Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 16 )

Chapter 16 – The Lady In Red !

Few miles away from Dilli-

The hooting of owls echoed in the otherwise dead silent dense forest , full of beastly creatures , but the forest’s darkness had hidden Sharif and his men too , as they waited patiently for the royal palanquin , as the moon peeped out from the black clouds and their wait seemed to be finally over as the flickering torches invaded the darkness , Sharif silently gestured his men to be ready with their swords , the men carrying torches were leading a royal palanquin , as soon as they reached near the spot where Sharif with his men were hiding , they charged at the men and the palanquin , but , to their surprise , the men seemed to be well prepared for the attack as they took out their swords and charged back at them before they realised it , Sharif charged towards the palanquin , expecting Razia to be there , but to his surprise , it revealed Ameenudin instead ,

the metal sword of Ameenudin shone under the moonlight as he charged at Sharif. Sharif was taken aback by the action but decided to charge back. Blood was shed , as the bloodstained swords of Sharif and his men lay on the wet ground of the forest “Let’s go back , we had followed the Sultan’s orders , she will be glad.” Ameenudin proudly announced. It was Razia’s plan , to throw Sharif and his men at the place they belong to , filth . But hardly did Ameenudin know that he too wasn’t forgiven yet.
Royal Palace , Bhatinda-

Razia stared at her image at the mirror as the maids helped her undo her cloths and jwellery . “Seems like someone is going to disturb the Sultan’s sleep tonight .” One of the maids teased Razia as she helped Razia wear a red colored simple , yet elegant dress sent by Altunia himself , she slowly put on the nose ring and earings sent by Altunia to Razia.

“You look gorgeous.” one of the maids happily said after she finished brushing her hair that was left open. Just then the chamber doors opened and revealed Malik Altunia himself , the layers around Razia were blocking his view . “Taqlia (Privacy) !” he announced and the maids immediately after giving him a proper salaam “I thought you’re sleeping .” Altunia said with a smile “Really? That’s why you are here ?” Razia teased him “Yes , just wanted to ensure that you are comfortable here .” he said , pulling aside the layers and approaching her as she stared at him through the mirror , still facing her back to him , he almost forgot to breath at the sight of hers , she looked heavenly gorgeous , even in that simple dress . “ You look breathtaking my love .” Altunia could not hold back from complementing her , Razia turned around and got up “I missed you like anything.” she confessed and hugged him , he hugged her back , after breaking the hug , Razia found her eyes locked with his , she didn’t realise when his hands pulled her closer to him and he leaned in for a passionate kiss.

Altunia’s POV-

I could not hold back myself from being close to her , I wish , we were not ever born as royals , we then could have been together always , after breaking the hug , I leaned to kiss her , a whole month , she was away , I just couldn’t hold back , she tasted like rose and honey and her scent was a mix of rose and sandalwood , soon Razia , soon we will be together …forever.

End of POV

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