that nagini
Shivaay:who said that I am getting married to ragini
Rudra:then what purpose are these decorations and arrangements
Shivaay didn’t reply after sometime rudra left from the room
Sivaay’s pov
Anika I cant marry anyone else than you think that your ego is bigger I will see you getting married I will not marry ragini you have time till the muhurat after that you will start your new life with vikram but I will remain with myself

Anika’s room
Anika’s pov
Shivaay for you your ego is big but I cant marry someone else I thought that you would cancel this marriage but you yourself is getting married to that nagini you can start your new life but not me

In Mandap
Vikram and shivaay go and sit in two different mandaps
Dadi,omru,jhanvi all were sad except pinky she was smirking
Om couldn’t see his shivaay getting married to ragini so he left to his room
In om’s room
Gauri saw om sitting sad and goes near him
Gauri:omkara ji
Om got angry hearing gauri’s voice because he was already at the peak of anger
Om:gauri you stay here to stop the marriage of shivaay and ragini and reunite shivika and see now it is not happening so you can leave from here
Om got angry hearing “but” and lashes out at gauri and point towards her character
Gauri got angry and leave from there
At mandap
Pandit:now you can call bride
Pinky:I will call anika
Everyone gave a death glare to her but she didn’t notice all these because finally anika was getting out of shivaay’s life
Jhanvi:no need of that I will call anika you go and bring ragini
Jhanvi and pinky head towards ragini and anika’s room respectively
Pinky brings ragini and makes her sit next to shivaay
Jhanvi came running from anika’s room
Dadi:what happened jhanvi why are you running and where is anika
Jhanvi hands over a letter to dadi
Omru takes the letter because they were more concerned about their bhabhi
I’m sorry shivaay I cant marry anyone else than you so I have ran away from my own wedding sorry I was never engaged to you the truth was important than our love so I have decided to leave you
Your’s only

Everyone were teary eyed when omru fold the letter omru gave a death glare to pinky shivaay was teary eyed
At bus stop
Anika was sitting in a bench and was reminiscing her and shivaay’s moments
Suddenly she saw gauri sitting in another bench she goes near her. They both share their problems
Suddenly from gauri’s bag her childhood photo with her sister falls down from her bag
Anika saw this
Gauri got shocked hearing the name chutki
Guari:how do you know my name
Anika got shocked as well as happy
Anika:because I am your di
Gauri had happy tears they decided to tell oberoi family about them but nobody pick their call because of the marriage tussle at last anika send a voice msg to rudra
Rudra receive the voice msg and call the whole oberoi family
Anika’s voice msg
Rudy I am so hapy today because someone had told that when we lose something we will get another thing when I loose my shivaay I got my chutki my chutki is none other than gauri
Dadi,ruvya and jhanvi got happy
Om goes from there sivaay follows him
Shivaay:what happened om
Om:how can such a characterless girl become sister to anika bhabhi
Shivaay:when I saw your anger towards gauri I understood that something was wrong so I enquire about gauri and I came to know her past
Om:Her past?
Om gave an confused look to shivaay
Shivaay tell gauri and kaali thakur’s story
Om get teary eyed
Just then rudra came and call shivom to hall
Rudra dials anika’s no.
Pinky:omm she has gone now what is the need to call her back again
Jhanvi:just shut up pinky
Anika picks up the call
Rudra:hello bhabhi I just want to tell you that everything is alright now just come back I need both my bhabhi’s
Bhavya:they both are now in xyz bus stand
Anika:rudy just don’t worry I am just extreme happy because I got my chutki back and….
Before she could complete OF heard a blast sound they all get shocked
They switch on the t.v
Xyz bus stand got blasted and many were injured and two were reported to be dead who are none other than Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi and Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi

Precap:Gauri and anika’s new life

Guys my first episode of ff is only this much for knowing whether anika and her chutki are alive just wait till friday

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