A Journey of Love(Episode 60)

First of all sorry frnds..Bussy in paper valuations…Today onwards summer vacations…so,I go with long episode.Read and comment…Dont be angry….

After completing of Gowri pooja Panditji said to Thoshiji start Mehandhi function in 10mins.Panditji is ready to move and look at our four guys and smile looking at them.These four also took blessings from Panditji.
Arjun:Why are you laughing looking at us.Panditji:Nothing beta..Day after tomarrow you people also come to temple with those girls.Mantu:Def pandiji..But,Is there any special..
Panditji:Ha beta..These girls ask me to do pooja in temple until the marriage completed sucessfully without any disturbances.For that they lighting lamp in temple.Everyday mrng 4:00Am they came to temple and light the lamp.After completion of marriage they have to do pooja with white and red color flowers only and then they eat coocked food.Until then they just drink milk,juices eat fruits and raw vegtables etc..I think you are to be partners to them.So,I ask you to come for pooja.You togeather do pooja means it is good for you also.After panditiji left from there Thoshiji sit in sofa and Raman observe tears in her eyes.
Thoshi:Why these girls are so care about us?We didnt do anything to them.But they can do each and everything for us.
Raman:Dont be emotional ma…
By saying this they look at each other. Dadhi sit beside Thoshi and hold her hand and try to cool the atmosphere.
Dadhi:Raman first you and your frnds go and fresh up and change the dress. Otherwise in mehandhi function also all are discuss about you people only.
Arnav:Why nani..?Why they discuss about us?
Dadhi/Nani:Bcoz we all guess what you can do with my little angles…Go and check your faces and dresses in mirror or Can i tell the places where you can apply haldhi to my angles…
All four blush for dadhi’s statement and they four look at each other and slowly move from that place to their room.Thoshi and Dadhi smile
for their reaction.Thoshi:I dont know my sons are too romantic.Dadhi nod her head for that statement.
Raman stand infront of mirror and look at him…He find yellow color beside his lips and yellow color on his shirt collar.He remember how he kiss Ishitha..and a small smile appear on his face.
Mantu:Dont look at you in mirror.Why you smile yourself.
Arnav:We all know why he is smiling. Then why you ask him yaar.
Arjun control his smile and listen their conversation.Raman:Look at yourselves in mirror.Then you know why they laugh looking at us. Remaining three also come and stand infont of mirror and look at their faces.They also remember their moments and how they apply haldhi to them and how they do romance with them.
All preparations are done in hall for Mehandhi.Radhika bring Anjali and ask her to sit in center.Kushi is worried bcoz she called Mehandhi designer for function.Till now she didnt arrive.So,She feel tense. Arnav:Why are you standing here and why you are worried? Kushi:Arnavji sorry to say this,The mehandhi designer didnt came till now.I am waiting for her.Dont scold me Arnavji. I know it is my mistake but…
Radhika listen this conversation and ask her…
Radhika:Dont worry..I am expert in putting Mehandhi.You come with me.. Dont feel nervous.. By saying this she drag her into living hall.
Dadhi ask to start the function. Radhika pray to Ganeshji and start putting mehandi to Anjali.Kushi to Ruhi,Ishitha to pinky and Amaya to Thoshi.
Mr.Bhalla ask why you guys are in garden.Mantu:Badi paa..Inside Mehandi function is going on.All ladies are there..So,We play cards here. No work is there all are completed for Sangeeth also.Your daughters only do all arrangements na..Mr.Iyer:Beta.. you people are so innocent..When all ladies are togeather in one place means they are bussy in discussing intresting topics and gossips. In our days we hide and hear those things and tease our wives after that.By saying this he look at Mr.Bhalla and Mr.Sashiji.They also nod their heads and ask them go and enjoy.. Arjun:But uncleji..how can we go there..They can identify na…Sashiji:Who told you to go like this?Change your attire..Wear sarees or something..Arnav:Sarees… no way..Ramesh:Bhayya..I bring sarees to you people also..Already Ramesh and Ramu wear sarees..

Raman:papa..you people also join with us na..Shiva:Ha..Iyer uncle..We are poor in this..You can guide us..Mantu and Arnav:Ha sashi papa we all togeather go and enjoy na..
All togeather cover them with different sarees and entered into hall from back side of kitchen with help of Ramesh.They stand near steps and watch the ladies.Radhika put Mehandhi to Anjali.Radhika:Dhi can i write full name of Shiv bhayya or only starting letter.By hearing this… Ishitha:Radhu..you want to spoil Dhi ka suhaagraath..If you write full name of Shiva means..He spend his time to search his name from dhi hand.. All ladies laugh for that.. Anjali:No.. it is not happened like that..He can complete any work in less time.But even though you write single and starting character of his name….
By hearing this Thoshiji..
Thoshiji:Wow Anjali..wat a confidence on your husband beti.
Shiva:I know Anjali always with my side only..
All four share a smile with each other.
One lady ask:Why you people all sit like dum people.I think we rock some time without Jents in this room.
Kushi:Why without jent maasi?
Lady:Ha..beta.We share our real feelings on them.We comment and imitate them.Actually we rock the topic running on them.
Amaya:First you rock from your side maasi.
Lady:I want one complete day that..I want to spend infront of TV and my husband serve tea,snacks,dinner,lunch and position in bedroom is also my wish.I want to enjoy that he just obliged for me.
By listening this Thoshiji..
Thoshi:Samata..big dream..You whole hearteadly feel that it happen for atleast one hour..no chance..
All ladies laugh for that..
Lady2:I want to smoke and drink infront of him..
Lady3:I just kick him on his stomach when he give comments on my dishes.
Lady4:I want to make jealous to my husband..
Like that all ladies discuss their wishes..
Thoshi:I want to spend atleast one complete day with Mr.Bhalla..where we met first time at the time of marriage.
Someone ask what about you Anjali…
Anjali:Me and my sister-in-laws do shopping one complete day for us..My bothers and Shiva pay those bills and lift the bags….
Boys listen those statement and look at Shiva..Shiva put a puppy face..
Anjali:At night i can obey all his demands and commands..
Someone ask about Madhus wish…
Madhu:I ask Iyer sir to clean the house and i want to spoil it again like him..I want to wear modern dress and want to enjoy date with my sir.
Thoshi and Madhumathi:Wow….it is good idea.
Iyer:Madhu in modern dress?
Someone ask about Radhika..Radhika smile and busy in putting Mehandhi..
Our girls force her..Radhika:First Ishitha..at last i join…
Ishitha:Me…ok ok..
I want to give birth to 10 kids and all 10 kids are mumma favourites only. Then def Raman wake up early mrg 5:00 and do all house hold works and drop me in hospital and kids in school. When we go prak or cinema with kids he run from there to us and vice versa to bring our food stuff..At end of day he feed kids and me with his hands and sing a song for us to sleep.
How is the idea mummyji?
Thoshiji:A small change…
Raman:My maa didnt agree todo work. Bcoz he loves me so much..
Arjun:Listen what badi maa idea is naa?
Thoshiji:I also join with you Ishitha… If i join in your team means your strength increases…
Ishitha:Ok mummyji..deal done.
Pinky:Bhabhi…how you peole can do like that?
Raman:Ha..pinky…You are super sister for me.I know you are always my side only..
Pinky:Without me you only enjoyed.. Wat abt me?
Ishitha:Without you..noway..You are my first daughter..
Chotu and Ruhi:Wat abt us bhabhi?
Ishitha:You also mera bachaa..
Iritating others is not only his patent.. Its belong to us also.
Pinky:Yah done bhabhi.
Raman move from that place and try to move forward.Remaining hold him and ask him to be clam.
They slowly walk and sit back to remaining ladies by covering their faces.
Raman(with lady voice):What abt you kushi?Arnav pat on Ramans head and shows tbumb finger to him.
Kushi:Hmhm..For me..I am not as good as Ishu…I only show attitude how a 10 children can do.No need of 10 children.

Every day i wake up 9:00AM after he left office and slept at 7:00PM before he return back from office.
Dadhi:Kushi…why 9:00 you get up at 10:00AM na..
Arnav:Why dadhi and Badi ma always support them only na..
Kushi:No dadhi..i want to show my attitude to Arnavji not to you and my family..I wake up at 5:00AM and complete my household works and sleep at 7:00AM.From 7:00 to 10:00 i just act dadhi.Really i slept like that who can take care of him..By saying this she feel shy..
Ruhi:U cant do that bhabhi..
Kushi:Why beta?
Ruhi and Chotu:If you are single he can dominate you..so you take our help.
Ruhi,Chotu and Kushi give hi-fi..
Mantu didnt control his eagerness and ask what about Amaya…
Amaya:For me there is one wish.. I want to do that..
Arnav:What is that?
Amaya:I want to date with some other infront of him…And i want to enjoy his puppy cute face.
Mantu:Dating with some one…
Amaya:Why not?
Raman:It is wrong na….
Chotu:Why wrong auntyji? He can do with Uma bhabhi/dhi naa..Then why not our bhabhi….I support you bhabhi..
Mantu:Arey deko Arjun…Chotu bangayaa bhabhi ki chamcha…
Arjun:leave it yaar…
Ramesh:Arey..what about you…ee pink saddi wala..
Thoshiji:pink saadi…oh it is neelu.
Neelu:Thoshi maa..I sit in kitchen beside stove and eat raw carrot and give suggestions to Ramesh how to cook.In mean time i ask him tea,tiffin, etc..He run miles in kitchen but i sit in constant place…
Ramesh:Dekhona Arjun bhai..you always support her..she made devil plans..
Ramu:Arey stop it yaar..someone ask Rani also.
Mr.Iyer:Nobody didnt have guts now.. you try yourself only…
Ramu:Arey Rani..you have also any plams…
Rani:Yah..why not?
Dadhi:Then bole na..
Rani:Infront of bhayya’s i ask Ramu to come to market.Def he scold me. Bcoz he didnt getup early.In market he carry bags and i select items..and return back to home..Infront of gate i took bags from his hands and ask him to drink water and give bottle to him. Think that at same time bhayyas return from walking and see water bottle in his hand and luggage in my hand…Next ramu close…
All gents open their mouths and look at each other…Ramu is in shock…
Shashiji:Dont worry beta..we think solution for it…
Arjun:ok yaar..these shocks are enough for us…lets go from here..
Shiva:Arey Arjun..you forget Radhika. Know her intensions also na..
Arjun:I am not ready to hear those bakwas..come yar..
Raman hold him and said…wait yaar..
Mantu:Radhika it is your turn…
Radhika complete mehandhi on Anjalis hand and ask Rani to come and sit there.She start put mehandhi on ranis hand.Thoshi:Radhika..come on speak up beta..Radhika:I want to eat icecream in tiffin,in lunch,in dinner with different flavours.Similarly he also join with me.I put hot things in his mouth and ask him about the taste.. that day he can do with me mummyji.
Thoshi:How dare he has?
Anjali:Really radhu..
Arjun remember how rude he behave with her on that day..
Radhika:That too on my bday..
Dadhi:He deserves punishment for it.
Radhika:punishment..it is also my selection only..
Rani:Then share about your punishment idea also..
Radhika:I sit in his chair in his cabin and i continously blabbering..he just listen to me…without utter any word..
Arjun listen her punishment idea and forget that where he is…
Arjun:Radhika..things happenes like that only naa..then why again you plan for it specially.Every day i take your bakwas talks na…
All remaining jents put their hands on heads and try to control him…
Radhika:Arjun..How are you here?
Ishitha turn back and saw remaining also..Ishitha:Raman…Thoshi:Mr.Bhalla..
Madhu:Ishu ka papa..Anjali:Shiva you also..That means you enter here and listen our words.Rani:It is not fair Ramu..Ramu:Ha..we also say that only. Your idea is not fair..In front of bhayyas you want to fool me. Neelu:How will you enter into hall.main door is close na..Def it is Ramesh idea to get you people here na… Ramesh:Ha..but my idea is better than you.You keep me continously working in kitchen.By saying this he is putting puppy face.All ladies laugh for that.

Mantu:You want to date with some one..Amaya:It is just teasing for you Mantu…Thoshi hold Raman and Arjun ears and Dadhi hold Ramu and Ramesh ears..Madhu and Madhumathi ji hold Arnav and Mantus ears… and Ishitha hold Shiva’s ear snd scold them to enter into ladies function. In total sceen nobody identify that Radhika stare angry look to Arjun with teary eyes.Arjun realise that he hurt Radhika with his words.Thoshiji send all the jents out from that room. Radhika put mehandhi to Ishu,Ammu and for kushi also.By chit chatting with each other and discuss how jents do noise here all forget about Radhikas mehandi.Raman and Mantu look at lunch section.But Arjun look towards Radhika.She look at her hands and control her tears.She remember how her mother and bhabhi pamper her when she put mehandhi to her hands and wipe her tears.Arnav invite people to attend sangeet also when guests return back after their lunch.
kushi go to the people who completed their fruit baskets task and ask them to go for lunch.Radhika introduce ice seller boy to elders.They bless him and ask him to go for lunch.Amaya went towards backside place where they can arrange stage for sangeet to check for seating arrangements. Mantu saw that and followed her.
Amaya satisfy with seating arrangements and turn back to go. Mantu stand beside her and hold her by putting hand around her waist.She put her hands up..bcoz of mehandhi on her hands.Mantu:Show your mehandhi.
Amaya show it to him..Amaya:Identify your name in my mehandhi…
Mantu:Is there any gift for that.
Amaya:Yes..Mantu:Tell me the gift what you want give for me… Amaya:No… Mantu observe her hand and took photos of her hand left from that place.
Kushi is busy in arranging food for Anjali in kitchen buy using one hand. Bcoz the mehanndhi on her left hand is still wet.so by using her right hand she arrange items in plate.her hair fall on her face and she try to put it back of her ear shell..Arnav observe her inconvinence and help her in adjusting her hair properly.
Kushi:Thank u Arnavji..Arnav:No thanks..and put his finger on her lips.
Kushi:Then..Arnav:Give me a plseant hug.By saying this he hug her and give a kiss her on cheeck.
Arnav:Show your mehandi for me.
Arnav look at her hands and took photo for them.
Kushi:Can you identify your name in my mehandhi..
Arnav:Why not?In schooling days always i am the winner in hide and seek game.I can easily seek my name from your mehandi.Kushi:Oh really?
Arnav:If i can identify my name,can you give gift to me?
Kushi:Def..but it is scerect..
Arnav:Ready with my gift..
By saying this he left from there. Kushi took food to Anjalidhi room and place it on table.Anjali look at kushi and smile..Kushi:Can i feed food for you dhi?Anjali:Already you are so bussy in work..Almost my hands are dry..I can handle with spoon..kushi put spoon in plate and left the room.After that Shiva come from cupboard and both stare each other..Anjali:Shiva..plz go.. If anybody come means.. Shiva:Nothing..I feed food to you and then i want to spend sometime with you.
Ishitha walk towards Anjalis room and talk in phone about plant pots.After completing phone conversation she just turn her head towards that room. She open her mouth and look towards shiva and anjali..There shiva feed food to anjali.For each spoon he give a kiss to her in different places.Raman stand beside Ishitha and watch the same scene.
Shiva:Show your mehandhi..I find my name now only..Bcoz i dont want to waste my time on that day…
By saying this he smile naughtyly…
Anjali:Shhhh…you are shameless…
Shiva:Why should i feel shame… he is ready to kiss her on lips…
Raman close Ishitha eyes and drag from that place.
Raman:Arey madrasan..why your heart beats so fast..
Ishitha:Nothing Raman..See how shiva .. Raman:Wats wrong in that?
Ishitha and Raman stare shyful look with each other.Raman ask Ishitha show your mehandhi..She stretch her hands and feel shy..Raman kiss her on her hands and took photo for those hands.
All three enter into the room and see the images of mehandhi.They try to identify the starting letter.

Mantu:Where is Arjun yaar?
Arnav:May be he is bussy with Chashini..
Raman:Chashini..nice name to that girl..
They laugh for that conversation and bussy in searching their first letter.
Radhika complete the guidance for the dias decoration for sangeeth.
The ice seller boy come towards her and ask..Dhi why you are so dull.First eat your favourite flavour..Radhika smile for his innocence and took ice from his hand.
Boy:Where is mehandi for your hand?
Radhika:For me..All r bussy na..So..
Boy:Somebody are there to put mehandhi for you.
Boy:Come with me na..I will show you.
He show Arjun stand there with mehandhi cone..The boy said..dhi you are so lucky..jiju is there for you.
Radhika:No bunty..Your jiju has so many opinions on me. I am nonstop talkative girl..and that is iritating him too.The boy look at their faces and ran from there.Chotu called him and ask him to play with us. Bunty happily nod his head and follows chotu..
After that radhika try to move from there..Arjun hold her hand and said sorry to her.Radhika didnt respond for that.Arjun turn Radhika towards him and he is shock seeing Radhika like that.Bcoz of not proper food and continously crying from past one hour her face is so dull and in pale color.
Arjun:Radhika..I just try to kidding you.Radhika:I know it sir.Arjun:Then why are you crying..Radhika:Bcoz even in my dreams also i dont want to face any negative statement from you. I know i am chetterbox.I promise you sir..today onwards i didnt talk much. But plz be with me.You are the only hope and shine for my life.plz Arjun sir..By saying this she cried bitterly lime a small kid.Arju hug her to control her emotions and ask her be calm..dont cry plz..But Radhika is in subconsious state..Arjun hold her in his arms and shout… Raman… Mantu.. Arnav..where are you yaar..Come fast..By hearing the loud voice all ran towards Arjun and saw that he lift Radhika in his arms and run towards Ramans room.Raman:Aman(best frnd and right hand to heros)..call doctor immedeatiely..By saying this he follows Arjun.
Actually all guests leave after mehandhi function.Only family members and workers are there in the house.Arnav put his hand on Arjuns shoulder..Arjun hold his hsnd and cried.Anjali:Arju..nothing will happen to radhika.Dont cry.Shiva:Check her condition and feel tense that she is so week.Raman hold Radhikas hand and ask Ishitha why she is so dull.Check her once Ishitha..Ishitha check her and ask them not to worry.She is week..But wait for general physician and ask her sugesstion.Arjun left from that room and stand infront of god and hold his hands infront of god. All are shocked for that..bcoz,This is the first time he pray god in his life.
Arjun:God..I didnt ask anything in my life till now.Plz give my Radhiks back to me.plz,Tears flow from his eyes.Dadhi:Beta nothing will happen to her.Mean while doctor came and check her and said due to strain and stress..and due to improper diet she is in this condition..She give some medicines and ask them to take care.
Arjun thanks the doctor and sit beside Radhika.kushi ask remaining all come out from that room.Amaya bring fruit juice to Radhika.She is still in subconsious state and she murmed.
Mummyji:plz..i didnt eat anything.Plz, After dhi marriage i eat all what ever you feed me.But now i am doing pooja for dhi happiness.Plz..
Thoshiji:Control her tears and leave that room.Anjali control her tears and look at shiva.Shiva nod his head not to cry and said..Shiva:Radhika is fine..
Shiva hold Anjalis hand and walk from there to Anjalis room.Anjali:Anything serious.Shiva:Nothing,bcoz of stress.
Thoshji call all of them to her room. With in 5mins all are infront of her. Thoshiji:I dont know what you people can do..but with in 10 days i want to hear all problems are cleared for Radhika.I cant see my child like this..remaining three girls hug her and cry.Dadhi and Thoshi wipe their tears and hug them.In that room Radhika wakeup and see that she is sleeping in Ramans room.She slowly get down from bed and think why i am here.Then she suddenly screamed with
loud voice.

By hearing the loud voice of Radhika all run towards that room.Radhika get out from the bed and jump on Arjun and she hold him by putting hands arround his neck..and he also hold her..and she said cockroch Arjun..cockroach..By hearing this remaing three also shout and hug their partners in different positions.Radhika:They are my best enemies in the world..Arjun:best enemies…Mantu:I know best frnds.. for you,you have enemies are also best.Radhika didnt get down from Arjun…Radhika:Haa..best enemies..I am scared with them.Arnav:Really crazy girls…Raman ask neelu bring fruit pieces and juice.Raman:Your enemies went out radhu..First you eat something and then ready for sangeeth.Radhika:I dont want to eat anything right now..By listening this Raman stare angry look at her..She want to tell something..and then notice that remaining all look at her very seriously by puting their hands on their waists.Radhika:Why you look like that..Chotu:Bhabhi,They are like that only..Common we five share food. They include bunty(Ice seller) also with them.pinky take tray from neelu hand and Ruhi ask them to leave the room.All went out from room and Ruhi bolt the door.Chotu and bunty feed the food(fruits) to her.In between pinky and Ruhi ask her to drink juice.. The team observe this from window and by looking them arjun wipe his tears..He share eye lock with his frnds and smile..They have a group hug. Raman:Frm mrg onwards you people didnt eat anything go and eat something…Girls nod their heads and leave from there.Anjali hold Arjun hand and said..Anjali:I am sorry. Arjun:Sorry for what dhi.Anjali:bcoz of me….Arjun:Nothing like that..you both are equal to me. The four brothers hug Anjali and shiva look at them happily by holding Ananya..
After that all are bussy in arrangements.Still there is two hours time for sangeeth.Radhika and kushi made Anjali as a angle.Anjali wear oninion pink lehenga with blue and and gold color combination.Her blouse is with high embroidary design with blue and white stones and wear light blue crape halfsaree with work.
Radhika:You also go and ready yaar. I put jewellery and hair style to dhi and join you.Kushi:Ok..Then come fast..bye dhi..
Kushi:Ruhi beta..dont move.If you move your hair style disturbed..
Ruhi:ok bhabhi.
Ruhi wear blue color gaghra choli..she wear light jewellery..Exactly she is cutie pie..
Arnav saw her and Ruhi..
Arnav(himself):Kushi always be with me..love ruhi like this only..kushi feel something and turn her head towards window..where arnav stare at her.They both share a cute eye lock. Ruhi:Bhabhi..plz look at me..
Kushi turn her eyes towards ruhi and said ok baba..
Chotu:Bhabhi..I didnt like this dress.
Amaya:Plz chotu..Radhika bhabhi buy it for you two.Plz wear it na..
Chotu:Same dress for bunty also..
Amaya nod her head..
Chotu:Then ok..i wear it for bunty and for you.Bhabhi…I love you so much and kiss her on her cheeck.Bunty:Can i also kiss you dhi..
Amaya nod her head.Bunty also kiss her.Amaya hug them and kiss them on their foreheads.Chotu:Bhabhi put this chain properly..Amaya help him and look at bunty.Bunty also so nice in the suit.Amaya took pendant from her neck and put it in bunty neck.
Bunty:No..If mumma know this means she scold me.Amaya:Nobody scold you beta..You are bother of four sisters. Hana chotu.Chou:My bhabhi is always right.They both go with Hi-Fi..Mantu and Dadhi saw this and feel happy for them.Dadhi leave from there.Chotu and Bunty left that room.Amaya turn back and look at Mantu.Mantu:I am proud for you Amaya.I love you..By saying this he kiss on her forehead and leave.
Ishitha:Raman..Give that clip..
Raman give it to Ishitha..
Ishitha:Raman give that band..
Raman give it to her..
Ishitha:Raman..give that neclace…Raman that ear ring…
Raman:Ishitha..Marriage is for my elder sister..not for pinky.
Ishitha:Ohh..Raman..she is our princesses Raman.Arjun:Yes you are right Ishu bhabhi..Raman:When did you change your party to her side. Arjun:Nothing like that Raman.Ishu put thid set to pinky..Ishitha open it and saw that it is cut diamond necklace.

Raman:When you bought this yaar? Why..Is this necessary?
Arjun:Dont talk like that..Hw badi maa for us?And pinky is also my sister.. bcoz of our fathers our initials are different..But our love and bond that we are one family.Raman:I know Arjun..But..Ishitha:Stop it Raman.If you are elder son to this family..then i am elder bhahu to this family.So first you leave this room and Ishu and Arjun go with Hi-Fi..Ishitha put it to pinky and it is so nice for her.Arjun kiss her on forehead and hug pinky.
Pinky:Thanks bhayya.
Arjun hug her and left the room with Raman.Pinky:Bhabhi..i am so happy..to see my family like this.
Ishitha:Always our family will be like this only.You dont worry abt it. Pinky hug Ishitha and wipe her tears.Thoshi feel happy and bless her sons.
Baunty:Mumna cone inside na..
Lady:No beta..you go.. i wait here for you.
Raman:Dont be like tha maa.If we accept bunty means you are also related to us.
Both Bunty and Chotu hold ger hand and ask her to come in..Thoshi gave a saree and ask her to change..
Mr.Bhalla ask fruit basket makers also to join in function and give sone packets.The packets consists clothes to them.All these are planned by Arjun and Mantu.
One by one gather to sangeeth function.Pinky and Ruhi hold Anjali’s hand and walk towards the chairs which ate alloted for groom and bride. Chotu and Bunty hold Shiva’s hands and walk to same same place where Anjali placed.They both look at each other.Shiva wear shervani with blue color top and light cram color botton. He look like pretty handsome.
Pinky come on to dias and wish the guests with cute smile.Pinky:We start our sangeeth function with prayer song “Kadanthaya vakratundaya gowri tanaya dhimahi”.This song is sang by SankarMahadevan and dance by..Suddenly lights off..Slowly drak volor changes to light colors lights.On stage there are five girls who show their back and stand indifferent postures.Different beam light colors move from place to place.The song start and all four turn towards guests.They perform classical dance with classical dresses only.Our heros open their mouths and shocked for their dance.They perform it with extraordinary energies.They go back from there and pinky come onto dias.
Pinky:No it is time to perform a skit.
Chotu as Arjun..Bunty as Shiva..Ruhi as Anjali.chotu:Dr..She is my sister.. She is not feeling well.Bunty:What happened to her.Chotu:She was so week..plz check her once…Bunty hold Ruhi’S hand yo note the pulse..By that touch she feel something new and tears roll from her eyes.Bunty identify this and his heart feel bad seeing her tears.Shantha hold one toy and come to scene.Shanta:Dr..Ananya didnt eat anything..Bunty try to hold her but the Ananya(toy) jum to Ruhi. some unkown effection developed between them(i.e Anjali and Ananya)Ruhi:Chotu..i want to play with Ananya..Can you drop there. Chotu nod his head and he called bunty and give information about Ruhi.Bunty feel Ruhis presence and Ananyas bond he propose to Ruhi.. Nothing is there to said no..Ruhi accepted it.Chotu feel happy for his sister….
Bunty:Mujse shadhi karogi.. Ruhi:Yes..Tumse se shadhi….
Bunty and Chotu get down from stage and drag Shiva with them..
Background song played for him is Raat ko Avunga mein..Tuju ko levunga mein…Mujse shadhi karogee…
Shiva dance for this song with Bunty snd Chotu…Ruhi and Pinky stand beside Anjali…In between Ruhi and Pinky drag Anjali on dias and they join in the dance..Anjali stand in center and Shiva sit on his knees infront of her and hold her hand and ask her Mujse shadhi karogee…
The four kids round them and dance around them.Anjali nod her head and feel shy..Shiva hug her and lift her in his arms snd get down from stage and place Anjali in her chair…All clapped for that extraordinary performance..
Pinky:Now it is our turn to my bhabhis who perform song chal chayya chayya chala chayya…from dil se..
Again our heroines change their dresses into Rajasthani style hslf skirts with maroon and black combination with same attire in original song..The song starts and five persons appear on stage..

Mantu:Arjun..dekho naa..five members on stage..
Arnav:Who is the center one..I will kill him..
Raman:Yah who is this guy yaar ..
Arjun:Wait for sec…Then it reavel..
By saying this he fold his fist..
Bcoz the guy place his hand on Radhikas shoulder..Amaya place her hands on his shoulder..The lights on..
In between these four girls Aman stand there…They dance for that song with full energtic swing….
Def if it us not Aman..He will be murdered in their hands..but Aman is their childhood frnd.For Thoshiji Aman is equal to our heros..
At the time they dance on Stage..The brothers called pinky and tell something in her ears..pinky laugh for that and she move towards the stage.
Mantu msg to Shiva come and join with them.Shiva read the msg and look at them..Shiva get up from his place.Anjali is bussy in watching the dance.After that pinky announce a song from Hum dil dhe chuke sanam…Nimbooda nimbooda… Pinky,Ruhi and Ananya dance for it. In this gap our girls change their attires to traditional sarees with light pink and gold color combination with light jewellery…After kids dance…
Pinky:It is time for my respectable elders…They dance for song chura liye hai tumne jo dhil ko…Mr & Mrs.Iyer and Mr & Mrs Bhalla dance for that song.All enjoy their steps…
Pinky:Now;It is time for my elder brothers…
Our girls look at each other faces…
All lights off and a projecting screen display on stae back drop..On screen a mehandhi design is appear.It is zoom in…And letter R is circled by black color ink pen.Ishitha realise that it is the design on her hand only.She look at Raman..But she didnt fimd him…
Arju hold Radhika’s hand and drag her from that place..Radhika leave me Arjun…Arjun put his finger on her lips and ask her dont talk anything now..
The scene shift to Stage..
Raman:Madrasan..What is my gift? You told me that you gift one thing to me if i can identify my name…
Ishitha look for him..but she didnt find him…
Scene shift to Radhika and Arjuns place…
Arjun sit on bench and place her on his lap and took her plam in his hands.He kiss her palms and start putting mehandhi to her.Radhika look at him and try to get up from his lap.
Arjun:Radhu..plz sit here..It is my peasure..plz..
Radhika:Yor legs will get pain..bcoz of my weight..
Arjun:Any pai for you..Arju promise.. dont move until i complete the mehandhi..
Radhika has tears in her eyes… Radhika:You know how to put mehandhi.
Arjun nod his head..yah..every year on her bday i only put mehandhi to her..
So i have some experience..but not good like you..Radhika hold his nose and kiss him on his cheeck.This scene was captured by Aman in his phone..
The scene shift to stage…
Raman:Dont look for me Ishitha.Put your hand on your heart.Your heart beats with Raman..Raman..like that.. Thanks for keeping me there.
The next clipping is related to kushi.In this picture also A letter is circled.. Kushi look at her hands..and turn her eyes to search him..Arnav:Dont search with your eyes.Search with your brain…The next clip is Anjalus mehandhi..There S and A(Ananya) letters are circled..Anjali turn her head..She didnt find Shiva there..
Shiva:I am with you only..Dont look here and there.I didnt hide from you..
Just think for me and walj towards me where i am?
The next clip is related to Amaya. In this M is circled in corner of design.It is also circled…
Mantu:I know you didnt search for me at your sourroundings..But guess where am i..
The next clip is Radhika and Arjun’s photo which is captured by Aman..
Aman:For Arjun..there is no need to find his name and hide from Radhika..
Pinky:Yah bhayya..you are right..I give five mins time to my bhabhis to find out my attitude brothers and come on to dias..Anjsli dhi you also join eith jinju..Now the time starts…
Our girls close their eyes and remember their first meeting with heros in this house..Automatically their legs walk towards that direction.
Ishitha towards Pinky’s room
Kushi towards kitchen
Amaya towards Living room..
They recollect how Ishitha collide with
Raman..How Arnav show his arrogance to kushi..

And how kushi reply for him.
How Mantu touch Amayas hand by taking juice and How Amaya react for that..So they walk towards that Rooms and look fir their partners..
Raman hug Ishitha from back side and said…Raman:Thanks for remember our first moment in this house..Ishitha turn towards him and hug him..Chotu capture this photo.
Anjali walk towards het elders.Shiva sit back to elders.Thoshi:Go and search your Shiva..Anjali:I know he is behind you.He always be with elders..By saying this he called come Shiva..Come and hold my hand with your hands.All elder seperate and give way to Shiva.Shiva come with Ananya and Hug Anjali…Aman capture this image..
Kushi enter into kitchen.Kushi:Arnavji i know you are here only.Plz switch the lights on..She didnt receive any respond for that.Kushi slowly enter into the kitchen and switch on the lights.In center of kitchen Arnav sit on knees and hold a red rose..Kushi walk towards him and stand infront of him..
This is captured by Ruhi…
Arnav:I love you Kushi..Be with me forever..Kushi take the flower and bend towards him and kiss him on his forehead..
Amaya enter into living room and look for Mantu.She close her eyes and walk towards Mantu by listening his high breath and heartbeat…She stop infront of him.He stand and hug her and kiss her on forehead by cup her face.This image is captured by bunty.
Arjun complete his mehandi and kiss her.She still on his lap and kiss him on forehead..This is captured by pinky.
All couple togeather come to stage.
Pinky:Now it is time to see images..
Aman display the images and all coupl blush for those images…Thoshi rotate one some amount arround them to loose the evil sight on her children and ask panditji to give this amount to some poor people..
Pinky:It is time to dance for song Teri mer prem kahani…from body gaurd.
All our pairs dance for that song..Arjun hold Radhika around her waist without disturbing her mehandhi..Kushi just look into Arnav eyes and dance with him.Ishitha dance according to Raman and move like him.
Amaya and Mantu lost their thoughts and dance according to song..Anjali and Shiva rock it..But finally all performed well.
Pinky:Its time to dinner.All guests complete their dinner.At time of return back Ruhi and Pinky give fruit badkets to guests..Bunty and chotu give icecreams and choclates to children…
Buntu say bye to all..Thoshi ask him to come for marriage tomarrow.Chotu feel bad that Bunty leave him..He look at Bunty with teary eyes..Arjun and Mantu observe this..Mantu:Massi..stay with us.Stay with me in my house with chotu.Bunty:No..jiju..Sundays i came here and play with my frnds.Bunty leave with his mother.Arjun hold Chotus hand and promise him that he bring back bunty here permanently to stay with us.Chotu:Really bhayya…
Arjun:S..i promise you na…
The day end with most happiest moments with small senti scene..
Dadhi:Ok..go to sleep.Tomarrow is marriage..tomarrow again we need energy na…

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