How would you rate Sony’s new show Humsafars by its start?

Humsafars by 4 Lions Films started airing on Sony Entertainment Television from 22 September at the 10:30 pm slot. The show stars Harshad Chopra and Shivya Pathania. Set against the fashion world, this is a passionate love story between a small town girl and a rough and tough millionaire. This is the story of how destiny brings together two people who don’t see eye to eye on anything when they meet but eventually fall head over heels in love with each other. The show is set in a Muslim household and brings forth a story of determination, hard work and perseverance.

Aarzoo is a designer who works in a small set up in Lucknow. However, a big buyer has bought over the set up and wants to demolish the workshop where her mother has worked for 15 years. Every one is very tense about this. Aarzoo decides to do something about it and stop the demolition. She asks her friend to go to court and get a stay order for the same. The demolition has started and the stay order is yet not in Aarzoo’s hand. She decides to lie down in front of the Bulldozer in order to stop the demolition. However she faints while lying down and just then something goes wrong in the machinery of the bulldozer as well. Sahir saves Arzoo’s life, and Aarzoo regains consciousness and unsuccessfully looks for her savior to thank him. While Aarzoo, Zara and Myra enjoy the 1st rain, Aarzoo makes a wish to get a job in a big city.

On the other hand Sahir is stranded in the middle of the road as his car doesn’t start wouldn’t start in the rain. Without realizing whom they are helping , Aarzoo and her sisters help Sahir start his car and he finally leaves. Aarzoo wishes to land a job in Mumbai. Her sister and friend take part in a fashion show, which is being judged by Sahir’s mother. The demolition of the workshop has been put on hold due to the stay order issued by the court. This has angered Sahir a lot and he goes to seek support from the local MLA, who is known to him. The MLA promises the demolition by hook or crook. On the other side, Aarzoo is set to stop it at any cost. The show looks pretty promising as the lead actor Harshad has many fans. Did you like the show by its start? Let us know and state your thoughts in comments.

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  2. Tough guy & small town girl is so like Iss Pyaar Ko Kuala Naam Doon’s Arnav &Khushi… Storyline is so like it… Oly few few are different… Hopefully it is different

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