Reporters aberrant 34

My phone rang and Mrs. Ananya Sharma, the former co-editor of kkn, paused. She narrated the whole stories that she could never forget in her life. I, Reetika Jaiswal, had been interviewing the finest reporters of whole news destination. I had asked them about how they
could crack every case and bring out the truth to the people.

She was sipping some coffee while Kabir Sharma, the business manager and shareholder of kkn, looked at me, while I talked over the phone. I completed the call and joined back to my interviewing. I said,’I am really glad that I am a part of kkn where the reporters are so talented’. Ananya smiled and moved her hair behind her shoulders majestically. Kabir added,’The mission of all reporters should be to bring out the truth to people,and should not leave any trace of inefficiency behind’. I asked them,’7 years of happy marriage, 11 years of togetherness, when did you feel Ananya, that u should quit your job?’, Ananya replied,’ Well, my physical condition got weak after marriage soon, and work got bigger. I talked about this with my mom and Kabir and both agreed that I needed some rest’. I asked Kabir,’Even when Ananya lost her cool on you, you never gave up on her. Did you let your personal agony get in your job?’.

Kabir smiled as he looked at his wife and replied,’I don’t remember when that actually happened. But I can’t say a no to it either. Yeah when our relationship was young enough, I could not focus when Ananya got angry with me. Later, I could manage her anger and did not let that interfere in my job’. I asked Ananya,’When did you become the co-editor of kkn?’. Ananya said,’One day, I was completely clueless about this news. Kkn had done a complete overall analysis on who was doing their job well. Fortunately, I had passed on their every criteria and Manav sir announced me as the new co-editor of kkn. However I couldn’t continue for the post for longer’. I heaved a sigh of relief. My job was done. I remembered how I panicked when I saw the celebrities of news world. The nervousness soon got out as Ananya made me comfortable. I said,’Thank you so much for sparing your time for my interview. I hope you both know that we, the reporters at kkn, wish to write a book on ideal reporters should be. The book’s title will be”The ideal aberrant reporters “‘. Ananya smiled and replied,’Sure. Thanks for giving us this credit’. Kabir said,’ Reetika, I just want you to know this :
Have impeccable integrity,

Live in the present moment,
Become the kindest person you know,
Do your best and be,
Excellent in what you do,
Be true to yourself..

Don’t forget it ok?’. I smiled and replied,’Ok’

  1. Waoooooo…..reetika, u r superb
    I am speechless ….

  2. Ohhh lovely ending. …………loved it though I’m sad that it’s the last episode of reporters aberrant. ………… Love u loads reetika di

  3. Its really good…… But hope you will again start another lovely ff soon…. Looking forward.

  4. Thank you so much guys..

  5. Perfect n happy ending;)

  6. Hi guys! Chhaya, Trishita, Kritika, I’ll really miss you all.

  7. Hey Reetika! I have practically read each of ur ff and they r awesome.. Please don’t give up!! Somehow your stories make us visualize the actual reporters. It’s an ardent request that you continue with your ff

    1. Thank you so much.. but I have decided. And I don’t think that season 2 of reporters is ever gonna start

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