Yeh Vaada Raha 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik vehemently prays and a flower falls, that he observes. as he opens the box, on which the flower fell, he finds notes in it, and takes out the money to help out survi.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Kartik runs frantically on the road, asking everyone for a doctor. finally, he lands at the hospital. he immediately rushes the doctor, despite being told to wait, and asks him to come along, as survi is hurt. he gets berserk saying that he needs the doctor. he takes a knife and places it on the doctor’s throat and forcibly gets him to the house.

Scene 3:
Location: Isolated Location
Kishore and aniket arrive at the said location, and hide when they find some lady coming out. she has her face hidden. she locks the door, and then starts walking on the road. aniket stops her, and she gets startled. he asks if this is the MEhra house, and if she is the daughter in law of that house. she looks at the pic, and then throws the mobile away and leaves. they are boggled.

Scene 4
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik forcibly gets the doctor to the house, and asks her to treat her. survi is shocked to find him with a doctor. lata is emotionally overwhelmed, when kartik tells that he paid, and how he got the money. they are appreciativbe. the doctor treats her, while commenting on how much her husband loves her. he asks the doctor to give her an injection. While applying antiseptic, kartik tells survi that he had told her not to walk on fire like that. she says that she made a grave mistake by not listening to him, but she didnt do anything. he says that he knows she didnt do anything, and that he is like rama, and just like he has faith on his sita, he too has faith on her. survi is emotionally overwhelmed. lata, hema and survi smile through tears. MEanwhile, tai hears this as she stands in the doorway and is distraught. the doctor administers the injection, and gives the prescription to kartik explaining him the meds. after he leaves, kartik turns around to find tai, ready to leave with her suitcase, saying that she wont stay here. he is shocked. she asks how could he trust survi, and asks him to stay there only, and pretends to be emotionally hurt that she isnt needed here. he begs her not to go. she says that she isnt blind to witness what care he takes for her. she emotionally manipulates him into feeling bad and then he lets go of the meds and the suitcase too. she says that she shall stay only on one condition, that till he gets married to ichcha, he wont talk or have any relation with survi at all. tai pretends to be hurt, and he hastily says yes. she makes him promise on the same. she smiles evilly and he hugs her. lata and hema are apalled to see this. she takes the bag and goes back inside. lata and hema rush to him and try and brainwash him. tai smirks, and asks him to come along. he has no option but to comply, even though he doesnt like it and has tears in his eyes.

LAter, while playing, kartik deliberately ignores survi, who is extremely tensed and apalled. she goes over to the temple, and says that she has a challenge, to overcome his promise to tai, as she cant even explain her situation him now. she wonders what to do. she starts narrating the story of ramayana yet again, while kartik is attracted and comes closer to hearing it. while descending down the stairs, survi falls down the stairs. kartik is about to rush to her, but tai warns him, and he refrains back, even though tensed for survi. hema and lata rush to her care, while tai eyes them viciously. they take her away from there.

In the room, lata and hema assure survi that soon everything shall be okay, as today is kartik’s marriage, and if this happens, all shall be over, and its beyond toleration now, and they have to stop tai. aniket and kishore come back, and say that they couldnt gather much info, but talks weirdly about the old lady that they met. survi is determined to find the truth. they say that she isnt ready to talk. survi decides to take a chance. lata and they all decide that they cant let the marriage happens, as if it does, then everything shall be over. Meanwhile downstairs, tai comments as to hopw happy she is, that survi isnt bothering her at all, today. pyrae asks her to understand that maybe survi is cooking something. ichaha denies saying that she is in shock, and its beyond her capacity to ruin things now. just then, hema passes by, taking warm water, for sponge bath of survi, as she isnt well. they all amusedly mock her and ask her to get all of them to the marriage in the evening.

In her room, seeing survi in pain, hema offers painkillers, but survi denies saying that this pain is nothing compared to the pain thats in her heart seeing kartik in such a state. she says that she wont let him marry at any cost. hema is doubtful of the surity of the plan. survi says that she shall ensure that, and asks her to lie on the bed always, so that tai thinks that nothing is abnormal, and all is going as per her plan, as they cant let her be alert that she is upto something. hema complies and survi leaves.

In her room, ichcha eyes kartik’s picture, and says that she is sorry for what shall happen to him, after their marriage, as tai is sending him to the honeymoon, with her, she shall murder him. she says that everyone shall think its an accident, and being his widow she shall inhrit everything, and after that, tai, who hates survi so much so, that she doesnt know that her biggest enemy is in her ganga itself. she overhears survi in the garden talking to aniket about the old woman and aher address, and how they have to expose the ghost. she is distressed.

Scene 5:
Location: Isolated place
Survi and aniket come there and dont find anyone, and wonder where that lady went. MEanwhile, in a separate place, ichcha has the lady kidnapped somewhere, gagged, and reminding her of the traumatic death of her son. ichaha guffaws while she is tensed. she reminds how she had burnt the entire house, and thought that she shall die too, but she didnt. Outside, aniket and survi try and get the door to open, and finally get success. they both walk in. the screen freezes on survi’s shocked face, as she eyes something.

Precap: Survi begs to be shown a way by the lord, as to how should she talk to kartik, when she cant communicate directly, and empower her so that she can prevent her family from being ruined. just then, khushi comes from outside, and befriends kartik, playing in the garden.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I think Khushi will help kartik get back to normal n kick that wicked tai out for good

  2. I have never seen such a boring episode since ghost story started up-to now, I returned to see if story has improved but it’s still worst I feel pitty for the beautiful couples acting boring episodes. Writer style up and stop exagurating the story, make a story that will benefit people educational in real life

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