Sangini: Way To You (One Shot)

Hello guys. Another OS on RagSan after a long while. Just wanted to write something out of boredom on a sickbed. Hope you find it readable.

His POV.

“What the hell is this Sanky?”

I sat uptight on my place ignoring the newspaper my friend Lucky has just shoved on my face. I know what he is so mad about but I’m waiting for someone else’s reaction to this. I’m desperately waiting for her.

“I thought you were dead serious about Ragini, then what is this now? Will you explain yourself now?” He huffed in annoyance.

“Its about the time to insure her sincerity too.”

“What do you mean?” His eyes dilated in confusion.

“I’m hoping for some action.”

“Daisy’s outnumbered for the theme board, mam.”

“Contact the dealer immediately and resolve it Maya.”

“Timing lights aren’t working on the left face of entrance.”

“Change it quickly.”

“Cake’s here.”

“Arrange it safely on the centre of the stage.”

She run around the venue giving quick observation to her teamwork. It took months for the heiress to sort out her interests and her team to blend them in work.

Her walkie talkie growl on her hand.

“Ragini, Shona’s on the line.”

She stopped to check her phone which was switch off on her pocket by now.

“Alright Maya, check around everything. I’ll be right back.”

She jogged towards the receiver at the other end of the hall.

“Whatever it is, shoot right away Shona, I’m really busy right now.”

“I know right, preparing your soutan’s homecoming is not an easy job.”

That sarcastic tone was enough for her to know what this call is all about though she asked again.

“What is it Shona?”

“Did you see today’s news? Its almost on the every goddamn side. What is happening between you two? Have you finally pulled the last string of his patience in these 7 years?”

‘Sanskar Maheswari of Maheswari Group and Kavita Sharma of Sharma Construction; 2 Billionaire Inheritors To Tie The Knot In This Summer’

Not a small news, she thought.

“I guess, he has come to his senses finally.”

A hint of irritation didn’t go unnoticed by her friend as the line went silent for a moment.

“I’m sorry I must have stress you. But please do your poor heart some justice and pull your hand out of that freaking event. You’re sick for god sake Ginu. Please for a second, think about your health.”

As if on a queue the a sheer pain course through the cavity of her chest. Damn that tumor, she thought.

“I’ll talk to you later.”

She let out a deep sigh as she put down the receiver, reminiscence of his memories scrolling on the back of her mind.

“Mam, party’s here.” Someone informed.

‘I don’t have time to tend to my messed up feelings.’ She thought as she overcome the pain.

“Everybody, the guest will be arriving now. Are we done?” She took her command.

“Yes mam.” Everyone sang in chorus.

“Lets make a start then.”

The party was on the full swing. Almost everything went as planned. She busied herself and dodged every possible encounter with him but at last he cornered her somehow, away from trailing gazes.

“What might this be about Sir?” She asked formally.

“Drop this act right away Ragini. 7 hell of the years I’ve waited for you, giving your space. Don’t you f**king dare taking me lightly. I’m not laughable nor my feelings for you. Just don’t treat me like a trash.” He pinned her with the intensity of his gaze.

The poker look washed her face completely.

“I can’t take the blame though. Whatever you are going through was your call. I had given a clear cut end to whatever we had between us on my part. Its not my fault if you are still holding onto the past.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“Stop this bullshit. Why didn’t you contact me once? After the news?”

“You took your decision for good. Why would I bother contacting you for no reason?” She remained indifferent to his desperate eyes.

“You are testing my patience.” He growled on the verge of bursting out.

“And you’re wasting my time.”

She hissed as she walked pass him but not far away as he pulled her back to him and locked her by the arms. His eyes screaming murder as he locked hers in a battle.

“Don’t you dare walk on me.”

“Be mature now. You’re committed to someone. Stop messing around.” She tried to free her hand from his clutch but to avail. His hold only tighten the more she wriggled. “Now, you’re resorting to violence.” She clipped drop dead cold and disgustingly.

Those words hit him hard. He looked down at her arms, red marks imprinted there now as she rubbed the spot. His eyes blurred in utter shame, confusion, desperation and all the mixed emotions as his hands pulled on the locks on his head.

“Don’t be too harsh on me Ragini.”

She watch him disappearing from her sight, leaving a broken plead. She blinked when he was no more in sight, tears trailing down her cheek now.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered as she drop down on the floor clutching her heart.”

His POV.

17 days. 13 hours. 39 minutes. And 47 or so on freaking seconds. I’m seeing her finally, after all those torturous seconds. It all ended in heartbreak and sadness whenever she called to meet me in the past. Knowing better of her, I should have definitely avoided today’s meeting but longing to see her got better of me. And to find her waiting in a blue saree was really something like a fairytale. I looked around the old cafe, the place of our first date, then her. How many times had I imagined her like this? Countless of times. Guess, I’m having a swe…et dream. Dreams can be a f**king tease.

“I know it’s weird to see me in saree. I just wanted to try it out.” She fidgeted, her vary act so clear to be fiction of my mind.

God! I can’t seem to differentiate between dream and reality anymore. Maybe, after breaking my heart for countless of time by her, finally, I’ve gone insane completely.

“If it’s a dream, I wish not to wake up anymore.” I mumbled leaning close to her and touching her cheek ever so slightly.

The warmth then I got was nowhere near imagination. It was surreal. Its actually happening, I’m confirmed. Her cheeks bloomed in a shade deeper.

“Nice t-shirt.” She blushed giving me a thorough look.

The grey t-shirt was the gift she gifted on the first anniversary of our relationship. I’ve a hell lot of emotional attachments with it that’s why I kept it without wearing all this year.

“Its your gift afterall.” My gaze stilled on her without the concern of what’s happening around.

She stopped whatever she was thinking as her eyes fixed on me solely.

“Sanskar!! please listen to me clearly because I’m not repeating myself.” She was nervous as she grabbed my hand on the table and squeezed it. “I want to get back together.”

Its actually happening!!! My mind keep repeating.

“I’m not hallucinating right?” Grabbing her hand I still asked.

Irritation marred her face as she pulled her hand out of my grasp.

“I guess, I need to get out of here.” She pushed herself on her feet.

“Hey wait.” In a blink, I jump out of my chair and grabbed her hand. “Did you really say that… I mean…” I was blabbering mess until she stopped me dead.

“I love you alright.” She shouted frustrated but to my ears it was the sweetest melody. I could die right here, overloaded with sheer happiness. “You know very well that I’m not good at conveying my feelings yet I’m trying hard here and you’re playing dumb. On the second thought, I shouldn’t have come…”

I didn’t let her finish as I pulled her in a bone crushing hug and plant a trail of feather kisses on her head and cheek. She gasped in utter shock holding her reddened cheek.

“Stop acting cute. Or, I won’t hold back showering you with kisses that wouldn’t remain only on cheeks.” I murmured leaning down to her eye level, gazing at her slightly parted lips.

She sucked in a deep breath getting the seriousness in my voice and raising my heartbeat equally.

“Lets get out of here first.”

Stunned gazes followed as I drag her out along with me.

Her POV.

“I can’t say its settled completely, afterall I’ve waited for 29 years in agony.” The old man threw a cold glance at the last installment of the debt, 10lacks check I placed on the table.

“I had to do it anyway, Sir, for my self respect and my loved ones.”

“I never thought you could, but you did pay it off anyway.” His lips thinned in a fine line. I could feel the stings of accusation he was directing. “If not for that cunning aunt of yours, you wouldn’t have to do any of this. Pretending to love me, she ran away with another man on the same day I sent my mother with a marriage proposal and that too without returning my ancestral bangle I’d given her as a token of love. On the brighter side, she opened my eyes to reality that day. She made me realise shoes are not meant to be for head. I was too good for her.” He state for his own satisfaction.

“Mr Maheswari, whatever my aunt has done has nothing to do with me, yet I’ve done whatever was on my hand.” He cannot keep blaming me for the things that happened in the past.

“The blood is always thicker than water. You remind me very much of her.” His disapproving look made it more clear than his words. “That’s why I can’t believe you loving my son sincerely without any regard for his money and status. Afterall, who doesn’t want to shine in glory. You’ve lived your life poorly. Your father lived all his life serving me. Struggle, compromise and poverty, that’s all you’ve seen all your life. Maybe my son is just a way to escape your lowly life!” I felt knots forming on my guts. “I just wish, if you weren’t so poor and moreover, not related to that cunning woman, then it would have been so much better!”

That’s it. He crossed the line.

“And I wish, if only the man I love was not this rich and, definitely, not your son, my life would be so much better.” I jumped on my heel ready to leave. It disgusted me that I was even trying to be acknowledged by this man.

“I don’t want you near my son. Take all of your money and live your life comfortably. And if you’re thinking of getting back together with my son then I’ll have no choice but to disown him.”

“I’ll love that man even if he’ll leave with nothing to offer. But, I don’t want him to live a life shadowed by your curse. You are his only family. That’s why, I’m giving up on your son. I don’t want you to live the rest of your life blaming me or anyone for that reason. I’m done trying to win your heart Mr Maheswari. I won’t give it anymore effort.”

I turned to leave but my steps froze as soon as my eyes met with a pair of magnetic orbs. The devastated look in those only gave me unbearable pain.

“We’ll talk later.” He brushed pass me and stood in front of his father. “You can kick me out of your boundless fortune father because I’m not leaving this woman’s side even with my last breath.”

The conviction in his voice had my heart swell up and the old man’s forehead wrinkle.

“If you wish to live your life as an orphan then it can’t be helped.”

The grievousness in the old man’s voice had me interjected.

“That won’t be the case. I’m going my way anyways.”

“Stop it. I said we’ll talk later.” He said, his emotions overboard.

“I’m sorry.” I couldn’t walk away without saying him this. I never wanted him to see in such situation.

“Why?” He cracked blocking my way. “Why is it always like this? Why do you have to take decisions on my part? Why do you have to go to extremities to prove things beyond my understanding? Why do you have to abandon me every-f**king-time? Why dammit? Why?”

My heart ached so much for him but I shouldn’t reach out for him. Not when his father is questioning my blood and self-respect.

“Do you even consider me as a human?” He grabbed my hand and guide it over to his heart to tap carelessly. “I’m aching so much right here. Cant you see?”

I couldn’t see as my vision blurred, his hands snaked around me and I felt my body going limp in his hold. When his hand brushed on my mouth I got to realize blood was oozing out of my mouth. Dying like this in front of him was never in my wishlist but holding him with my last breath didn’t feel bad either.

“What is happening??” He growled terror striked.

“I’m sorry.”

For ignoring you. Hurting you. And leaving you. I didn’t say this as his cry went down to deaf ear and darkness consumed me completely.

His POV.

“She is going to US next week.” Swara informed coming out of the emergency ward.

“Why? Is she running away now that I find out the truth?”

“I’m sorry Sanky, she didn’t want you to know about her condition. I was helpless to her wish.” She lowered her head.

“Come on Swara, how could you keep such serious matter?” Lucky shake his head disapprovingly.

“I was stupid.” I interject. “I should have known what my beloved was going through. Behind that cold exterior she was suffering so much, emotionally and physically and I only come to know it when I almost lost her. I’m such an idiot.”

“Don’t blame yourself. She only wanted you to see her as a strong woman.” Swara pat on my arms.

“Yet she wants to run away from me like a coward now? I won’t let it happen.”

Without watching anywhere I storm inside the ward. I was detained by her for the whole 3 days she’s came into consciousness. But I can’t contain myself anymore, not after hearing that. She look pale and exhausted in the hospital gown, not that I was in any better shape. Her eyes filled with tears meeting mine.

“I don’t want to see you?” She turned her face sideways to avoid me.

“Its alright to cry in front of me. Its alright to be vulnerable at times. You don’t have to be a superhero. I love you. Just be my human. My woman.” I dropped on my knees, holding onto her bedpost.

Why can’t she see I’m dying here with her decisions?

“I don’t want to see pity in the eyes of the man I love.” She turned her face reaching out to me slowly. “And right now I can see that in your eyes. My cover’s blown up. I can’t face you anymore. That’s why I’ve to go. And that’s my wish. Please lets not argue about this.”

Her pleading eyes stopped me from any further arguments. I couldn’t bring myself to nag her anymore. She look tired and sick to her bones. So, I made my mind.

“If that’s your wish, I’ll let you leave.” I stood up, determined. “I won’t stop you. Go anywhere. Do anything. But,” I could see the tense line on her head. “Comeback to me after everything. Just promise me that, even if its fake I’ll believe you.” Unshed tears roll down her cheeks, mine as well. “I just want to live my life believing you’re mine. Just promise me that and I’ll let you go.”

“I don’t know how much time it’ll take. You will be hurt waiting for me.” She lowered her head not able to look at my eyes anymore.

“It will be less than thinking, you will never comeback.”

“Don’t love me this much Sanskar.” She cried for the first time clutching onto me with all her strength.

“Just get well and comeback.”
3 Years Later.

His POV.

“Sir, stay order is removed and formalities are done. Your land is clear now.” The lawyer informed and left.

The land I had donated for an orphanage got sealed in the middle of its construction progress with finding of an unknown skeleton underneath. The most shocking thing was the pair of gold bangles with it that my father recognized soon then. On further investigation it was skeleton of a 21 yrs woman who died unnatural death almost 32yrs back. I wouldn’t have to know what father felt like. He was thunderstruck, heartbroken and guilt ridden. All his life he was living in his own figment of misery.

“Sir, your father’s on the call.” Intercom beeped on the table and a ring followed beside. It was the first call in 3 years father has initiated. I pick it up with a heavy heart and keep quiet.


“I was wrong.” He broke the silence with his gruff voice. “I’m sorry Sanskar. I really am.”

My heart ached for him but I can’t help him. He made me like this.

“I insulted that child for nothing. I was so bad to her.” He let out a shaky breath taking a pause. “Find her Sanskar. Please bring her back. I’m dying, but I don’t want to die like this.”

He breakdown. The teary shriek resonated my hearing. But, it was his call.


I put down the receiver staring at the computer screen, the piles of emails I sent her. She didn’t reply nor check even one.

I called off my engagement and takeover the business. She didn’t show up for years now. If I know her well she wouldn’t for years, because the woman I love, values her self-respect more than anything which my father tarnished in his misconception. Yet, I wish she would come back.

Her POV.

Things has changed. The old man couldn’t meet my eyes as I sat straight to his eyes. The past has turned up for good. Maybe its my chance to hold onto the things I’ve left here. I can tend to my operated heart with more care now.

“I deserve no mercy from you. I’ve wronged you in many ways. But still,” His eyes lingered on the ‘asthikalash’ on the table and I know without him telling what he want to ask.

I stood up taking the kalsh with me because I know better than to grant his wish.

“I was very sick when I left for US. I got treatment because I had promised someone my return. Every new day I try hard to forget the hardships I went through. I suffered trying to overcome the accusation, father of the person I love threw my way and waited to come back to him.” His head drop down in shame and I felt pity for him. “I don’t have any grudges against you. I’ll forget whatever you had me through but I can’t forget the person you degraded. My aunt. You failed to protect her and blamed her for your sorry life. That’s why, you aren’t the rightful person to perform her farewell. That’s your punishment.”

His POV.

“Excuse me.”

That voice had me frozen for a second. I turned around. No one. Probably, my imagination.

“Mr Singh, I need a thorough review on our new project with KR Construction. And I need it before my charter flight to Germany this evening.”

“Sir, that lady there has been waiting for you.” My PA pointed towards the lounge area.

“Lets focus on work Mr Singh.” I resume my walk irritated.

“Sir, it was recently informed, a lady had come to the investigation team claiming for remains of that unidentified body.”

A lady? For that remains?

“When?” Without wasting a second I jumped on my heel.

Who could it be if not her? Is she finally here?

“She was given the address here and might reach here anytime soon…” He trail looking behind me. “And I guess, she’s here.”

My heart stopped and jumped altogether as I turn around immediately.

Am I hallucinating or is she really approaching me? I craned my neck for a better view. She sure is walking towards me.

“Mr Singh, do you see a beautiful woman in a red saree?” I asked without blinking, fearing if its another dream.

“Very well Sir. Seems, she is coming here.”

“Cancel all the appointments today and report to me later.”

He sure was shocked hearing me but didn’t question my order as I made a run for my jumping heart.

“You come back?” Of all the things I wanted to say about I end up asking the obvious.

“I have to.” She sucked in her eyes twinkling in happiness.

“I missed you.”

My eyelids droop down heavy with tears and next thing I was on the floor too weak to compose anymore as tears oozed out. She scoot down next to me, her hand patting my back.

“I missed you too.” She whispered pulling me in a assuring hug.

I snaked my arms around her needing her closer to sooth my mind, without the worries that we’re having audience around us.

“I won’t let you go anywhere now.” I sobbed on the crook of her neck finding my solace.

“Lets not part ways anymore. Lets just live happily. In easy or hard time, lets be together. Lets get married. And make our 2 beautiful miniature. And grow old together.” She whispered the sweetest temptation.

I couldn’t control myself but plant a lingering kiss on that sweet recitals. Her eyes widened in shock.

“What did I tell you about acting cute?” I pecked on her lips again, and again.

She gasped with my action and then blushed profusely.

“Lets live together. Lets get married and make a lot of our miniature. Lets do all that.” I smiled as I stood up with her. “And most importantly, lets get out of here first.” She just followed me as I dragged her with me without giving a heed to the trailing gazes.

Thank you so much for reading.

Look over the errors.

I’m sick for quite a while now. No gadgets and eyes on my every actions. I couldn’t be able to continue my fictions. I don’t know when I will be? Though, I’ve completed SomeOne, SomeWhere in written and just have to type and post it. As soon as I can get out of the bed I’ll give all the updates even if you forgot the ff.

I’m sorry I couldn’t make it.


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