Satrangi Sasural 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s office
Granny tells them of the new competition, to which they both agree. ten she excitedly clicks a selfie with them, for her facebook page. all are amused at her zeal for facebook. all disperse. priyanka reprimands arushi, that she cant go around doing whatever she wants, just because she is vihaan’s wife, and tells how she knows about her double game, fo the letter to granny. Arushi immediately apologises. Priyanka taunts arushi that she shouldnt feel bad, as just like she double crossed her, she too played her game, and presented her idea as priyanka’s in the meeting. arushi says that the idea isnt hers or priyanka’s rather its theirs. But priyanka vehemently denies, and says that now ther shall be a healthy competition between the two of them. she extends her hand to wish her all the best. Arushi tensedly extends her hand, and priyanka accepts. priyanka leaves. She then calls mini, who asks why she did this, and gave another chance to arushi. priyanka says that she wont let win or prove anything. mini is happy. priyanka gets back to work. She hands her employee, mansi a task, for research on some points, and asks them to finish it today. Mansi says that office hours are almost over. Priyanka says that office hours wont be over till the boss says so. She says that she just has 15 days to complete her theme, and cant afford negligencies. The employee hesitates, and priyanka says that if she cant do this, she would give it to someone else, and then she wont need her. the employee complies, saying she shall work overtime. Priyanka asks her to be discreet on her info and not reveal it to anyone, keeping it strictly confidential. She names her theme, Tradition and Fashion. meanwhile, arushi too finds a theme, Fashion for today, and is excited. Arushi comes out and finds mansi crying, and she narrates how her daughter is severely sick, and that she has to finish all the downloading today. she says that she wont be able to handle it at all. Arushi says that she shall prepare the file for priyanka, and asks her to go. She says that she wouldnt have done it had her daughter been fine. Arushi says that its okay, since she has to stay back for her presentation. the employee thanks her profusely, and leaves. Then vihaan comes to arushi, and she says that she has some work, and shall take a cab home. He says that they can work at home, but she says that she shall finish here, and also talks about Mansi’s work, and why she agreed to do it. vihaan is overwhelmed with pride as to how good natured she is. He teases her that for every hour that she is late, he shall need a kiss. she smiles and kisses him on the cheeks. Vihaan is amused and then leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
Mr and Mrs. Kulbhushan Kharbanda are super excited at their house, while kasturi and daadji are tensed, as they say that they have come to see the room, for their brother who studies. She asks mili to show them the room. She complies. mili notices a knife in his pocket and alarms dadaji. he questions about this to the person, and they get tensed. He talks about its ancestral value, and dadaji asks mili not to be scared. She apologises. then mili shows the surroundings to them, while they cross eyes, at their negligence related to the knife.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
At the dinner tale, harpreet notices that someonme is missing. geeta points out that its arushi. priyanka is alarmed to know that arushi is missing. Vihaan says that she is still working on her file, and some of mansi’s work. priyanka wonders how can mansi do this, and that she cant afford arushi to know of her ideas. Granny decides to go ahead and video call arushi. They are surprised, while granny says that arushi taught this too. Granny asks arushi to come home, while she says that she shall; come home, in sometime, having finished her work. Granny reprimands vihaan, while arushi says its not his fault, as she only asked him to leave, without her. Arushi says that she shall get a cab, as she has already booked one. Vihaan asks her to message the details, once she takes the cab. After she cancels the call, she comes out, leaving the files like that only, and finds the peon dozing. He says that he was waiting for her to leave. she feels guilty for having kept him so long. she insists and asks him to leave. He complies. She then turns off all lights and shuts the office down. Outside, the guard wishes the peon goodnight. the guard thinks that the peon didnt switch off the lightsm, and switches them off from the main switch. Arushi gets scared inside, and finds that the door too is locked electronically, and the lights turned off too. She doesnt even have the phone, and wonders if she would have to soend the night here. meanwhile, vihaan is super tensed alogn with granny, when arushi doesnt pick up the phone. Vihaan decides to go and check on the route to the office, priyanka wonders whats she doing so long, that she got so late, and wonders whether she cracked info from Mansi. Meanwhile, arushi laments what to do now, and finds a window, and decides to open it somehow, and alarm the watchman. She gathers stoolss together along with chairs, to get to the height. vihaan arrives but is misinformed by the guard, that noone is inside. he tells the guard that if he sees anyone and gets to know anything, he should inform vihaan. Arushi sees vihaan through the window, once she is able to reach the height, and screams out for him, while he talks to the guard but soon realises that vihaan isnt able to hear anything. vihaan tries her number again, but in vain. he finally turns around to his car, and drives off. the screen freezes on her trapped face.

Precap: Arushi wakes up in her bed, and is shocked to find that its already ten on clock, and thinks with alarm, that she missed the presentation. She comes down the bed, and hurts her toe, in urgency. vihaan comes and is upset to see her hurt. Arushi tells him about her scare for the presentation. Vihaan asks her to relax as he has talekd to granny and postponed the presentation. Meanwhile, at office, priyanka however insists how important it is to lock the theme idea today itself, as they dont have much time, to prepare for the fashion week. granny finally on their urgency, agrees that she shall tell vihaan, presentation shall be today only. Mini and priyanka smile.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Pryanka has this way about her that makes me angry.Every thing should be about her and to hell with others.She and mini ma are two of a kind.Their life is consisted of anger all the time.They do not have any kind of love an understanding at all.Just hatred.It was nice Vihaan is always looking out for the love of his life Arushi.Granny is such an understanding person now.Is not this amazing.I am happy got a job to help his mom and others.The script is going good.Soft and good .

  2. writers this serial is starting to go down hill too it is way tooooooooooooo slow in building up and so it is becoming boring try and speed things up


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