The requisites of an angry love…. (kkb) Part 4

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At Pragya’s house,

She was finding it difficult to stop following Abhi. On top of all this, Abhi talking to Bulbul before was bothering her. She can’t believe he was able to talk to Bulbul and she was not getting angry on him.

Bulbul finds Pragya blankly looking at the cup of tea on table.

Bulbul sits besides her and Pragya never says anything.

Bulbul “Have you thought of your new assignment?”

Pragya came back to senses hearing her voice and said “Kind of….maybe about child abuses.”

Bulbul “Why maybe Di? It’s a very relevant topic need to be covered and raise awareness of. I think you have to do on this.”

Pragya “Haan….this needs an assistant for me. I am thinking who to have my assistant. I have to ask suggestions from my boss.”

Bulbul “Oh…. You can’t do this alone?”

Pragya “No Bulbul…..this is not like following one person. This is about finding many situations of child abuses and it’s present everywhere in hiding behind doors. So my boss felt it would be safer if I have a male assistant to help me out.”

Bulbul “That’s true. You have to be safe.”

Pragya “I will start to do the prep work in a few days and submit it to boss.”

Bulbul “I won’t disturb you then. But will disturb you to have your meals and tea on time.”

Pragya smiles and was about to leave when Bulbul asked “Do you miss him?”

Pragya stops hearing it and says “My job is not to miss anyone. I work for everyone not to miss anything that’s interesting in the society.”

Bulbul “I am not asking about your job. I am asking about you!”

Pragya walks ahead without replying and Bulbul sighs.

Bulbul thinks “It means she likes him!”

Pragya in her room thinks why Bulbul asked like that.

“Yes I miss him badly!! I can’t deny it. But why do I feel the way she asked me is not normal. I know she had teased me before but today……” Pragya thought when Bulbul came in and apologised to her for asking about him when he is nothing to her.

Pragya said it’s okay and asked her to carry on with her work.

“Something is wrong. I don’t feel it normal of how she talks to me.” She thinks as she sees Bulbul leaving her room by turning back at times to see her.

At Abhi’s house,

He was helping his Dadi in cutting the vegetables and Dadi looked at him for quite sometime now.

Abhi still doing what he was doing asked “Is there something new on my face?”

Dadi “Are you asking me Abhi?”

Abhi “Haan Dadi. Robin is not here and who else will I ask this question to?”

Dadi smiles and said “I was thinking how long I need to see you doing all this. That is the reason to see you and there is nothing new on your face for me to see you.”

Abhi “Why? Why can’t I do all this? You are my Dadi and it’s my responsibility to help you out. You don’t need anyone else other than me to do all this.”

Dadi “I know that but it will be good if your wife also join us and do cooking together.”

Abhi drops the knife onto the floor and Dadi knew at that moment he was angry.

Abhi yelled “Robin!!!!Robin!!!!”

In the next moment, Robin arrived and looked scared of Abhi.

Abhi “I have cut all the vegetables and you help Dadi in cooking. She knows what I want for today and make sure she doesn’t stand too long. Do you get it clear?”

Robin said “Yes sir!”

Dadi “Abhi, what’s wrong in my question? I thought you were ok with Geeta. Then why are you not letting me to talk to their folks?”

Abhi never replied anything and walks away.

Dadi looks worried and Robin says “Dadiji……I have to tell you something……”

Dadi “No Robin, I am not in a mood to hear anything. You handle the cooking for today too”

Robin “No Dadiji, it’s important. It’s about sir and a girl.”

Dadi “What are you saying?”

Robin says “That day when you went to see sir’s uncle at hometown, sir asked all the servants to leave before 4 pm. But I was at the guest house as I was cleaning it. I totally forgot about the time he asked us to leave. Then later that night I saw the house decorated very beautifully. It was like some party house. After sometime, I secretly went near function hall as I was hearing a song. Over there I saw a puppet show and after that a girl arguing with him. I couldn’t hear their conversation but all the while sir never raised his voice or getting angry. It was surprising to see the girl being angry at him.”

Dadi hearing all this finds it unbelievable. Who could be that girl? Why did he do all the decorations at home? Why was he not getting mad at her?

Dadi “Do you know her name? Have you seen her before?”

Robin thinks for a while and replies “No Dadiji. It’s the first time I am seeing her here.”

Dadi “Oh…..I think I know how to know who is she. There is CCTV outside our house and surely she can be seen from there.”

Robin “But…….”

Dadi “But what?”

Robin “It seems he doesn’t want her to follow him. He said that quite loudly. He was looking happy that his plan succeeded.”

Dadi “I don’t understand this. Why should this girl follow Abhi and why he doesn’t likes her following him?”

Robin “I don’t know Dadiji……”

Dadi “Is the girl looking nice?”

Robin in a dreamy tone “Beautiful!!!”

Dadi sensing Robin’s feelings said “Ok but you can’t admire her if my grandson likes him.”

Robin gets little upset and nods his head in response.

Dadi chuckles and said “I will find for you a better girl but before that you need to build up your body like my grandson!”

Robin widened his eyes and shook his head as if showing it’s impossible to do so.

While Dadi is planning to check on the CCTV footage, Abhi at his room, was walking to and fro.

“Marriage is never meant to be in my life. Marriage is like a lifelong cage and I can’t be in that cage and die!”

He then looks at himself in the mirror and says “You don’t deserve a girl after what you have done to yourself!”

He gets infuriated seeing himself and breaks the mirror which is heard by Dadi and Robin who were still at the kitchen.

Dadi “Robin, order mirror from a different shop. This one also had broken!”

Robin “Dadiji, I have ordered all shops from the city. I think we have to search somewhere out from our city.”

Dadi “I know……I really don’t know how to change this attitude of his. This is the 25th mirror he had broken! I don’t understand why is he so angry and only breaks mirrors!!!”

Robin didn’t know what to say and excuses himself to find a new shop to purchase mirror.

Abhi looking at the mirror broken into pieces thinks how badly his life is broken too.

Back at Pragya’s house, she was seen looking at the mirror. 

Her thought in her mind was:

Look at yourself. Do you see yourself or someone else in you?


Pragya crosses Abhi and he stops her by holding her hand. Pragya “Let me go! I don’t want to see you.” Abhi in his husky tone “I know that….but….it’s hot here and you deserve to be cool with the chillness of a swimming pool.” Pragya gasps to what he says and he said “You crossing my life doesn’t make my life crossed.” Pragya “I didn’t cross your life too. I was here for something else and never knew you are here as well.” Abhi smirks and looks behind her. He knew she was approaching towards them. In the next moment, he kneeled in a position to propose Pragya. This made Pragya taken aback and looking at him in complete shock.

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