A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 51)

Chapter- Again Hearts break!!

Our Pragya reaching Abhi’s home asks herself “Whether he is broken?? And cant Accept the reality..but why this suicide attempt suddenly?? If he felt so..why he suddenly doing this…And Abhi!!! You cant escape from me that easily!! I wont leave you!!”.She thinks if Piya and says “Today…I will give an end to this..”. She reaches his home and runs in fast.

Here Bulbul rolling her shaul around her neck covers herself.She curses it and says “Today I thought of going early!! But everything went in vain!!”. She gets thought if Purab and asks herself “And why?? This Purab is getting in my mind frequently?? I know he would never go this way!! And I know that well..Still why I am hoping??”.She stoned to see Purab outside and very near to the bus and enjoying the rain..She thinks “God!! This is impossible!! No..no.no no no…Whats happening?? How he is here?? And Why now??”.She prays to God “Please!! Dont make him to look ne..If he sees me..It will be a embarrassing!! Pleasee!!”.She opens and sees him gone and smiles saying “Thank god he went!!”.She startled by a voice asking “Who?”. She sees someone and gets shocked.

Here Pragya goes in and sees Abhi with a bandage in his wrist.She gets emotional seeing it but she holds herself from crying.She walks to him and holds his hand.She asks “Now…What next??”.Abhi just looks at her silently.She sees Payal staring them and asks “I dont know why he is so dumb!!”.She notices both of them shocked and continues “What he thinking Payal?!! Whether he is the one in my life?? If he thinks ..then Its no!! I have many priorities in ny life before him!!And please ask him to open his ears and hear my words…”She looks at him and says “You are just a passing cloud in my life Mr.Abhi!! Just like my old crushes..and definitly you are not my first!! For God’s sake please understand this..and dont make my life more complicated!! I just need a simple happy forever life!! Not a hell..with you.. Abd if you have any idea of playing with ma feelings..Then its waste! Better you just move on..its good for everyone!!”.She stops seeing him lost and Payal already in teary eyes…She goes near Payal and says “I know you are upset..but..its ok..,”. Payal shouts “No mam!! Its not ok!!”.Abhi goes from there and Payal tries to stop him.

He says “You asked me to give a chance to her Payal!! But Not anymore!!”.

Pragya looked puzzled and sees Payal.Payal looks her angryly and says “You dont deserve him Mam..”.Pragya broken completely and screams “Whats happening??”. Payal says “Its all my fault!! I told him to give a chance and show him how much you love him…and I created this drama…Bhai said he is not interested..but I compelled him to act and tied bandage in his hand…Few minutes ago..He was really nervous and happily waiting to hear you..but why you did this?? You dont love him??”.

Pragya in tears and looks at the way where Abhi went…

Sanam re plays

  1. nice……………but plz make love btw them

  2. Maahi

    girl ur really driving me crazy restless restless restless again plzzz dr I beg uuu to reveal the one who is behind piya death nd nt anything else but plzz nly diz u can reveal naa but I must say ur dragging me to the edge nd I am loving it keep rocking dr

  3. Superb episode…waiting restlessly for the next update…

  4. Superb… episode .today’s episode was quite a long one thank u for considering my request.pls don’t make more complications in abhigya’s life yaar pls…..! unite them sooooon.relentlessly waiting for ur next update.

  5. Superb dear loved it????

  6. Prathi

    Wow again restless.. Love it..

  7. Sad ff…make it abigya union ff…waiting 4 next ff…

  8. Please unite abhigya soon because your story line becoming day by boring.congratulation for 50th episode so please unite them yaar

  9. It was awesome I loved it

  10. Nice episode yaar bt way s the climax 4 tz abhigya fight it’s just continue… Plzzzz make some clear between abhigya wat both of them thinking abt their partners….

  11. Make them understand love, really nice yaaa give long epi

  12. Krish

    omg wat an epiiiii restlessss again egarlyyyyyy waitng fr te nxt epiiiiii….

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