Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Raman and Bala save Ishita

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking for Raman. Taneja says car broke down, when it started, I didn’t stop, I m taking you to hospital, we will inform Raman and Bala when we reach hospital. She says but this way is different. He says I m taking you by shortcut, relax, I m with you, you are safe. She sees the shirt tag and recalls the murderer pic. Raman and Bala run on the road. Ishita recalls what happened. She starts recording and asks Taneja why did he kill Mani. He stops the car. Raman and Bala take a man’s bike. Raman says my wife’s life is in danger, keep my watch. The man says I don’t want any watch. Bala says you can buy five such bikes by this one watch. They leave. Nikhil consoles Ruhi. Ruhi answers Aaliya’s call and says Taneja kidnapped Ishita, he has killed Mani. Aaliya repeats this. Everyone gets shocked. Ruhi says don’t know where are they. Taneja asks why will I kill Mani, you got mad by injury.

She says I understand everything, you framed Raman and killed watchman, you have torn the register paper from shirt shop, you have sent someone to kill me, when I got saved, you came here to help, you made everyone away to get me alone. He laughs and says smart, yes I killed Mani, what could I do, he got to know I m using Adi, I m supplying drugs, he came to my office and threatened me that he will tell everything to Raman, so I killed him, when I knew you have proof, I thought to kill you too, I can kill you if I can kill Mani, be ready to die. She sprays pepper in his eyes and runs. Taneja looks for her. Amma prays for Ishita and cries. Mrs. Bhalla consoles her. Shitija asks Amma why is she crying. Kiran says nothing happened to Ishita, she is just hurt so Amma is worried, we can try a hairstyle, you didn’t show me your rakhi gifts. Amma gets angry on Kiran. Mrs. Bhalla says Kiran is just diverting Shitija, think for kids, can’t you accept her for children’s sake. Amma refuses. Ruhi comes home.

Ishita runs to a construction site. Taneja comes there and thinks to kill her today. She hides from him. He says I know you are here, don’t play with me, none can save you today. She hits on his head and runs. He asks her to stop. Raman and Bala are on the way. Ishita gets tired of running. Taneja smiles and walks after her. He says its your time to die, be ready, why are you trying to run. She says you won’t get anything by killing me, police will catch you. He says police won’t get this new proof, you think you are smart, you were recording my words, I smartly confessed all crimes, but police won’t get this proof. Inspector tells Bala that Taneja has taken Ishita to construction site, maybe he broke the phone. Bala says we are close, you also come there.

Taneja says after I kill you, I will leave from this country. She says please don’t kill me. He says you wanted to find real murderer and know my truth now. Bala asks inspector how will we find Ishita without tracker. Raman says we will go there and ask someone, we have to find her. He gets Ishita’s belonging and looks for her.

Ishita asks Taneja to leave her. Taneja says none can save you today. She shouts for help. Raman and Bala come there. Raman asks Taneja to please leave her. Ishita gets away. Taneja falls down and hangs, asking them to help. Raman asks Ishita to come. Ishita says save him Raman. Raman says come. Ishita says please Raman. Raman pulls Taneja upwards. He asks Ishita is she fine. Taneja looks on.

Ishita says I just want water. Raman helps her out. He asks her not to do such madness again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Magic, Missy, Khushi, Priyamvedha, Shreya, Susan and many more others whose names I can’t remember. I did not come for a long time and I am also not watching YHM regularly when all the sparks are gone from Ishra and Pihu. I came on to just say hello to some of my dear friends like VP, Rithu, Missy etc…. Just missed all of you and hope you are all doing good, VP aunty i have not forgotten you. I do know you don’t come often either. Hope you are well. Rithu you have been doing the updates and that is nice of you. I am not going to comment anything on the episodes. Only saying hello to friends

    1. Very sweet of you Sindhu ! I am sooo happy dear . Thanks a lot for your hello ! Please do visit sometimes like this . Miss you , Shivani Magic Missy Susan Mino Rithu Khushi … Priyamvada Parichay and many old ones in this site . I am fine Sindhu , Busy with my work … Trust you too keeping fine .

    2. Hi Sindhu
      I know – me too haven’t been watching just read TU. The storyline is stupid – Raman needs a holiday; they could have sent him abroad for business after all he is a big business man. What was the need to kill off Mani and give Shagun and Aliya so much sorrow, not necessary. And nothing makes sense.
      Hi VP mam, Shivani and Rithu and all YHM fans. I think all of us are just waiting for the announcement of the shutting down of this show. Because at the moment they are just wasting these beautiful talented people.

      1. *people’s time

    3. Hello Sindu! Glad to see u! Yeah u might hv forgotten me! Bt its really nice to see u after a long tym! Um also nt commenting lyk I used to do before! Nevermind bt still I cnt help watching it! Hehe! ??

    4. Hello Sindhu .I am fine .How are you?
      Very true that this show has lost its charm .

  2. In Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein viewers will get to witness interesting twist as viewers will finally get to witness Mani’s murder case coming to an end.

    It was earlier seen that Taneja has captivated Ishita and Mani.

    Raman gets restless as he cannot see Ishita in danger.

    Viewers will get to witness major turning point on the show where Param will be see turning positive.

    Surprisingly, Param will also reveal that Mani is alive saving Raman’s Ishita.

    Furthermore, it will be revealed that Taneja and Ashok had teamed up against Raman to trap Raman in this entire fake murder trap.

    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein moment

    Fortunately, Param will turn out to be Ishita’s well wisher and bring Ishita and Mani safe home.

    Thus, Bhalla family will be seen celebrating Ishita’s safe return in the upcoming episode.

    Viewers will also get to witness Raman and Ishita’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein moment.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  3. mani is dead right? i just wanna make sure because you know these serials any thing can happen lol

    1. Tvfan1

      on the show we saw him dead..but apparently he is not now!!

  4. Pranav

    I’m glad this show doesn’t have no logic like kkb,ssk,n2

  5. Lovely episode.

  6. Haha History repeats again n again! Ishu was abt to die bt smhw shes got saved! Mrs Iyyer n Mrs bhalla keep on praying da god! Police lost their control in da last minute n da saviors Raman n Bala hv to do their own! Same storyline! ????

    1. Charu prakash

      Hi Ravi?
      Hilarious!!What was that?Two five year olds paying hide n seek!With all possible absurdities they managed to fill the episode.The most hilarious was the ending!Kp was completely lost!!What was the point?In one moment Amma seems so week and timd,even not able to light up nilavilakku and in the next she is a roaring tigress!!!Whole episode was entertaining for the wrong reasons.

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