Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 28 )

Chapter 28- Poisonous Hearts!

Royal Palace, Dilli-

“So, what would be next?” Mouizuddin asked casually to Shah Turkan, sipping his wine. The two were alone in his chamber “A plate of almonds .” she joked, to which he rolled his eyes “I am serious, Razia will be back and we do not have even started to plan of overthrowing her.” Moizuddin’s voice was laced with impatience as the words left his lips “You haven’t but I have” Shah Turkan revealed as her lips curved into a sly smirk, making Moizuddin frown suspiciously “Well, men are born possessive and brought up to have huge egos, Malik Altunia isn’t very different either. No man can tolerate betrayal, then why would he?” she replied wily “What do you mean? Bother to explain?” asked a confused Moizuddin, Shah Turkan shook her head slightly and sighed “Well, all we need to do is to insert suspicion about Razia and Yakut’s friendship, you know, a young and handsome man and an equally, no an incredibly beautiful woman and that too a sultan….it’s quiet tough to imagine them as only ‘friends’” as the words left her mouth, Moizuddin grinned evilly, he knew what he had to do.

As the days flew away, Rehan grew more comfortable in his new environment, especially around Razia and Yakut, with his training of a warrior as well as a leader going on full swing, he had developed a special bond with the Sultan. While, on the other hand, Moizuddin and Shah Turkan, like deadly serpents, began to spread their poisons, poisoning the hearts of the Ministers and then the common people, with the false rumors of Yakut and Razia having a secret love affair, of they weren’t only friends behind the curtains. Some shrugged the rumors, knowing and believing them to be false, but most hearts did get molded by the poisonous whispers. Rumors had spread like wildfire beyond Dilli too and it did not take many days for the poison to sneak in stealthily into the Palace of Bhatinda, but Altunia always shrugged them he trusted Razia with his heart and soul after all.
Fatimah Mahal, Gazni-

“Fatimah!’ Nasir called her, his voice soft and loving “Hm?” she responded as her fingers deftly ran through his silky hair while he had his head on her lap “I know you miss Razia and Yakut, don’t you?” he asked all of a sudden “Well, I do…..and I want to meet her Nasir.” she finally confessed “Hm, do not worry, I am leaving tomorrow for a diplomatic meeting that is to be held in Bengal . I shall return after seven days and one night. And after I do, we will go to Dilli.” he promised, earning a smile from Fatimah.


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