Rape – humanity is gone


In nirbhaya’s case there was a minor caught who got treated as one though he was only two months far from being adult. The minor was said to be the one who was responsible for most of brutal injuries of nirbhaya but he gets away because of the juvenile laws. Recently I read he is working as a Chef in some hotel. A crime like rape should never be treated as a juvenile crime. Recently I stumbled upon a movie like shudhi which focused on the same topic, the truth was brutal. The movie showed how some guys manipulated the juvenile laws to get away from rape. Though the guys were eighteen years old ,with their parents influence got away proving their age less than eighteen. This shook me off, how easily people can get away after committing rape in india and this is why people do this because they know they can get 


I heard even in priyanka’s case, there is a minor involved and as usual he will get away. Why? Because the govt will let him. 

When asifa case came out, my sister shared one incident which actually shocked me to the core. My sister was studying in 10 th and was discussing how inhuman was the case when suddenly one of her classmates without any hesitation said her that the girl deserves to be raped because she is a Muslim and this was a good revenge taken from the hindus. This is the thought of a guy who is well educated and comes from a very good family. The toxic thought of the guy made him think, would he be ok to rape a girl of other religion just to take revenge?. As rape become medium to take revenge? Are rapists now using religion to justify their acts? 

Why are people dragging religion in this? I recently started noticing the media they never report a girl is raped, they report a hindu girl is raped by a Muslim guy or a Muslim girl is raped by a Hindu guy. When will people understand if terrorism does not have religion even rape does not have any religion because no religion in the world will teach rape or to disrespect women. 

A place like india where godness like durga are worshipped, where jhansi ki rani lived is the same place where child abuse, rape and marital rape takes place. I was recently watching ted talks where women had come over, she said when she informed her mother about how her husband was touching her without her permission, her mother had rebuked her telling her that it was normal and even said her ” do you think your father asked my permission everytime before touching me? “. This is how people treat marital rape in india. Since he has married you, he owns your body and can do anything with it. 

The guys get this attitude seeing their mother subside to their father. Not every guy is trash but most of them are. They think they are kings and can’t stand woman equal to them. They do this cheap things to satisfy their ego and still think they were right. 

Our justice system sucks, there are countries where rape is treated as most brutal crime and given punishments like stoning to death and there is India, let the rapists to file mercy pleads. You know why are the politicians still hesitating to make a strict law for the rapists because how will they punish their own realtives? 


The day india treats rape as not some small crime but as something serious as terrorism that day this monsters will stop. The day when the family teaches the boys not to treat girls as inferior to them and to give them respect, that day india will flourish. The day the society will stand with the victim instead of accusing her that day india will not remain the capital country of rape. 

Priyanka’s rape did not shock me because it has become normal now. The news of a girl being raped has become normal news now. It is the brutality which shocks me. Tomorrow another girl will be raped but govt is busy discussing something else. 

I want to know the reason the with whiich society will accuse priyanka? The girl was a well educated doctor, she was not wearing any transparent dress ( not that it matters), she was not out at odd hours. She followed every rules which the society laid down for a girl to follow. Why was she raped then ?. Now what will Society tell? Will they tell that educating her was wrong or letting a girl work was wrong. 

I don’t know if the justice will be served or not but  I can only hope and pray that somehow rape is abolished from the whole world someday and our future generations don’t need to keep their girls caged in home to protect them or put restrictions on them. 

I hope there will one day when we will feel safe in our country. Where we would not hesitate to go out in night. Where India will be listed as top 10 countries where women are safe. 

Remembering about safe countries, I remember reading one of sudha murthy’s experience in Sweden or New Zealand. 

The author had gone to one of her meeting here and it was late night when the meeting had got over. She had hired a taxi to reach her hotel and when she gave the driver money, he had only taken half of the Money telling that here in the country woman are to give only half money if they hire a taxi at late night. It was every man’s responsibility in the country to make sure that the woman safely reaches her place without being uncomfortable. The author was literally bewildered she had mentioned how in India , she had to pay double money to get home in a auto at night then it was then she realized that why was this country listed as top five countries where women are ultimately safe and crime registered on them are so low less. She had only hoped one day her country could be the same. 

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