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SwaRagini is going off air in December! This news is haunting me for the past two days.Some are saying its true and some say its fake. Can anyone please tell me what the real situation is??

This is not the right time for the show to wrap up.Lots more to come. Moreover without any promotions,the channel and the creatives cannot blame the low TRPs. The show being sidelined is very clearly known to everyone. Even Simar show was rumoured to go off air but was changed then. Will this news be the same as that?RagLak and SwaSan are getting joint track now. I just felt hopeless when I watched the show tonight. I couldn’t even enjoy it.

Somewhere I read that Swaragini is one of the most watched in UK. But who cares? I always wondered why the TRPs got stuck at 1.6 and 1.7 even after the leap and the high drama. Can anyone tell me the actual reason? If we can do something to stop this, what can we?Will Twitter trending help us?We have to celebrate 2 years of SwaRagini, first anniversary of SwaSan and Raglak and lots more…..Please suggest something friends!!

  1. Sanswa

    ?????giving too much shocks

  2. Lol

    I confirmed it with a friend of Namish , he told me that this news is FAKE and on the news it is clearly stated that Helly and other actors didn’t know about it !

    1. Thank u so much

  3. Yes dea.. saas bahu drama will going last long … and youth oriented, realist story all side lining … like barthmiz dill, ipkkndebp.. ,
    I didn’t understand that being these much of fan following how it’s trp gets low…
    I agree for some time they side lined raglak…then too …story line was good… now raglak and swasan both getting importantance then too …. y this.?
    I never understand their trp drama..
    I think nowadays the most written ff and liked pairs from swaragini… In tu I only see it’s updates (swasan, raglak,ragsan,swalak) ….. ….. and channel is Not encouraging the show … there s no promo at all …. no off screen interview.. no off screen Masti…..
    I too while watching the show… it irritates me whether this show s really going off air… such a beautiful concept……. I don’t understanding whom to blame.. writer, channel,
    Sorry I put my all frustration out…here… don’t know what I wrote

    1. Its ok dear.Thank u for ur comment

    2. I r totally correct… they are not giving a single importance to SR… me also think that it’s the most liked serial… if u will see fb aur tu… I think more than hundred not hundred but more than that FFS are of SR… I really wish that they give at least some importance to swaragini….

  4. Hemanshi

    Swaragini is not going off air now….but if the trps don’t improve then it may go off air in Jan or Feb

    Guys whether you are a raglak fan or swasan fan pls pls pls watch swaragini…….just for your favorite couples
    be it raglak or swasan……….

    You are absolutely right as the channel is not giving any promos of swaragini then the promotion is not happening …….

    We must ask them for promotion….
    People who are on Insta and Twitter pls ask them to give promos and promote the show…….

    And guys you all also pls watch swaragini…..don’t skip the channel during breaks …….plsss

    1. Thank u dear hemanshi

  5. Dear even m bhi bhut upset hu 2 days SE show dekha bhi nahi h Maine yr ???
    Maine to socha to SB thik hone k baad swasan or raglak ki phir SE shaadi hogi with all rituals becozz dono couples ki shaadi 2-3 times ho chuki h BT ek bar bhi proper way SE nahi Hui bina haldi sangeet mahndi ye SB to choda kanyadaan bhi ni hua
    Shaadi k sequal m swasan raglak chup chup k milenge romantic movements cute cute nok jhok
    Phir honeymoon kisi romantic location p
    Mere saare sapno p pani fer dia ???????????????
    Oh god bina swasan k m kese rahungi or aab to raglak bhi mujhe achr lgne lage the no no no not the hai??
    Plzz yr show ko kuch bhi kr k bacha lo kitne or bhi shows h jinki trp swaragini SE bhi km h PR vo bhi to onair h bhut time SE to ye swaragini ko off air krne h piche kyu pade h yr
    USS written ko sachi m maar dalungi??????? idiot JB story likhne ni aati to wrtter kyu bana ????
    Humrsha humari expectations itni high kr deta h BT humesha Hume sapno ko Chur Chur kr deta h ????
    Audience bhi kya kre yr public TV enjoyment k liye dekhti k unke dun bhar ka stress km ho naa k usse or jayada badhane k liye itna drama Sara illogical drama dikhate ho k m bhi pk jati hu PR sirf SWASAN or RAGLAK ki wajhs SE jhelna pdta h yr
    Agar show band ho gya to SWASAN raglak fans kisse ladoge tum SB yr plzz show ko bacha lo????

    1. The same here dear

  6. 100% confirmed its nt going off air.. Jst watch it on tv.. spread the news…

    1. Thank u dear Anu

    2. really… thanks a lot anu…

  7. Plz don’t do that…….I want swaragini serial…. I love raglak pair…..

  8. See I don’t want to bash anyone but the it is a fact that raglak are being ignored from months now….when they are just shown in some glimpse,I feel their fans feel disheartened. At this point we don’t mind it going off air because we know they would never get importance like swasan..n
    Swara has entered Abhimanyu’s house that seems to be ridiculous . Instead of her it should have been ragini….

    1. Ignore ‘the’ in 1st sentence…

    2. Mica

      huh! not only Swara, seem Sanskar also disguised as maid on Abhi’s… ahem ahem
      but we can’t discus now as that part not aired yet….

  9. guys please watch swaragini… I don’t know the news is correct or fake…. but it is true that this news is like a nightmare which I don’t want to be in reality… I love swaragini… I love my swasan… n this is not the correct time to end it… there is lots more we want to see… so please watch swaragini….
    I don’t want to lose them… please watch….

  10. Repeat Telly cast b ek hi baar dikhate hai baki shows 4 to 5 time repeat dikhate hai

  11. Mica

    well Priya… i dunno the BARC trp system counted in your country…
    i was comparing the duration of swaragini episode, …
    for the same slot time ( 30 minutes),
    those ages, we got about 22-24 minutes for the episodes, mean the ads happened for 6-8 minutes only..
    but now, we only got 17-18 minutes per episode, mean the ads happened for more than 10 minutes…seem even it less trp, it gives SR more ads which is mean earn more money rite ?
    (if only the aired time still same ,..9.30 pm) did the time still same or it more late now ?

    btw, for swaraginian, if only you upset about the track, you can still watch the SR (stay tune on color tv), mute it, do whatever you want…, so, it won’t give you bad mood but still can contribute on trp…

    is the BARC trp applied for all region in India ? since in my country, our system just takes 5 big city as sample…..

  12. Well I hope d news is not true as swasanswasan n raglak is ,was and will always be d couple .. Can’t think of much to say. Love d bonding between all d 4.(helly,teju,varun n namish)

    1. Best couple*

  13. Its bcoz raglak was being sidelined in the first place that brought the trp down…..the prolonged negativity was another cause……….but now the CV’s has started giving Ragini equal imp…..if it goes on like this…..msybe swaragini will not go off air……otherwise the trp’s may go down……..which will result in the end of this show………..

  14. Lol

    Namish said that it wont be off air . I think that if trps are not improving, it will actually go off air on the 16th december .

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