kriyam – u r my strength Episode 117

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Episode 116

Episode 117
It’s another beautiful n new mrng for Krishna n sayyam who had a Wonderful n a special night yesterday… After Yesterday’s Party both had Hu lovely time together n Slept Peacefully in Each other’s Embrace whole night…as both were Sleeping Peacefully in Each other’s Embrace a Sunray fell on sayyam which made him open his eyes n as soon as he Opened his eyes slowly… Then first thing he saw was of his beautiful wife Krishna sleeping in His warm embrace holding him tightly…He Stared Her Lovingly for Sometimes n adored her Beauty n Innocence while Sleeping…He Placed a Soft n a Slight Peck on her forehead Lovingly n Wished Her Food Morning Slowly so that She couldn’t get Disturbed from Her Peaceful Sleep..
As soon as sayyam Pecked her Forehead a Wide Smile Appeared on Krishna’s Face n She Opened Her Eyes Slowly n Wished sayyam Good Morning too in a Sleepy Voice along with a Return Kiss on His Cheeks..

Krishna : ( Smiles n Kisses His Cheeks in Return ) Good Morning sayyam.. aaj itni Subah sunah uthgaye ..any thing special reason ( Cuddles Her Face on sayyam’s Bare Chest Lovingly )
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily n Tightens His Grip Over Krishna ) Haa of Course.. Special Day….
Krishna : ( While Sleeping n with Closed Eyes ) what special day is it then ?? I should also know na….
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Today is a Very special Day becoz My Wife is gonna look very Beautiful Today…
Krishna : ( Blushes n Smiles ) do u know ki ur Wife is gonna Look Beautiful Today…? i mean She might not Look good na..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) No..i know..She will Look Very Beautiful Today.. As she is beautiful evryday…
Krishna : Hmm accha ok then Let’s see ( Smiles Naughtily ) Waise My Husband is also gonna look Handsome Today..

Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Haa woh toh hai..He always looks Handsome n Dashing..
Krishna : Haa ryt..He is really Handsome n Dashing..n Today toh He will Look More becoz He is going Delhi na for an important Meeting (Unknowingly Told) so He might be Happy na..
Sayyam who Heard this was Sad n a Happy Face Turned into a Pale One.. Krishna too Realized what She said n Her Face too turned into a Sad One… Remembering that she will be alone here when Sayyam left for Delhi…
Krishna : ( Looks at sayyam with little Teary Eyes ) Wo i’m Sorry sayyam..i didn’t mean it..( Sad Sigh ) u r going today na.. ( Rests Her Face on sayyam’s Bare Chest ) how will i sleep today alone in this Room.. I will miss u badly sayyam… ( Teary Eyes )
Sayyam too felt bad as He was Leaving for Delhi Today Leaving His Life, His Wife His Krishna alone….Both of their eyes were Swollen due to Teary Eyes but Somehow both of them Composed Themselves n Wiped their Own Tears n sayyam Broke the Silence n tried to Console Krishna..
Sayyam : Accha Ok..fine..let’s leave all these..tell me what do u want from Delhi.. Any special Thing…
Krishna : ( Smiles ) No..nothing special.. bas u come back soon safely..mujhe aur kuch nhi chahiye…..

Sayyam : ( Smiles Lovingly ) Ok Jaan.. ( Kisses Her Forehead Lovingly )
Krishna : ( Gets Up from Bed n Sits while Covering Herself with Blanket ) Accha abb get up..u r getting Late..i will arrange ur belongings n u get ready….
Sayyam : ( Stretches His Arms in Sleepy Mood ) Okk Jaan..
Sayyam wakes up from bed n goes to Washroom to Freshen up n Krishna wear het nightdress n Tied Her Hairs in a Bun n Started sayyam’s Packing.. As she was Packing she had an Unknown n a Restless Feeling in Mind which was Making her Tensed n Restless….
Krishna : ( Restless ) yeh mujhe kya horaha..? Y m feeling soo Restless Today … Bas i hope ki yeh Project ka Kaam khtm hojaye jaldi aur Sayyam Ghar wapas aajaye so dat i can be Relieved.. Bagwanji Plzz mere pati ko raksha karo.. ( Tensed )
After having some Restless thoughts Krishna again got busy in her work
As soon as Krishna Completed her Packing work sayyam came out of the Washroom n started getting Ready for the Office n Krishna Handed over His Wallet,Hanky n other Belongings to sayyam n went to Washroom to Freshen Up.

Krishna : yeh lo Mr Sayyam ur Hanky,ur Wallet,ur Mobile n other Belongings..i wonder how u will Handle all this in Delhi..
Sayya : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Mrs Krishna…i also don’t know hw will i Manage all these without u but i have to do it..i can’t let my Dream Project go in Vain…Plzz Pray for Me Krishna..U r My Lucky Charm..
Krishna : ( Smiles n Encourages ) Haa..i know u will do it..becoz U r Mr Sayyam Birla ( Keeps Her Hands around His neck ) n My Hubby is the greatest…He can do anything… I know this meeting will be a successful one.. All the best…(kissed his cheek)
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Thanks meri Jaan..u always Encourage Me..that’s y i say u r my Lucky Charm.. ( Kisses Her Forehead Lovingly ) Aur wase bi Krishna from 2mrw u will join the office ok… U have promised me that u will come to office… So let’s begin from 2mrw ok.. I’ll inform Naina… She will help u if needed… I know that u don’t need her help but still…
Krishna :achcha.. Ok..ok.. I will… Don’t worry…Me Naina n Suresh will handle those things… abb bas haa..nw go fast u will b late warna..u go down n have ur breakfast i will join u all in sometimes after getting Freshen up..

Sayyam : Ok Krishna..come fast..
Krishna : Haa ..ok..
After having a Some light Moments with each other sayyam went down whereas Krishna went to Washroom to Freshen Up….
In Office sayyam’s cabin
After Reaching Office sayyam got busy in His Office Work to be Completed before going to Delhi…He Kept His Files in His Briefcase n locked His Office Briefcase n Started Completing His Remaining work n Called Naina for Some Help n Instructed Her some things.
Naina : Hello Sir..did u Call Me ?
Sayyam : ( busy in work ) Yes Naina..i called U..need to Instruct u some take care of those things ok ??

Naina : Yes Sir..Sure…
Sayyam : Hmm Good… Listen..from Tomorrow Krishna Ma’am will be joining Office again n will Manage all my Pending work along with just Help Her out in her work n do take care of her..waise i know she is not so Careless….She will Manage Everything Perfectly but still when she gets Over busy na She Forgets to take Her Meals n U plzz take care of Her Health in Office..Ghar pe sab hai so they will Take Care of Her there but in Office i can only trust u plzz take of Krishna n do update me about her everyday ( Keeps on Instructing Bout Krishna to Naina )
Naina : ( Smiles at sayyam’s Caring Nature towards Krishna ) Ya Sir..u don’t worry..u can count on Me..i will take care of Ma’am Properly…. will surely Keep Updating u about her health…U no need to worry..

Sayyam : ( Relieved ) Thanks will be a great Help if u take care of Krishna Plzz..
Naina : Yes Sir..i will..don’t worry..ryt nw u need to complete Ur Work Sir becoz it’s going to be ur Flight time..
Sayyam : Yes..u r ryt..ok them u may go nw..n one thing m going to Airport from Office Only so i have told driver to bring my Luggage from Home so when My Driver Comes give My Car Keys to the i don’t want any Disturbance in My Work till i Leave..( Gives the Keys to Naina )
Naina : ( Takes the Keys ) Yes Sir..Sure..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Thnks..
After having a List of Instructions from sayyam Naina Leaves from his Cabin n sayyam Continues His work…
On the other hand BM
Driver Comes n tells that sayyam has Instructed him to bring his Luggage to office as he will be leaving for Airport Directly from Office.Hearing this Krishna’s Face becomes Dull but She Hides it n Controls Her Emotions somehow.

Krishna : Haa Ramesh kaka Bolo ..
Driver : woh… Actually sayyam sir told me to bring His Luggage to Office if u r done with his Packing as he will be leaving for the delhi Directly from he told me to inform u about this..
Krishna : ( Shocked n Upset ) Ohh accha ( Trying to Control Her Tears ) Accha wait..let me Complete the Packing..only few things r left to b Packed..i will bring it when Packing is Done.. wait here..
Krishna goes to Her Room with Teary eyes n lost in her own thoughts.Rest of the ppl Noticed Krishna’s Expressions n were feeling Bad for Her n Planned Something that Krishna cud Meet Sayyam before He could Leave for Delhi…
Kushi:Maa what happened if sayyam can’t come here but Krishna can go there to airport to drop sayyam…. .
Suhani: Aree wahh.. Kya baat hai kushi..
Pratima: Yeh toh bohot achchi soch hai..
In the meantime
Krishna was upset n negative thoughts started taking place in Her mind making Krishna More Restless…

Krishna : ( Restless ) sayyam is going without meeting me lekin kyun ?? He knows na i’m upset with His Sudden Trip to Delhi..then y did he Plan to go without even meeting me once..n y m becoming soo Restless yaar..y m feeling Scared n Tensed ?? I know sayyam will Manage everything Perfectly..but still i’m feeling Scared ..( Touches Her Mangalsutra n Prays ) Plzz bagwanji..Protect My Life My sayyam.. .i know sayyam will Manage everything Perfectly n will fight back with his business enemies specially Raj n His Evil Plans n will win the project but still pata nhi why m feeling soo Scared… Us Raj ne Sayyam Ko bohot baar threaten kiya… Plzz Bhagwaan.. Meri pati ko raksha kar…
Krishna Completed Packing sayyam’s Remaining Stuffs n went downstairs with sayyam’s Bag … Anyone can see Tension on Her Face which was Clearly Visible to all…but Still She Tried to Compose Herself n Controls her Emotions somehow..As Krishna came down She saw yuvaan n yuvraaj at the hall.. Yuvaan helped krishna to bring the bags to downstairs..
Yuvraaj:(saw krishna’s tension face n think)Krishna is really in Tension.. I can understand beta.. Here everyone is thinking that.. U r sad becoz Sayyam is going.. But I know what is ur real tension.. It is good that sayyam told me n Krishna everything about Raj…for me this Deal is nt important but My Son sayyam is important to me..i don’t care whether sayyam got this Project or not what i care is only about My Son..bagwanj ji Humara sayyam sahi salamat Apne Krishna aur Apne Ghar walo ke wapas bejdhoo… Bas mujhe kuch aur nahi chahiye…
Suhani:(comes near Krishna) Krishna I can understand ur feeling… What if Sayyam can’t come here… U can go n drop him to the airport na…
Krishna: Can I go to drop him?

Pratima: Kyun nahi… U can go..
Krishna: Thank u ma.. Thank u dadi…
Kushi: Aree.. Wo meri idea hai.. Thank me also..(come n hugs Krishna)
Krishna: Thank u bhabi..
Krishna quickly change n comes..
Yuvraaj:(goes towards krishna)Beta… don’t worry…Sanskaar will be back Soon Safely…just Trust Him..
Krishna: ( Composed Herself ) Haa Papa ..i Trust Him more than Myself. .bt still Papa darr lagta hai..kahi usse kuch (couldn’ Complete becoz yuvraaj alert her that family members r present here)
So she stopped n went towards the car… Yuvaan who saw Krishna’s n yuvraaj’s Expressions had a doubt but Hided his Doubts thinking that He will Find about this later..
After sometimes
As soon as they Reached Office Krishna got Happy seeing sayyam n Came Out to Meet Him….Sayyam who saw Krishna was surprised n Somewhere He too Felt Happy Seeing Krishna for the Last time before Leaving for Delhi..

Sayyam : ( Happpy ) Krishna..u here ??
Krishna: ( Angry ) Haa..what did u think… I will allow u go to without Meeting Me..No i won’ i came to Meet u n will come to Drop u to Airport too..
Sayyam : ( Excited n Happy ) Ohh Mrs Sayyam wants to come with Me to Drop Me to Airport..nice..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Yes..Mr sayyam..ur wife wants to come n spend as much as time she cud with u have any Problem ??
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) No nt at all My dear..u can come..but haa u have to Control ur Tears ha..if u cry there at Airport while i’m Checking In..i can’t go..ok ??
Krishna: ( Fake Smile ) Haa ok..ok.Baba..i won’t Cry… Now come lets go..
Sayyam : Haa chalo..
Sayyam Sat in the Car… Krishna n sayyam were sitting on the back seat together n Krishna was Resting Her Head on sayyam’s shoulder n she was hold his hand….Sayyam on seeing this he was Overwhelmed.
Sayyam : ( Caressing Her back Lovingly ) Krishna..plzz don’t do like this..if u only Behave soo weak then how will i be strong Krishna..u r My Strength Krishna..n i want u to be Strong..plzz control urself. .

Krishna : ( Smiles n Wipes Her Tears ) Accha ok..m kya karu sayyam..u know hw Dangerous this Project isiliye darr lagraha i know u will Handle this Perfectly..after all u r Mr Sayyam Birla..n for u Everything is Possible..ryt..
Sayyam : ( Laughs ) Yes My jaan..jab tak u r with Me..nothing can happen to me..n if something happens to me also na I know I will be back again for u in my next brith…
Krishna : ( Tightens Her Grip ) Bt I know nothing will happen to don’t talk Rubbish haa..u will b back fine..i know..
Sayyam n Krishna after Having a Emotional Talk n Some light Moments Together in a Car Finally Reached Airport n seeing their Destination in Front of their Eyes they both Became Sad n Upset but Composed Themselves for Each other..
Krishna : ( Composed Herself ) Toh Chale Mr.Sayyam..ur First Destination has Arrived..( Controlling Her Tears )
Sayyam : ( Feeling Her Pain n Cups Her Face ) Krishna..Pakka na..
Krishna:Haa sayyam Pakka..i knw thoda Difficult hoga but i will Manage Myself..i know its ur Dream Project so i will not Stop u…
Sayyam : ( Smiles n Kisses Her Forehead Lovingly ) Thanks My dear for Understanding Me.. I will be back Soon as I can
Krishna : Sayyam..i want a special Gift before u Leave Me n Go..will u give Me Plzz.. ( Teary-eyes )

Sayyam : Haa Krishna..Sure..i will..tell me what u want..i will Surely Give…( Cups Her Face )
Krishna : ( Blushes n Teary Eyes n Looks at Driver in Uncomfortably ) Woh Actually..mujhe…
Sayyam who saw Her Biting Her Own Lips n Her Bluishness n the Way She Looked Driver Understood n Smiled n then aksed Driver to Leave the Car for Sometime.. After Sometime when Driver Left the Car sayyam Turned towards Krishna n Cupped Her Face again n Leaned Towards Her with a Naughty Smile…. Krishna seeing His Gestures Closed her Eyes in Shyness n she too Started Leaning Towards his Lips n Finally Placed her soft n Tender Lips on his n adjusted her lips on his rough lips n both Kissed Each other Passionately..Soon a Normal Kiss Turned into a Passionate n a Hungry n Needed One…Both Had a Lovely n Passionate Kiss before Sayyam Left for Delhi as their Memorable Gift…As they Kissed Each other they had Tears in their eyes n a Pain in their Heart….

Soon both Parted their Ways n Broke their Passionate Kiss due to Lack ot Oxygen…After Having a Passionate Kiss Both made them Presentable n Wiped their Lips n came out of Car n Headed towards the Departure Gate..As they Headed Nearer to Departure Gate Hand in Hand their Fear of Loosing Each other Increased n Unnoticed Tears Flowed from both of their Eyes..Both Krishna n sayyam had a Small but a Painful Eye Lock with Teary Eyes n Hugged Each other Passionately…
Soon they Broke their Eye Lock on the Final Announcement of sayyam’s Flight…Hearing the Announcement Both Krishna n sayyam had a Pain in their Heart thinking the Time has Arrived for their Seperation.

Sayyam : ( Teary Eyes ) take care Krishna.
.( Cups Her Face ) i will be back Soon.. ( Kisses her Forehead Lovingly ) I love u soo much.
Krishna : ( Holds His Hands which were Cupping Her Face with Teary Eyes ) U too sayyam… Do take ur meals on time.. I love u too sayyam… Come soon..i’m waiting for u
Sayyam : ( Smiles with Teary Eyes ) Ok My Princess..
Sayyam having a special Moment with His wife Left her Hands n Started Moving towards His Gate n Soon Disappeared from Krishna’s Eye Sight Leaving Her with Teary Eyes n with a Fear of Loosing Him..

Episode ends

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  1. i hope u r not doing anything to saiyyam…pls already im heartbroken vd ssel exit n dn this…

    but d epi was awesum evn i felt emotional reading dis n imagining it..

    1. Shaani

      Actually yes I’m going to do something to sayyam… Let’s see… Keep reading.. U will get to know about it..

      1. really…dn i should keep a tissue box ready by my let c what r u planing…ill b eagerly waiting fr nxt

  2. Fanficwriter518

    This was such an emotional episode! Loved it as always ❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much ??

  3. Intensely emotional and truly beautiful. All of krishna’s unsaid fears and unshed tears were magnificently captured and presented. Her fears and anxieties lent this episode a hugely humane touch and made this story even more endearing than it was ever before. All the moments were immensely captivating and gorgeously described. It was indeed an emtionally fantabulous masterpiece..

  4. Awesome episode

  5. Awww plz don’t hurt sayyam?I’m literally so tensed like that all this is happening in reality?I love kriyaam so much?and the episode was so emotional

  6. Hafsaaa

    Emotional it was.I know something will happen to Saiyyam but Krishna’s prayers with him❤️ Pure beautiful ??

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much.. Let’s see what will happen…
      Will her prayers keep him alive…. Hm.. That is the problem.. Keep reading..
      Thank u for reading n commenting ?

  7. Intensely emotional episode how beautifully u have described their feeling it hooked me to every word loved it alll the way?

  8. Hey what’s gonna happen with sayyam… ???????I’m tensed…

  9. Saiyyamlover_17

    Ooooh I bet something is going to happen to Saiyyam. And way loved ❤️ this episode. Can’t wait for more xxx❤️❤️❤️✨??

    1. Shaani

      Yeah.. Yeah.. I’m going kill him…. (kidding?) yes..anyone can understand that Na.. That something is gonna happen to sayyam… But let’s see ..will he be able to survive…?? That is the question… For that u have to keep reading..
      Thankx for commenting buddy..?

  10. Nnnya

    Uff phir Naina.. i’m blushing. ..blushing… dear i’ll be dead by the end of this track…..
    Krishna feeling i’m really scared…something’s happening to saiyyam..but i’m excited too. Great episode dear! 🙂

  11. AnahitaAnnie

    Woah….what a splendid episode…all of ur scenes made it such an entralling read… For kriyammates the kriyam scenes are paramount..and through intricate details and depictions of kriyam sorrow made me so amazed..really shaani everyday how do u manage to put up such exquisite piece of art…i am simply flabbergasted with ur work…anyways… something will surely happen to saiyyam and I can’t wait to see what..nice twist that u brought…keep goin and can’t wait for the next.. Keep going and incandescent the next episode with ur prodigious writing….

  12. Swetha7

    my heart is pounding fast……….i know you are not going to kill syyam.i am damn sure about it.but i sense something terrible will happen that makes krishna’s whole world callaps on her feet.i am waiting……..

  13. Dinu

    ???? such a emotional epi.???nt only Krishna I also feeling scared n while reading dis epi my heart was beating fast. ???u nailed it always.??I know u won’t kill sayyam. Bt i tnk something terrible going 2 happen with him.poor Krishna!??feeling sry 4 her.plz post d nxt epi soon dr.2mrrw wiil be d last day i’m commenting on all d ffs (4 dis month) as my clzes begins on mndy.??☹ bye dr tc????

  14. Very emotional episode. Kriyam parted for the first time. Are you gonna make a kidnap scene?

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