Haan mujhe bhi hogaya (episode-5)

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Soumya sleeps as she was bored.Suhani and Yuvraj are watching the movie with lot of interest.Bhavna and Sharad who are sitting distant from Yuvani are talking to eachother.Meanwhile it is a song and many guys in the theatre start whistling.Suhani also whistles.
Yuvraj: What are you doing suhani??See how people are looking at you.Stop whistling.
Suhani: You too whistle na.Learn to enjoy.Don’t behave like a sadu
Yuvraj: What!!What did you call me??
Suhani: I called you sadu.
She repeats the word sadu many times.
Yuvraj gets angry.He catches suhani’s ears.
Suhani: Yuvraj!!Leave my ears.It is paining.
Yuvraj: Oh really!! Then say sorry.
Suhani: Sorry Halki daari bhikre baal !!
Meanwhile it is the interval time.Our YUVANI go out to get snacks and drinks.Somu is still sleeping.Yuvraj orders drinks,sandwiches and pop-corn.Suhani sees samosas.He asks suhani if she wants anything.
Suhani: Yuvraj!! I want samosas .
Yuvraj: Kya?? SAMOSAS???How can u eat such unhealthy food suhani?See urself how fat u are…
Suhani(makes a face):Sadu pls pls…
He orders samosas too.Suhani hugs him in a thankful way.But realises the place they are in and moves away.They go inside and the movie resumes.
Suhani offers samosa to yuvi.He makes an ugly face.
Later the movie finishes.Suhani wakes up somu.
Soumya: Arey!!What happened suhani??Why r u waking me??
Suhani: Somu rani.The movie finished.Come lets go.
They go back home.

Next morning.,
Suhani calls Yuvraj.YUvraj sees Suhani’s name flashing on the screen.He lifts the phone.
Yuvraj: Hello samosa rani.
Suhani: hello sadu kumar.
Yuvraj:Kya baat hai??Ithni subah subah mujhe call kiya?
Suhani: You know na that bhavna di and sharad bhaiyya are going to get married.
Yuvraj(jokingly):Kya yeh nayi discovery hain??
Suhani: haha bakwaas bandh karo.pehle suno meri baat.
Yuvraj: bolo
Suhani: Bhavna di aur sharad bhaiyya hain na un dhono ke brains dabba brains hain.Their marriage is within fifteen days and they don’t even know how to create privacy for each other and spend some romantic moments.
Yuvraj:Ha u are right.Yeh sharad hain na bhuddhu hain kuch nahi aatha unko.
Suhani: We should do some thing.
Yuvraj: What can we do??
Suhani: We will plan a romantic dinner for them.
Suhani narrates her plan to Yuvi.
Yuvraj: Jhansi ki rani.You are a genius.
Suhani: Message me after completing the work.Bye
Suhani cuts the call.
Suhani goes near bhavna with a glass ofd orange juice and wantedly spills on her dress.
Suhani:Sorry di!! I did not see.Go and do bath or else ants will come and bite u.
Bhavna goes to have bath.Suhani msgs to sharad “Come and meet me for dinner at the Paradise restaurant at 8:00 pm.Please pic me at the outside of my house.”
Suhani send the msg and deletes it immediately.
Meanwhile Yuvi goes to Sharad’s room.He says to sharad that pratima is calling him.Sharad goes to meet her.Yuvi takes the phone and msgs to bhavna’s phone “Come and join me for dinner aat the paradise restaurant at 8:00 pm.I will wait for u outside ur house.He too sends and deletes the msg.
Both Bhavna and Sharad come back .Both of them see the msg.The scree freezes on their faces.

PRECAP:Bhavna and sharad go for dinner.Some YUVANI moments…

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    Wwwwoooww. I LOVED THE YUVANI NOK-JHOK!!! I WAS REALLY MISSING THIS SIDE OF THEIR LOVE! Thank you for this beauty xxx

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