Reborn Love Story {Naagin and Sath Nibhana Sathiya} Epi-5

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Kokila says Shesa! Rithik never loves you. then why you want to get him?

Shesa: Hey What I’ve ask you to do, just do that , no other thing? You understand….. You better Understand.

Kokila: I beg you to leave my son. I know I did crime, but don’t give too big punishment for me that.

Shesa: you think it is just small thing for you but not for me.
She cries.

Kokila: Please don’t cry shesa.

Shesa wipes her tears.

Shesa thinks Kokila is emotional fool.

Rithik asks ahem in which thing you’re busy from today?

Ahem: what?

Rithik: mean, from when you come from market, you are acting busy type person. Tell truly, has someone has enter in your life.

Ahem: Not Again.

Rithik: OK! Well, Maa has find a girl for me.

Ahem: And you must disagree.

Rithik: Almost. Maa has give me time. well, someone is been entered in my life.

Ahem: What????

Rithik: yes, its true. It seems to be love, I’m feeling strange for her.
After I come from hall,FlashBack
Rithik is going to his room.
Shivanya passes by his way.
Shivanya: Rithik, I was feeling bored in house. so, I think to meet you. Rivanya’s tune plays.

Rithik: I was too telling bored. let’s come in garden. But, before their hands meet, shivanya vanish.
Rithik: Shit man! it was just my imagination. but was very lovely.


Ahem: really!

Rithik: Yes.

Ahem thinks if I’ve start loving her.

Screen shifts to Gopi and Shivanya house.

Gopi: Shivanya its too much time, we’ve to sleep.

Shivanya: OK!

They sleep.

Next Morning,

Shivanya opens door.
Shivanya: take this bhaiya for milk. She is surprised to see milk man.

Gopi is in market. She thinks yesterday, because of that man, I couldn’t eat ice cream. But today I’ll eat.

She buys ice cream. Kokila passes by market.

Kokila asks Driver to stop car and thinks why I feel that ahem’s soulmate is just near me. She sees Gopi.

Gopi is eating ice cream. Just then a girl comes to her and says Didi!please give me something, I’m dying of hunger.

Gopi gives ice cream to girl.

Kokila says I too need a girl for my ahem dikra who sacrifice her happiness for others.

Precap: Rithik goes to meet Shivanya and is shocked.

Who will be the milk man?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    What did kokila do for which shesha is forcing her to make ritik marry her?ritik’s dream was nice.Who is the milk man?ritik?why did koki feel that ahems soulmate is near her?is gopi rebirth of someone she knows?

    1. Shakaib

      No, Gopi is not yet someone’s rebirth, but will think of it. No, rithik isn’t milkman, it will turned out to shivanya’s imagination. Its confirmed.I’m copying Veera’s scene in this ff for Rivanya. Where veera sees baldaiv again and again and thus recognize her love. Didn’t think why shesa is forcing kokila but will reveal soon.

  2. Liked it

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