Ranvi and Veera fight over Baldev’s innocence

Veera is determined to find the real culprit. Rajveer thinks he did not leave any clue at the murder location, but he does not know that Nihaal has pulled out his jacket button while they fought, and it fell at that place. Rajveer fools Ranvi more by lying and showing some injured man whom Baldev has beaten. He makes the wrong impression in Ranvi’s mind.

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  1. gud dat atleast veera trusted baldav n hope she reaches r.ver soon..

  2. I hate Rajveer! Ranvi stop trusting Rajveer, trust and support your own sister. Prove to that idiot that you know your own sister better than anyone in this world. Hope now Bansuri will support her daughter in law!

  3. yup its true dat ranvi shld knw and trust his sis dan ny one else…bt dis dumbo also wanna become mahaan by gvng his so called sach ka bayan in court…bledy dumbo

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