Rectifying His Mistake (Last Part) (A Riansh OS)

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So this part starts as Riddhima reaches VR Mansion and was a little shocked to see it decorated…as soon as she saw Vansh, she had a questioning look on her face as if asking that what is happening and Vansh when saw her, smiled….Just then a reporter asked,

Reporter:Sir what is this conference abt…why have you called us here?….have you cracked any deal or the situation is different?

Vansh:No…this is not an announcement of my deal but today I have invited you all to introduce the person whom I love the most, my wife to you…

Saying this, Vansh removes the detattachable mic from the stand and goes towards the main enterance while all the cameras focus on him and the reporters eye his footsteps…he goes towards Riddhima, slides his hand around her waist and says,

Vansh:Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my wife Mrs.Riddhima Vansh Rasinghania…

On saying this, Vansh looks at Riddhima who was already looking at him with glossy eyes and a smile on her face…when they both start walking forwards, rose petals start falling on them and they are Riddhima’s favourite…soon they reach towards the mic stand and the reporters were going to ask some questions when Ahana who had observed everything from standing at the staircase shouted loudly..

Ahana:LIE!!!…This all is a lie!!…I am Mrs. Ahana Vansh Raisinghania..

When Ahana said this, all the reporters and Riansh were looking at her with shock while the other Rasinghanias were still in the shock of Vansh introducing Riddhima as his wife..

Vansh:Are you mad Ahana…what the hell are you saying?!!..

Ahana:The truth…the truth that I am ur wife!!

Riddhima:I guess you have hit ur head somewhere Ahana…how can you be Vansh’s wife…I am his wife whereas you are his step brother’s i.e. Kabir’s fiancèe

Vansh:Exactly!!…She is half bro’s fiancèe who is not here..

Ahana:No Vansh!!…what are you even saying!!..

She goes near Vansh’s ear and says,

Ahana:What the hell are you even saying Vansh!!…did you forget the deal which happened between us?!!

Vansh immediately pushes Ahana away from him and says..

Vansh:Listen Ahana…don’t you dare come near me…and what proof do you have that you are my wife??…infact I have all the proofs that Riddhima is my wife and you are Kabir’s fiancèe…

Saying this Vansh takes a small remote and plays a button due to which, Riansh’s marriage video plays on the projecter and the next video that plays is abt Ahana and Kabir’s engagement..

Vansh:See…now you must be satisfied by seeing the proof right??

Ahana:No…this is a lie!!…I know these videos are morphed!!..

Reporter:Mr.Raisinghania I think that she needs to go to a mental asylum…she is mentally unstable…

Vansh:Yes…I too think the same…let me call them only..

Ahana:No no…I am not a mental…

After a while, the people from the mental asylum came and took Ahana along with them…while the reporters continued their questioning session and when it was over, they dispersed out and Vansh told Riddhima to go to thier room..

Vansh:Before you people put your useless alligations on me, I have to tell you all one thing…today the media which I had called was real and whatever misunderstanding that had  happened between me and Riddhima is now solved…she is my wife and I expect it from you all that you should respect her…if I see any one of the family member disrespecting or badmouthing about my Riddhima then I will not take even a second to kick that person out of the house irrespective of whoever it be…

Saying this Vansh went towards the basement only to find a badly injured Kabir…he went towards him and said,

Vansh:Kabir…are you enjoying this torture that I am giving you!!…wait…the main part is still remaining..

Saying this Vansh orders one of his men to bring cold water which he splashes on Kabir and electrical wires by which he electorates him…

Vansh:This was the main part…you have hurt my Riddhima so much and ur mother was also not less…she too hurt my Riddhima but don’t worry..she will also recieve my special treatment in the jail…and even Ahana too…now she must be experiencing the tortures in the mental asylum…

Saying this Vansh went to his room not before ordering his men to take good care of Kabir…when he entered his room, Riddhima literally ran towards him and jumped on him and said,

Riddhima:Thank you Vansh!!..thank you so soo much for the suprise which you have given me…today, you have officially given me my identity by introducing me as your wife in front of the whole world…thank you..

Seeing Riddhima soo elated, Vansh too was happy but somewhere he was even guilty that whatever he was going to do was not right so he thought to say the truth to Riddhima

Vansh:Riddhima…I want to tell something to you..yesterday when you slept, Angre called me and sent me all the CCTV Footages of how Anupriya and Kabir were torturing you and you did not attack Siya infact you protected her, protect our whole family while we, we only accused you and blamed you…Riddhima if Angre would not have sent the video and if I had not learnt that you were innocent, then I would have introduced Ahana as my wife in front of the fake media which I was going to call earlier…Riddhima I was shaken a lot when I came to know that you and my enemy Kabir were together and on the day when Kabir came to arrest me, he told that you had given him the proof of me aiming the gun on Ragini…Riddhima I know sorry is a very small word for the things that I have done with you but please forgive me Riddhima…

Riddhima:Vansh…somewhere or the other we both have done many mistakes and you too were going to do a mistake but have not done it then why to count that in…so from today, lets promise each other that no matter what ever will happen, we both will trust each other…

Vansh:Yes Sweetheart…I promise you that from today, we both will trust each other no matter what happens…even if the proof is against you, I will still trust you..

Saying this, Vansh and Riddhima promised to always trust each other no matter whatever the circumstances are..

So this was the last part of Rectifying His Mistake..

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