Ishra SS-Your love Ceased me to Hate you (Last part)

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Two elderly couples are seen standing near Raman’s mansion. The two couple each other and are shocked……
They ring the bell of the house and Ishita opens the door and is afraid as well as dumbstruck to see them

Ishraru were living together happily… N one night ruhi was asleep and Ishra were seated in the living room when they see a old couple walking outside and unshed tears appear in Raman’s eye and he says
Raman: I miss my parents. They have been a huge support to me and it’s been a long time that I have felt the warmth of Mom’s embrace
Ishita: Even I am on the same boat. But what would they react on our reunion. Good or Bad!??? Happy or Angry !???
Raman: I don’t know but before knowing their reaction I once I wish to meet them once ( He said choking)…
Ishita: What would be your decision if they won’t accept. Would you leave us again ( She asked with fear dripping from her voice )
Raman: Accept or Don’t accept. I am not gonna leave you and Ruhi again. Losing once was bad but loosing again would be worst. ( He said possessively pulling Ishita to himself )
Ishita: Raman it’s hurting
Raman: Is dard ko tum sehlogi kyunki tum meri Jhasi ki Rani ho lekin dil hamara dimaag nahi jise ham samjha sakte hai ki WO royega nahi aur mera dil rota hai to never.. Kabhi bhi mujhse door jaane ke baaren mei sochna bhi mat…. ( He said twisting her hand then releasing it at sudden )
Ishita: Aahhh ( She shouted at the verge of falling… closing her eyes when she feels two strong hands holding her back )
Raman: Giraunga mai to samhalunga bhi mai hi ..rulaunga mein aur hasaon ka mein hi..haq hai mera aur jataunga mein hi…is haq ko tum toh kya khuda bhi nahi cheen Sakta …(I ll make u fall n make u stand ..I ll make u cry n laugh.. Its my rights ..this rights not even u but the Almighty also can’t take it )
Ishita: I am yours and would forever would be yours. Actually forever is less so forever isn’t for us

Flashback Ends………

Both the old couple enter slowly walking and while one looked at Ishita with hatred while one couple had love and then Raman enters having the same reaction which was of Ishita and moves towards them,

Raman: Papa ji, Mammi ji aap yahan. Aur Amma Appa aap andar aayiye na ( Mom dad yourself here. And mother-in-law father-in-law please come in )

Mrs Bhalla: Raman mera beta. How are you and what’s all of this. Why is she here doing with you after what she have done with you and betrayed you leaving you heartbroken and you called her parents here.

Mrs Iyer: It’s not our daughter but your son who have caused my Ishu to be in so much pain and hurt her really bad.

Mrs Bhalla: Madrasan you are blind in your daughters love so you weren’t able to see her evil side.

Mrs Iyer: No it’s…. ( But Raman cuts off both of them )

Raman: It’s none of us mistake but a really well played game and a spiderweb in which we all were caught up.

“Yes it was a really really well played game” came a voice from behind.

Ishita: Bhabhi youuuu..

Bhabhi: Yes me ( She said with a sigh )……. I will explain you why and what is the game….


Bhabhi was seen in a room breaking everything which came in her hand and was shouting like a mad.

“I am worst, I am a vamp, I am a really horrible, selfish person who has hurt her own sister-in-law leaving her helpless and into nothing”

She looked into the mirror giving a evil smile to her reflection by seeing her wound saying

“These wounds hurt me na so let them hurt more and lead to my heart and let it bleed and let the pain fade”

And she blackouts in the darkness which is caused by her own hands

Flashback Ends…….

And Bhabhi has now explained everything to Mr & Mrs. Iyer and Bhalla and they are looking at her with complete hatred and ashamed of their act while Raman is fuming yet composes himself to console a broken Ishita

Bhabhi: I know I have done the worst but I was wrong to do and am ashamed of myself to hurt you all. Ishita please forgive your Bhabhi and I sincerely apologize to you Raman for keeping Ishu and Ruhi away from you but I know I don’t deserve an apology.

By saying this was about to leave while Ishita was looking at Raman with pleading eyes and then Raman called

Raman: What if I say we forgive you ( Bhabhi turns around looking at him with disbelief )…. Yes we forgive you with all our heart.

Mrs. Bhalla: Buttt Ramann…

Raman: Mammi Ji let the past be past and look towards the future.

Ishita runs to her Bhabhi and takes her in a bone crushing hug and says…

Ishita: Thank you, thank you very very much Raman,

Bhabhi: Really thank you Raman to forgive me.

The tears were gone and happiness surrounded the house which was now a home of a beautiful family when Ruhi arrived

Ruhi: Mamma Papa …… She came shouting

And everyone turned to her and both the old couples face held shock and yet happiness

Ishita: Amma, Appa, Mammi Ji, Papa Ji ye rahi aapki poti Ruhi.

Both Couples eyes were watery and they cried when Ruhi came forward and said..

Ruhi: Patti, Tata, Dada, Dadi please don’t cry

And they all had smile on their face and slowly they hugged her and peppered her face with kisses making her giggle and all of them laugh. Then came Bhabhi

Ruhi: Hello Chitti

Bhabhi: Hello Princess…

And they both hugged and the happiness bloomed further making the mansion shine in the brightness of love and life and Alll are gathered in the living room seated and playing with Ruhi when Raman goes to Ishita seeing her looking from Afar and ask

Raman: When did you call Mammi Ji and Papa Ji…

Ishita: When you were asleep….Well when did you call Amma, Appa..

Raman: When you were asleep… ( He said with a shrug and wrapped his hands around Ishita )

Ishita: You are weird you know

Raman: But you love me anyway..

Ishita: Yes I love you Mr. Ravan Kumar..

Raman: I love you to Mrs Jhasi Ki Rani..
Note:This episode was purely written by my sissy who is a year younger than me….so plz for this episode don’t appreciate me but her..I haven’t done a bit in this….she is really a great writer she has written many other fanfics also but on swasan n fictions …
And the below is written by me ..
“Your love ceased me to hate you” is really a true thing …n in our ishra’s life it has happened both in the serial n in this story …after the 7yrs leap they should have hated each other …but their love was the barrier b/w them n hatrate …it happened with ishru also ….she loved her ishimaa even after assuming her her killer ….thus happens in real life also if u love someone deeply even if he or she hurts u which should lead u to hating her or him ..u never hate him/her but just forget the hurt ….so someone truly so that the evil hate never comes in b/w …..forgiveness n love can change a person the forgiveness n love of ishita changed juhi …there r many stories written by many great writers in history who’s story convey this… It happens…it has happened in my life also ..I have a frd ..she has hurt many feelings she even scored very less marks though she was capable of scoring the best …but u know after love n forgiveness she has changed she is now a very lovely girl indeed …..
I have request from all of u to please help the persons in the roadsides if they have an accident or got lost .. This topic is not leaving me from the day I have read the article abt this everywhere I m seeing people ignoring the needy ………..
.so I added this point … Raman gave shelter to an unknown ..
Love is a very very magical feeling that one get in every form so ….keep loving ????
Sorry guys if this one was boring …….
This is particularly a last episode…..there is a bonus episode coming up… my sissy ??
If u guys want one epilogue ……I need super duper comments???then only a epilogue… If this ending is nice then no need of an epilogue???its all ur wish
…..sorry guys for posting late I had my school going on n very busy ….now summer vacations have started ….so ..I can manage a epilogue if u want …..

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