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Sanjeev questions Sunidhi why is she doing this all, he asks her to tear these papers and return the property. Sunidhi shouts that she will neither give the property nor tear the papers. She says she now has to take revenge of what she has suffered, everyone here wanted her to obey only because she is a younger daughter in law. In every decision Pratibha is considered, they pushed her out of the house. She says Pratibha always wanted her to leave the house so that she can own all the property, but her name is Sunidhi and she couldn’t give her portion of property to a housewife. She says they must not forget she is a business woman, a much able lady than Pratibha.
Mahen says she is right, Sunidhi is a business woman and goes with the tides only. She doesn’t know how to deal with matters. He says Pratibha has all the qualities of leadership, but she doesn’t have them. She is jealous of Pratibha, but she can never stand equal to her. This is why she took up all the property by betrayal. Sunidhi shouts at him to stop it, he won’t be shocked at what she is about to say. She says she wants him to collect his luggage and immediately leave the house. Pratibha shouts Sunidhi! But she stops Pratibha, Sunidhi tells Mahen that he only has one week and leaves the room. Everyone is left in shock.
Kaashi comes behind Sunidhi and asks didn’t she want a division of property only. Sunidhi stares at her, Kaashi gets afraid again. She says that Sunidhi only wanted to take revenge from Pratibha only then why her son and grandsons. Sunidhi laughs and says she only wanted to send Pratibha out of the house but she can’t say this directly. She says to Kaashi that soon she and Sunidhi will get rid of that Pratibha, and suggests to find a new bride for Mahen.
At night, Sanjeev says to Mahen and Pratibha that he will get this reversed. He says if she doesn’t listen to him he will leave Sunidhi for always. Pratibha says he won’t do any such thing, they always knew that Sunidhi’s intentions were never right but she bears his child and his children will always need him. She says she has to do something now, she doesn’t know how and what but she will always need their sides.
Sunidhi speaks to her mother who was cheerful. Sunidhi says her baby to be is her lucky charm and changed her fate. First it helped her to be in this house again and now it made a way for her to get all the property. Sunidhi says she will keep this baby away from Pratibha unlike Bubu. She says till this baby will be born, Pratibha won’t be in her life.
At night, Anmol asks Peehu why Sunidhi did this all. Peehu asks if she needs a reason to do this all, she is jealoused of mom because she can never be like this. She curses herself to be stupid who considered her as her rockstar. Pratibha comes to kids and asks what is going on. Anmol asks if they really have to leave the house? Pratibha says they will never leave the house. Pratibha says they might be having bad times but in hard times they have to be strong and be the strength of each other. Pratibha says our family always support us, be strong and be successful. Peehu says that until they are together she is afraid of no one. The kids hug Pratibha, Pratibha thinks she won’t let them loose this roof.
In the morning, Mahen was in his room lost in his thoughts about Sunidhi’s words. Pratibha brings tea for him. Mahen says he doesn’t want it, Pratibha says she thought a lot about it. She got worried about her future and her kid’s as well, but she couldn’t reach a decision. She got a head ache instead, and could only get rid of it by a cup of tea. Mahen takes his tea. Pratibha says if she will think about one matter only they will get more emotional, and they can’t find the solution to this matter emotionally but have to find a logic. Mahen says logically his signatures say that he has sold his house and shop in only ten lac rupees. Pratibha says someone may question that such a property can’t be sold for ten lac only and that this deal can be fake. Mahen asks who will raise this question. Pratibha says the registrars in the legislation houses. She says she will take care of Sunidhi and he must do about it in this week.

PRECAP: Sunidhi comes to the table and asks Kaashi to empty the seat on which she sits. Kaashi says she always sit here, but Sunidhi throws the seat instead. Kaashi loses her balance.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Evil sunidhi.your punishment is coming

  2. that is very good for what sunidhi did to kashi because for a mature old woman she is never objective she always takes sunidhi side so let see the outcome for her now and as for mahen why did he sign those papers and without reading them although prabitha told him that sunidhi was just acting because she was hiding and eating when the time arises yet he mahen stupidly sign the papers when sunidhi held up he papers the three of them sanjeev mahen and prabitha should have jumped on her and grab the documents and tear them up but then again this is how the serial have to go so lets wait and see where are those two detectives amnol and peehu LOL children get to work fast and start snooping find those papers and destroy them and let sunidhi pay for what she did and writers for her wickedness let her loose the baby too as the saying goes crave all loose all

  3. I heard This story is coming to The End shortly by turning Sunidhi character positive

  4. Josephine ngu

    sunidhi is going too far.i know it will not last long .they will take everything back from her.

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