Does she really love me? episode 10

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Hi friends nilu here ? with another chapter.

Link for previous episode Episode 9

Swara was guilty to hurt Sanskar, unknowingly she had stabbed on his hidden wound. She looked towards the breakfast that he prepared for her.

“No Mrs Maheshwari, it’s ur turn. U r in his life to heal his wounds.”

She directly went inside the room. At the corner of room. He was holding a photo and weeping. She sat beside him. She placed his head near her heart.

“It was all happened because of me. I was the reason for this.” She was just caressing his hairs.

“It was my birthday Shona. Papa had promised me that he would give me new bicycle on my birthday.”


After the cake ceremony. All presented the gift. But I was waiting for Papa.

“Sanky what ur dad gave u.”

“Wait friends. He told me to give my favorite bicycle.”

I was very much happy and excited because that time bicycle was a big thing.

“Sorry, Sanskar beta. I was very busy today no worries I’ll buy it tomorrow.”

My all friends Started laughing at me. “Sanky is a lair, lair…” And I couldn’t able to take that insult.

I pushed my dad. “I hate u Papa. Don’t talk to me.” I directly went inside the room.

I destroyed everything in the room. “Sanskar, please listen to me. Sorry beta. Open the door.”

“I’ll not. I hate u mom and Dad now I’m not going to talk u ever in my life. Hate u.”

That time I never new that God would take my words so seriously. Mom Dad went for buying my gift and never returned back. Police uncle said they died in a car accident.”

Flashback end.

All his sorrow were emerging form his eyes. “I’m very bad Shona. Very unlucky. I wish I would never ask Dad for that. I wish God to take me in their place.”

“Sssh…” Swara broke the hug and wiped his tears. “Who told u r bad. U r the best Sanskar. U r my favorite. And don’t dare to call yourself unlucky. Sanskar that was not ur fault.”

“It was me who was responsible for this. Everyone to whom I love God takes them.”

“My cutie pie. I here for u. Always. Now come eat something.”

“No, I don’t want to eat anything. I need u Swara.”

“I’m always with u…” She removed their clothes. “Sanskar, it just u and me nothing else.” He slept in Swara’s embrace. The pain he was bearing, she was the medicine of that.

On the other side Shekhar was lost in his past memories.


Shekhar was continuously knocking the door.

“Maya please open the door.”

“No bhaiya, I can’t live without Ram. Bhaiya he is ur friend na. Say him to marry me. Say him I love him a lot.”

“Maya, u please open the door I’ll talk to Ram. Ram will be ur forever. It’s ur brother promise.”

Maya opened the door and hugged Shekhar. “U r the best Bhaiya. My sweet bhaiya.”

“Now I have to create misunderstanding between Ram and Sujata. Only then my sister will get her happiness.”

In school canteen Sujata was waiting for Ram.

“Sujata, Ram calling u in parking.” Shekhar lied.

“But he said me…”

“He is planning something especial. U come na.”

In the parking.

“Where is Ram?.” She started calling Ram. “Ram, Ram…”

Shekhar hold her hand. “Sujata listen to me.”

“Leave my hand Shekhar.”

“U please leave that Ram. I will love u more than him.”

She jerked his hand. “R u nut? U know we both love each other.”

Shekhar pulled her and tightly hold by waist. “I’ll not leave u.” Shekhar forcefully kissed her… She was trying hard to push him but he was very strong.

“Shekhar…” Ram shouted. Shekhar looked towards Maya and both of them smirked.

“See Ram, I told u this Sujata is playing double game. U reject my love for her. blo*dy sl*t…”

Ram slapped her…

“Ram She is…” Ram slapped Shekhar too.

“How dare u to kiss her?” Ram started beating Shekhar. But sujata stopped him.

“Ram u r beating me for this girl.”

“Just shut up. I love her and I trust her. And Mr Shekhar Gadodia I mean it and u Maya I don’t love u, keep it in ur mind. From now onwards we r not friend.” He looked towards Sujata. ” “Come Sujata.”

Knock knock…

Flashback end.

Shekhar thoughts were disturbed due to knock.

“Come in.”

“Sir, Shomi mam just came.”

“Ok, u go… I’m coming.” Servent left. Shekhar kept Sujata and Ram’s pic back inside the box. Shekhar went down.

As Shomi looked Shekhar. She hugged him.

“How’s ur mom now Shomi.”

“She is good Shekhar. U know I want to see Shona. I called her but her phone was switched off.”

“Shomi, actually Shona got married.”

Shomi got a big shock.?”What? Who is the boy? How could u do this Shekhar at least u could wait for me. She is my daughter too.”

“Shomi, relax. Swara married without informing me. Even I don’t like the boy. He is spoiling my daughter just for money.” Shekhar told Shomi that how Sanskar did photographs morphing drama and about the news also… In which Sanskar slapped him.

“This much happened behind me. What r u doing here Shekhar bring her home.”

“She is not talking to me.”

“Before anything bad happened I have to talk Swara give me address where is she?”

Shekhar called Lucky and asked about the address.

In Maheshwari mansion.

AP was crying. “I’m sorry Sanskar beta. I’m the reason for the death of ur parents. This love destroyed everything. Today lucky also said this.”

She took Ram’s pic. “U know Ram ur son is like u. Only cares for his love. He loves Swara the way u loved Sujata. Or more than that. Even death couldn’t able to separate u.”

Flashback… In AP’s Pov

It was my first night. I was quite nervous, not ready for this new relation. He(Durgaparsad) came. He removed my veil.

“So beautiful?. U r soo pretty.” He started rubbing my lips. “And ur lips. I just want to eat them.” He was drunk.

“Ji…” Before I could say further. I found his hand on my br*ast over the clothes… “Ji… I need some time. We don’t know each other properly.”

“Anu don’t think this much. U r in this house just to keep ur husband Mr Durgaparsad Maheshwari happy.” He started undoing my hooks.

“Please, I’m not ready.” He tore my blouse. “I’m begging u. Wait for a month.” He slapped me.

“Don’t spoil my mood. I married to u just for sleeping with u, u r here to satisfy my need and for giving birth to my baby. Be in ur limits. This bed is ur right place.”

That night was the worst night of my life. He ate me like animals. But to whom I could complain because for this society it was or it is husband’s right. I was lying like a stone without any emotion. Every night this happened with me. I was just like a material for him. Then U came in my life Ram. Like a ray of hope.

“Bhabhi, I’m Ram ur devar or ur one and only friend.”

“Hello.” I thought he would be like his brother.

“My college is over now I’m here for always. I got a job in Kolkata.”

“It’s good.”

“What is this bhabhi Y r u soo dull I mean.”

Just then durgaparsad came. “Anu, in the room.”

As soon I entered inside the room he started kissing me.

“Ji… It’s day time.” He slapped me.

“Shut up u blo*dy…? I lost tender. I faced a big loss. I need to get rid of this frustration.” That wolf snached my soul. My soul were already dead. After that he left. I made myself presentable.

Ram came inside the room. “Bhabhi what happened to ur face.”

He understood everything perhaps he might listen my screams. “Did Bhai forces u?”

I hugged him. I was crying just crying.

“I want to die Ram…?”

“It’s OK I’m here. Don’t cry?” He tired to talk durgaparsad but no result. I accepted that. Slowly Slowly we became friends more closer. My heart started melting for him. Ya I love him. Whenever that beast hurt me, I just went inside his room and hugged him. I felt soo secure ur arms Ram.

On that day, it was raining outside. Durgaparsad was out of station. Ram came late home Drunked.

“Ram, u r drunk.”

“Sorry bhabhi. My friends forced me.” He was not even able to walk properly.

I took him inside the room. And placed him on the bed. He was all wet. I removed his shirt. I was staring his body. I roamed my hand over his naked body. I couldn’t able to control my desires. I removed my blouse. And hugged him. He too hugged me.

“I wants to be ur completely. Please love me. I’m carving. I love u Ram.”

Knock knock….

AP’s POV ends…

Flashback ends.

AP thoughts breaks when she heard Lucky’s voice. “Come out of ur dirty dream mom.”

“Shut up lucky. This is a way to talk with ur mother. U don’t have shame.”

“Where this Shame went when u slept with Ram Chacha. And give birth to ur dirt.”

AP slapped him. “Mind ur language. Sanskar is Ram and Sujata’s child.”

“How can I believe u. I heard dad Saying about ur and Ram Chacha… Chii even I’m feeling shame. Because of ur dirt that Sanskar I lost Swara.”

“They loves each other.”

“No, Swara is mine. Her place is in my life. In my bed.”

“U r like ur dirty father.”

“Unlike u my Father doesn’t have any illegitimate child. Huh?. I know u killed my father also.”

“Lucky, get out of here else I don’t know what I’ll do?” Lucky left.

AP takes Ram’s pic. “Ram is it a sin to love someone?”

Far away from this Swasan was peacefully sleeping. Sanskar woke up and found himself in her arms. She was holding his weight.

“My angel.” He kissed on her forehead. “Angel come on wake up. It’s evening.”

But she was still sleeping. He thought a naughty plan. He entangled his fingers with her. And start sucking her bosom. His impact were clearly showing. She was gasping.


He tired to proceed further but someone knocked on the door. He covered her with sheet. “I just come Shona.”

“Don’t go.”

“I’m coming…” He smiled seeing her pout. He kissed on her pout and left. Sanskar opened the door.

“Yes, mam. How can I help u?”

Tanya came before. “Sanky she is Swara’s mother Mrs Sharmistha Gadodia.”

“Oh, I’m sorry ma… Can I call u ma?”

“No, only Shona is my daughter. I came here to meet her.” Her words were were cold, and Sanskar could understand the reason.

“Aunty ji u come inside. Just wait a little I’ll call her.”

As Sanskar moved towards the room. Shomi too followed him. Sanskar turned back. “Aunty ji, u please wait here.”

He went inside the room. Swara was still in half sleep.

“Shona wake up. Someone came to meet u.”

“No, I don’t want to go. I want my hubby.”?

” I’m serious Swara.”

“Ok, help me. I can get up.” Sanskar extended his hand. But Swara intensionally pulled him. He fell on her. Swara cupped his face. “My Mr cute. I don’t want go. Whosoever he/she is let them wait.” She started kissing him.

Then they heard noise of broken glass. Swara looked towards door. Shomi and Tanya was standing there. Tanya boiled in anger?. They went from there.

“Tanya, u told Sanskar is not a good person but Shona is happy with him.”

But cunning Tanya knew how to fool her. “No aunty it was all his plan just to show u how much he loves her. But I know the truth. Firstly Sanskar trapped me in his love now he is using Shona.”

“He thinks himself very clever.”

“Ma, who is clever.” Swara came out.

“Nothing Shona.” Shomi hugged her. “How’s my doll?”

“I’m good. Ma meet him.” She introduced Sanskar. “He is Sanskar my…”

“Ur husband. Ur baba told me. Swara I want to talk to alone.”

Sanskar excused himself. “I’m going to make coffee for everyone.” He left.

“Shona beta what r u doing?”

“I know ma u r angry with me. But trust me everything happened in hurry. I also wanted ur blessings for my new life. Ma he is my everything, u don’t know ma how much I love him.”

“Few days ago. U were saying that u don’t love anyone then U met him and Swara u don’t know him properly. How can u love him? U know what he did with ur baba.”

“Oh, baba send u here for this.””

“Doll, he is not a good person. U know he did that Photographs morphing.”

“Ma, I don’t want go listen a word against my husband. And if u can’t then U may leave.”

“Shona, aunty ji right.”

“Oh, please Tanya u keep quite.”

“Leave it Tanya, I’m going.”

“Aunty ji where r u going without tasting this coffee.” He looked towards Swara. “Shona, u didn’t tell aunty ji about ur hubby talent.”

“I don’t like coffee.”

“Aunty ji try it at least at once.”

“Sanskar if she doesn’t want then Y r u forcing her?”

“Aunty ji don’t feel bad. My angry bird is like this. U please stay here. She will feel good.”

“Ya, Sanky is right. I love ur coffee.” Tanya took a cup of coffee gave it to Shomi and another for herself. But her intension was something else. She moved towards Swara. And act of slipping intensionally poured coffee oh Swara’s hand.

“Aww.” Sanskar immediately moved towards Swara. “Sanskar it’s paining.”

“Sanky I didn’t…” Tanya tried to explained the situation.

“U stay away.” He pushed her. And she fell down.

Shomi also tried to help Swara but Sanskar immediately took her inside the kitchen.

“It’s paining.”

He took the ice from refrigerator and put her hand inside the ice cold water.

“Don’t worry. Now u will feel good.” Sanskar saw tears in her eyes. He cupped her face and wipped her tears.

“My angel, don’t cry.”

“But it’s still burning Sanku.”

Sanskar took her hand and kisses on her hand. “Now feeling better.”

“Yes. Do it again.”

Shomi saw them. “What Shekhar told me and what I’m seeing both thing r totally different. Who is right my husband or Sanskar.” She thought.

Swasan was smiling just then Swara fainted.

“Shona… Shona…”

“What happened to her Sanskar?”

“Don’t know aunty.”

He picked her up in his arms and they left for hospital. Shomi also informed Shekhar. Lucky, Shekhar, Sahil and Nikhil also came.

After sometime. Doctor came out.

“How’s my wife doctor.”

“She is fine. She faint down because of weakness, may be she haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.”

Sanskar reminded that last night they forgot about food and in the morning also because of him she didn’t ate anything.

Shekhar hold his collar. “U want money then ask me. U begger because of u my daughter is suffering.”

“Leave him uncle Don’t talk to this dirt.” Lucky said.

Nikhil came to pacify them. “Stop fighting. Sanky but Swara went for a story with Sahil.”

“Nikhil Swara said me, she didn’t want to come. But I don’t know that Bhai u married to her.” Sahil explained.

Sanskar went inside to meet Swara. He hold her hand.

“Shona, I’m sorry.”

“No, Sanskar it was my fault. I was angry on baba that’s why I didn’t ate anything since yesterday. And this happens.”

“Don’t do this again.”

“Promise my Sanku.” She kissed on his cheek.

“Ahem Ahem.” Nikhil and other came inside. “Love birds if u r done Shall we talk to her.”

All talked for sometime. Then lucky saw love bite on Swara’s neck. He closed his fist in anger. He was feeling just to punch Sanskar to touch his love. Then he his eyes fell on Swara’s hand.

“Swara what happened to ur hand.” Lucky asked.

“I think to impress Bhai Swara hurt herself.”

Nikhil and Sahil giggled.??

“No, it’s because of Tanya. She intensionally hurt my Shona.” Sanskar explained them everything. “If I’ll see her again. I’ll not leave him.”

“Sanku, leave her. Now take me from here.”

“No u have to say here for one day.”

In the night.

Tanya was in her room. She was hurt, by reminding the way Sanskar pushed her.

“Swara because of u I’m bearing this pain. U have to suffer for it.” She cried. Just then she got a call.

“Hello Tanu dear.”

“Who is this?”

“Sanskar, ur Sanskar. Can’t u recognized my voice.”

“I’m sorry Sanky. Please forgive me.”

“Come outside dear, only then I’ll forgive U.”

“I’m coming.” She became very happy and without thinking more she went outside.

“Sanky where r u?” Someone sprayed something on her face and she fainted down.

Here in the hospital Swara woke up. And found that Shomi and Shekhar were sleeping in her room. She searched for Sanskar. She tried to get up. And they woke up.


“Ma where is Sanskar?”

“We don’t know beta.”

Shekhar came towards her. “I told u that he don’t care for u. See only your family is with u.”

“No he loves me.”

“Then where is he?”

“I’m going to search him.” She moved outside. She was crying. Shekhar and Shomi tried to stop her. But she came out of hospital.

“Shona, wait don’t go.”

“Ma, I want Sanskar. Ma I saw a bad dream. Something bad is going to happen I can’t live without him.”

“Relax Shona, that was just a dream.”

“I want to go.”

“Doll if u go and he came here then.”

She sat on a bench. “I’ll wait for him here.”

“Doll it’s not good for health.”

“Ma please.” She tried to control her tears and stayed there.

In the same lonely place… 12:00am

“Twinkle Twinkle little star.”

Tanya woke up listening the voice. “Hello, where am I?” Then she felt that her hands and legs were tied up. “Leave me.”

“Not so soon baby.” He poured hot coffee on her hand.

“Aww please leave me.” She cried?. He slapped her hard.

“It would hurt my Shona too. How dare u to hurt her.”

“Sanskar, u…”

“Yup right my baby. It’s Sanskar Maheshwari.”

“Y u bring me here.”

“U don’t know what Sanskar Maheshwari does with girls. Hahaha ?.”

“No… Please???.” He tore her clothes. And pressed her br*ast.

“So soft.”

“Leave me.”

Another night, stole a virtue. It seemed God became deaf and this beast, ate her brutally. She begged but he didn’t stopped. Like other girls he threw her on the road.

Outside the hospital.

“Shona, it’s too late since three hour we r waiting. Come inside.”

“No ma he will come. I know him.”

Just then she saw him coming she immediately ran towards him and hugged him.

“Shona, what r u doing here?” She was continuously crying. “Y r u crying Shona.”

“Where were u, I was…”???

He cupped her face and kissed her. “Relax, now tell me what happened to my Angel.”

“I saw a bad dream. I was in wedding dress. And u said Swara now I’ll never come back. U lost me, my love. This is the last time u r seeing me.”

She again hugged him. “Don’t leave me. I will die.”

“It was just a dream. I’m not going to leave u. I went to buy medicine for u, most of the chemist shop were closed that’s why I late.”

“I love u, I love u Sanskar.” He kissed on her forehead.

“I know.” He picked her up. “U r my everything. This life is only for u. Now come inside.”

They left. Shomi smiled seeing them.

“I’m sure Shekhar is mistaking regarding Sanskar. They r very happy. God keep ur blessings on my daughter life.”

Done with another part. Hardly 2 or 3 part left. Then I’ll bind up this flashback part. Ur friend nilu?

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