Reporters 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Reporters 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector Khurana calls Kabeer and informs him that Apurva Shroff is missing. Kabeer asks if is sure. Inspector says Apurva’s phone is off and Bhavna came running seeking commissioner’s help. He asks him not to reveal his name. Kabeer says it is a breaking news. He asks Richa to tell ronnie to air his news. She asks what is the news. He asks her to wait and watch.

Malvika tells Manav that he cannot win over Kabeer with just one news and says he will repent now.

Kabeer starts his news and tells about Apurva as a young politician and very famous among youth and going missing. He comes out of news room and tells Khalid to expect calls from business houses and politicans. Ananya informs Manav that Bhavna and Apurva’s office people denied him going missing. Kabeer asks whole staff to gather info of Apurva and asks Rohan and Manav to air Apurva’s news in their time slot. Manav says his false story will backfire. Khalid gets Bhavna’s call and informs Kabeer that Manav’s fear is valid, he got Bhavna’s call and she is coming here with lawyers.

Bhavna enters KKN office with lawyer and yells who aired false news. She sees ananya and asks if she did it as she did not give he a bite. Ananya says she did not. Kabeer comes and says he did it and he has sources. she says she will sue their channel and will shut it. Kabeer asks Khalid to let lawyers sit and signals him. Khalid asks lawyers to sit in his cabin. Kabeer takes Bhavna to his cabin and asks why is she upset and does not want the news to leak, he knows she complained commissioner. She calms down and asks how he know about this news. He says he has his own sources. Malvika on the other side tells Khalid that she will sue Bhavna for taking her papa’s name and she will finish her career.

Bhavna says she is worried. Kabeer says he understands. Khalid enters and says her husband is a great politician and even media is worried about her. Bhavna says she does not know who kidnapped her husband and says her husband used to tell he will go somewhere some day and used to never tell where he goes without security. Kabeer asks if she is feeling better now. She says yes. He drops her out of cabin. Richa tells Ananya that she is feeling sorry for Bhavna. Bhavna apologizes Ananya for being rude and leaves. Peon informs Ananya that Malvika is calling her.

Ananya goes to Malvika’s cabin. Malvika asks her to get all the footage of bhavna’s room and shouts. Ananya asks her to stop yelling at her and says video is compiled, so she can come and see it in video room. Malvika sees footage and asks hat next. Ananya says she got a call in between and left. Malvika says there is nothing speical in it. Ananya asks Ronnie to rewind footage and tells Bhavna was looking at her watch repeatedly and distrated. He asks what does she mean. She says is acting as if she was waiting for phone call and says she went directly to police station and complained and came here next to shout. She says she may be the reason for Apurva’s missing.

Kabeer gives end of serial moral gyaan.

Precap: Ananya calls inspector and asks him to tell his news source. Inspector informs Kabeer about it. Kabeer asks Ananya which news footage she is working on.

Update Credit to: MA

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