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Hello peeps… Here I am up with final shot of Rumya’s 2S hope you all like it…

Final Shot

As soon as IshKa enter poolside with Saunya they started chatting over one or another point but today Saumya do not like to chit-chat with them and she told

Saumya: Anika didi and Ishana Bhabhi I am not in mood, we’ll chit chat some other time right now I wanted to be alone in my room…

Listening her both get alert and somehow by pleading and emotional blackmailing they succeeded in stopping her from going to her room.

Here Rudra enter inside home after receiving Om’s call and he drop all shopping bag on sofa and collapsed on sofa and speak

Rudra: I am telling you this girls are to much… Kitna jaldi bura lag jata hai, and she behave like she is doing some ‘Ehsan” on us.

ShivOm: Shut up Rudra, It not on us its you and if you;ve any problem then Saumya is here let us call..

Rudra: Are no, After so much difficulties I’ve spoiled her mood now let me decorate her room.

And he rush to Saumya’s room and started decorating with Orchid and red roses and fairy lights and hear shaped red and white balloon and with help of Shivay he baked cake for her and all this while IshKa keep Saumya busy with them and soon they received message from their respective husband and they make excuse and Saumya heavy heartily enter in her room and switch on light and next moment she is speechless and spellbound by seeing scenario of her room whole room beautifully decorated with white orchid and red roses her favourite flowers and rose petals are spread on floor like a carpet and soon Rudra entered in her room and take out his hand and Saumya keep her hand in his hand and he bring her in front of her bed and there she see her bed is adoring her favourite princess bed sheet and a card and a gift is there waiting for her and she looked into Rudra’s eye. Rudra blink his eye and nod his head in approval for her unasked question that whether he did it??? And Saumya’s all anger melt away and she take card and gift and she open gift and see same dress which she selected in morning and once again she smiled caressing that dress and open card and there see read

Sorry Sumo for today, But I wanted to surprise you and if I’ve done it in normal way then you might come to know this so I make you angry sorry once again.
And Happy Birthday my sweet heart sumo.

Saumya stunned reading My sweetheart and she keep card back and there she see Rudra on his knees and he has hold both his ears and a apologetic smile is there on his face. Seeing him such all remaining anger of Saumya too ment away and vanished and her eyes are filled with happy tears and with smile on her lips.

Saumya: Duffe you are cutest and sweetest friend of the world and hugged him and Rudra to hugged her back and speak

Rudra: Sumo, go and change in that dress please.

Saumya rush to bathroom and change into that dress and come out and Rudra is staring at him shamelessly and this make her blush and this make him more happy and his love for her went to another level and he bring that cake and together they cut cake and feed to each other and in this a tiny bite of cake is adoring Sumo’s lips corner and Rudra find its tempting more than cake without thinking for a moment he come near to her and take that bite of cake from her lips by his lips. And that have awaken butterflies in their stomach and Rudra finally loose his control and kiss her softly and with that Saumya to lose her control and started mimicking him. But soon Rudra come to his sense and he broke kiss and speak

Rudra: Saumya, I am sorry, And yeah I do not know when, why and how but now I love you a lot. And I am sorry for what happened right now but I find you and that cake on your lips tempting and I couldn’t control and… (Guilt is there in voice)

Saumya stopped him in between and speak

Saumya: That was bestet B’day gift rather to it was like B’day bang…

Rudra look up into her eyes and he see same feelings which he is feeling for her and he felt luckiest person of earth and he take Saumya in bone crashing hug and speak

Rudra: I love you sweet heart.

Saumya: I love you too Rudra.

ShivIka and Ishkara: Finally you both realized your feeling. While entering inside room.

Saumya blushed hard hearing them and Rudra started looking in other direction but suddenly he come in front of Saumya and took out box from her pocket knee down on his knees and speak

Rudra: Sumo, I love you a lot, And you are most beautiful girl of the world and I want to keep this most beautiful girl with me for lifetime so will you please marry me???

Saumya can’t believe her eyes and ears but listening sound of claps and say yes say yes from present person in room she once again look at Rudra and sepak

Saumya: I’ll…

Rudra lovingly slip ring in her fingers and stand up and kiss her forehead.

So how it is???Please leave your feedback I am eagerly waiting for all of your comments.

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  1. Aksharaa

    Wow fantastic epislde

    1. Pri_24


  2. awesome so romantic

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks.. .

  3. oh my god…
    pri u nailed it..
    love ur ff to the core..
    it was so sweet even i was blushing while reading this..
    plz write some more ffs on rumya..
    i wish this happens in our original IB too.. ??

    1. Pri_24

      I too wish something such short to happen and thanks for your comment… And I’ll try to write if I get some idea…

  4. Inu

    Superb shot. Loved rumya in this.

    1. Pri_24


  5. Sanaya_malik

    Episode was cute… Just like u… Rudra did so many things to sumo… That. Was too good…. Kaash esa ib k current track pe dikhaya hota…. But this gul is so boring…Can’t help it…. Sorry for taking gul in btw…. Episode was awesome pri…. ❤❤❤

    1. Pri_24

      We al want such sort of things to happen between Rumya but as you said can’t help… And thanks for compliment (Instead of comment)..

  6. Sanchi

    Amazing!!! Rudy was sooooo cute.. loved it.????

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Sanchi.. 🙂

  7. Shakthi

    So cutee rumya scenes……very nice n cute update!!

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for comment Shakti….

  8. Pinkyyy

    Awesome update dear ????

  9. Nansshivika

    Omg u portrayed it so welllll.I am lost in their moment rumya dialogues are sweet.and tat cake moment is so hot.its superb chocopie.sry for late comment?????????????

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Nandupie for your comment… 🙂

  10. Cute Rumya and hot update this make perfect update… Just amazing that kiss and proposal and decoration of room every thing is amazing…

  11. Tulasi

    Suprbb dear….rumya r sooo cutee……????????? kitna sweet proposal thaa…..n tht kisss……☺☺☺☺ awesummmmm daaa…..

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Tsunami for your comment…

    1. Pri_24


  12. Wow you’ve written in Rumya too!!!
    I didn’t saw at one writing for them specifically but you write it that’s wow and coming to update its incredible and Rudy’s preparation and proposal is just wow I wish someone propose me in same way you are increasing we girls expectations from boys…☺☺☺

    1. Pri_24

      Hehe just make your boy read this and he’ll come to know what do you want… And thanks for comment…

  13. Wow PRI this one is amazing concluding shot and their kiss is just wow and proposal is just cute like them and I like it Plz write something more on Rumya please…

    1. Pri_24

      I’ll try to write if I get any idea and thanks for comment Avi…

  14. Sweet and cute update of cute Rumya…☺☺

    1. Pri_24


  15. Jazz1

    Sweet and beautiful ????

    1. Pri_24


  16. Nainaa

    I am so sorry for a late comment. Please forgive me if you can?…
    I loved Rudra proposal to somu…??
    Many cute and sweet things are there in this episode… I just can’t help my self from blushing….
    This one of you had created a rage in me I am also wishing some magic to happen with me like you did with Rudra and Soumya….????
    My Jattoo keep going ….
    Love you??

    1. Pri_24

      Hope such magic will happen with you my cutie and Thank you for comment and you do not need to be sorry..

  17. Akshaya

    Cutest rumya story ever. Finally duffer has got brain and heart to love somo

    1. Pri_24

      *Smiling* Hehe yup crying baby finally got brain adn thanks for comment Aksh…

  18. I really loved this story. I hope to see more FFs on Rumya!! 🙂

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks dear…

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