Shubharambh 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Raja keeps getting manipulated by the family

Shubharambh 3rd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on
Scene 1
Rani and Raja are in a rally, they both pray to Mata. Rani stamps his hand but he couldn’t see her face. Another girl comes to Raja and says I knew I would find you here. He says hi Jharna. Raja says how did you know? She says I knew you would be nearby. She sees the stamp and says this is a special blessing. Raja tells her that he is getting the shoes changed for Mehul but let me tell you that medicated shoes the best for pain. He leaves with her. Rani hears it and says thank you, I will get those for my mother.

Hitan calls everyone in the house and scolds Mehul for making Raja work. Raja says it’s okay, I was working for the family only. Hitan says Raja was a hungry whole day so I will remain hungry now. He leaves. Asha smiles at Kirdada.

Hitan comes to his room and laughs with Kirdada. Hitan says you know I was acting, I scolded the kids so pacify them with love.

Raja comes to Asha and says why did you tell Hitan that I didn’t eat? He is hungry now.

Kirdada brings food for Hiten. She says you shouldn’t scold them so much that they get angry on you. Hiten says I am keeping Raja in my control, he is so innocent and loyal, you won’t find anyone like him.

Rani’s brother calls his friend and says I know the information. Rani comes to him and says I wanted to buy medicated shoes for mom, I need some money. He says I have some money. Rani says how did you get this money? Are you stealing again? Bhailo says no, I earned it.

Raja sees Jharna standing in her balcony, he smiles at her. He comes home. Hiten says he will eat first. Raja asks him to meet first. Mehul comes there and says we are designing new photos for the shop. Raja says this is good. Hiten asks Raja to take part in it too, he leaves.

Asha is working in the kitchen. Kirdada turns the fan towards and flour falls on her face.

Raja is selecting the suit for the function. Bhabhi tells him that I know you like Jharna, he blushes. She says I will talk to your mom.

Kirdada comes to Asha and says you can’t win over me. Asha says you can keep dreaming big.

Rani talks to her sister and shows her the shoes for their mom.

Raja is leaving when Kirdada acts like she fell down. All rush to her. Raja asks if she is fine? He goes to bring medicine. Asha tells Kirdada this happens with people who think bad. Raja says I will bring the medicine. He leaves. Kirdada smirks at Asha.

Raja and Rani are in the market looking for the shops.
Rani comes to her mother and says I am here as your feet hurt.
Raja comes to a shop. Jharna meets him and says you look handsome today. He smiles at her and says we have a family gathering at the shop. Jharna says get a good photo. Raja smiles at her and says I have to find the ointment for Kirdada first.
Rani sees her mother applying an ointment. Jharna comes to her and sees the ointment in her hand, she asks her to keep working and give me this. She takes the ointment and brings it to Raja. She says this will help Kirdada. Raja thanks her.

Scene 2
Kirdada and others are ready for the photoshoot at the shop. Hiten asks where is Raja? Kirdada says I asked him to come but he is busy. Mehul says let’s get the photo. They all stand together to take a photo. Hiten asks Asha to join too. The photographer is about to take their photo but Raja comes there and takes a photo with them. Kirdada is miffed.

Rani is taking the mone for protecting shoes outside mandir, she says I have to get money to get the shoes. She gets a call and says what work? I can do it, you will give me 500? I am ready.

Scene 3
Raja comes outside his house and smiles at Jharna who lives adjacent to their house.

Rani becomes a bunny at a birthday party and earns money. She says I will get the shos now.

Raja takes the newspaper. Jharna comes and says your photo didn’t come. He sees photos and Raja has been cropped from it. He is hurt.

Rani is happy and hugs everyone for the money. She comes into her house and is shocked to see the roof is broken and her mother crying.

Jharna tells Raja I wish you had your photo too. He is sad.

Hiten calls someone and says how could you crop my son Raja out of the photo? Otherside is Kirdada on call and says I am enjoying this drama. Raja asks Hiten to not get angry, you will get ill. He gives him water. Asha looks at the drama and is hurt.

Popat tells Rani and the family that you have to take care of this house and get this repaired. Rani takes out her money.

Raja tells Hiten that you thought about me and that is enough. Hiten says you are a diamond. He hugs him Mehul and others are jealous.

Rani gives money to Popat, he thanks her and says I will get it repaired.
Rani is sad. Bhaijo tells her that don’t worry, you will get the money. He gets a call and says what? This is stealing. He ends the call.

Asha looks at Raja helping the family and says to his father’s picture that he doesn’t understand who is his loyal and who is not, I want him to marry a girl who is rich and powerful. She shouldn’t have stepped on the bare floor, I want a girl who can bring 50 lacs in Raja’s life.

PRECAP- Raja sees Rani standing as a statue, she sneezes, he is shocked. Rani whispers that don’t tell anyone that I am real otherwise they won’t give me money. Raja removes the feather from her hand so she wouldn’t sneeze again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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