Razia Sultan 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts Razia enters Shazia and Yasir’s room and seeing them sad. She tries to cheer them up. They don’t laugh. She says she will be going forever. They say they will sleep now as they have to get up early. Mirza comes and Razia asks what is he doing here. Mirza says he came to see stars. She says he can leave if he has seen stars. He says he sees 3 stars down on earth. Yasir and Shazia smile and asks him to tell a story. Razia says they wanted to sleep, but now are wide awake.

Mirza starts Razia story in detail bit by bit how she left to reach ghazni and caught by goons and him saving her, then getting caught by slave traders, he saving her next, then rescuing her from midget killer, then teaching her to fight, then dropping her to her destination, later knowing she is a princess, their love blooming and then separating after knowing girl is marrying someone.

Razia comments girl leaves boy forever. Mirza comments it is just the beginning. He says girl and boy eloped to a place where there was no enemy of love. Razia imagines running with Mirza. She asks what next. He imagines they reunited, imagines marrying her in front of pandits and Sadhus by exchanging ring.

Razia then rests on pillow and says then they lived happily ever after. Mirza comments a name for their story. They all fall asleep. Razia gets up in the morning and finds himself sleeping on Mirza’s shoulder. She gets up and prays god to make her dream come true. Mirza backs her by saying ameen/summa ameen.

Mirza washes his face in the lawn. Yaldos comes and asks if he is awake from his dreams. Mirza says dreams are not seen with closed eyes, but with open eyes and taunts that his dream of getting Razia will not fulfill. Yaldos taunts him that he is sparing him till he marries Razia and then he will kill him slowly. Mirza gets tensed. A man comes with special paan for Yaldos. Yaldos gets tensed seeing him and asks why is he here. Mirza suspects something is fishy.

Precap: Mirza asks Razia to come along with him. Mirza finds a man who met Yaldos and asks why yaldos got afraid seeing him. Man says he has yaldos’ biggest secret.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. So nice story tats too the imagination

  2. soo sweet of mirza. i wish his story comes true soon. bas jaldi se budhay yaldos ki sachai sabke saamne aa jaye.

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