Molkki 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Purvi suspects Satyam’s intentions

Molkki 10th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi tries to wake up Virender but then notices his wound. He is bleeding. She calls for help. Anjali, Yogi and Manas rush there. Yogi brings Virender to his room. Purvi keeps trying to wake up Virender but in vain. Yogi scolds the ambulance service on phone. Anjali wonders what’s going on in this house on this auspicious day. Jeth ji is here in this condition and Renu Didi fell from the terrace! Purvi is sure it is a well thought out plan. Satyam comes there just then and asks them about Virender. You all were playing. How did this happen? You should take Dr. Khurana’s number from Renu’s phone. He asks servants to send Renu. Servants stay put. Satyam tells them to go. He asks Yogi to tell them to call Renu. He decides to go himself. Purvi tells him not to call Renu Didi. She wont come. He asks her why she wont. She will come if I call her. They follow Satyam outside.

Satyam pretends to be heartbroken to see Renu lying on the ground. I was the one who was supposed to die. What happened to you? Please wake up. He asks Anjali to wake up his wife. I will be your servant for life. Anjali feels bad for Satyam. Satyam requests Yogi to wake up his sister. I know you are upset with me but just wake her up once. I wont say anything to you ever. He asks Purvi why he should live now as Renu used to encourage him to live. Purvi tells Satyam that Renu hasn’t committed suicide. She isn’t weak. Someone has pushed her from terrace intentionally. She can never do this herself. This isn’t an accident. Satyam asks her who can do this to Renu. Tell me his name. I will kill that person! He breaks down.

Virender steps out and is shocked to see Renu thus. He checks her pulse. How did this happen? Yogi says she was either pushed or fell down. Virender tries to wake her up but Yogi tells him that Renu is no more. Satyam continues his drama. How will I live without her now?

Everyone has gathered in haveli to bid adieu to Renu. Hirabai enters just then and tells them to stop. Renu’s killer is one of you only! Virender asks her who she is. Hirabai shares her introduction. I agree that people call me a pr*stitute but she was like a daughter to me. I shouldn’t have called here. Yogi asks her if she had called here. She nods. He asks her why. She shares that she had lost her mind. A Sheikh wanted to buy her and someone from your haveli was will to sell her off. Everyone is shocked. Yogi asks her who it was. Satyam is worried that he might end up dying with Renu today. He asks Hirabai why she is saying this now. She is no more. This will pain her so much. I request you to please leave. Hirabai cries near Renu’s body and leaves.

Purvi looks at Satyam. Who could be playing this dirty game with Renu Didi in haveli? Why do I feel Satyam is involved in this? Renu’s body is taken away for last rites.

Inspector asks Virender if they can shut the case as no one doubts anyone in haveli. Satyam tells him to do anything that he wants to. Just do not bother us right now. Inspector decides to close the case but Purvi stops him. This wasn’t an accident but a well planned move. I saw ropes on the terrace. It sure means someone had come in stealthily. Hirabai is a witness to it. Virender asks her how she can trust someone like Hirabai. How can you think that someone entered in haveli stealthily and pushed Renu? She nods. Juhi brings Manas downstairs with difficulty. She shows a drawing to Purvi that Manas has made. A man is pushing a woman from terrace. This is what happened to Renu Bua as well. Manas looks at Virender. Purvi asks Manas to speak up if he saw anything. We are with you. Inspector and Juhi encourage Manas to speak up as well. Manas ends up pointing at Virender. Everyone is stunned.

Virender asks Manas what he is doing. Why are you pointing a finger at me? Did you see me? Come here. He hides behind Purvi. Virender loses his cool but Purvi stops him. Manas starts hitting Virender with his toy sword. Purvi stops him somehow. I will speak to him. She tells inspector that Manas is a kid. He must be in shock. Let’s continue later. We will talk to him. Tell us if you find anything. Inspector agrees. Inform us if you find any clue or witness. Police leaves. Virender heads to his room sadly. Purvi takes the kids upstairs. She glances at Satyam and decides to find out the truth to get Renu justice.

Purvi has brought Manas to a doctor. Manas reacts angrily and throws the toy that the doctor offers. Purvi tells him to stop. Doc tells her it is okay. This happens because of acute stress or shock. He will regain his voice and calm down once the shock begins to fade. Purvi nods. One of my family members has brain tumour. Doc said that he will only live for 6 more months. Can you check his reports and give second opinion? Doc checks the x-ray scans. Tumour has spread too much. I wont advise for an operation, especially not for a 80 year old woman. Purvi tells him that he is mistaken. This report is of a 30-31 year old man. Doc points at the details. She is shocked to read the name and age of the patient. It means I was right. Satyam faked his illness. Is he doing this for property? I must expose him before he succeeds.

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