Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ketki comes home at midnight inebriated. Family is shocked. She walks near baby, but aaji warns her to stay away. She starts behaving weirdly. Devika gives her a tight slap and Ketki falls down. Megha and maid help her and drop her home.

In the morning, Ketki wakes up and feels lightheaded. She asks where is her baby. Devika says not to touch baby as she was inebriated last night. Ketki apologizes and says today she as audition. Devika says today is child’s naming ceremony and she cannot go anywhere. Ketki insists and leaves. She reaches producer’s office and sees many girls waitiing for audition. She asks receptionist to inform that Ketki mistry has come. Receptionist informs producer and says she has to wait for sometime.

Guest start coming for child’s naming ceremony. Rose comes and congrats Devika for becoming grandma. Aaji says child Rose aunty will bring cake for him daily. Radha comes next. Karan comes next. Aaji hands over child to him and asks why did not he come for so many days. He says he had been out of station. Kalyani comes and gets angry seeing him and asks Devika who called him. Devika says she called him. Kalyani asks even after knowing what he did to her. Devika says he is right on his side.

Maid serves gulkand to Karan. Karan tastes it and asks if she prepared it at home. Maid says yes, other day someone sent flowers and Kalyani asked to throw them, she made gulkand instead. He looking at Kalyani says he does not want to have poor flowers.

Ketki continues waiting for audition. Producer calls her finally and insists to practice song and sing today. Ketki says she has function at home and will come tomorrow. Producer says he ahs to finalize singer today.

Family waits for Ketki and Pandit says muhurath is over today, they can do naming ceremony some other day. Devika insists and Kalyani sits with child for naming ceremony.

Precap: Ketki likes her child’s name and asked who named it. Megha says Kalyani. Ketki says she wants to change it. Devika tells Ketki that Karan did not make such a big mistake that that she is so harsh on him, she is punishing even herself. Producer scolds Ketki that he made a big mistake choosing her.

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