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Itti Si Khushi 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha meets Aman outside his house while he is starting his bike. You should sell this old bike or you will spend your life trying to start it only. He says once a beautiful girl joins me in the back then this bike will fly. She says it is another thrill / kick when you try something that you have wanted to do for a long long time. Please try once for the selections. Your life will change for good. He replies that he is a down to earth person, I don’t fly high in the skies like you. Let us go for a round. She denies. I will only go when you will accept my condition. He had thought that she came here after agreeing with him but she denies. you will have to give in to my condition. I will go now. He offers to drop her but she declines.

Gayatri is surprised to see Aman still outside. She has been planning to go to temple and then to Aggarwal house so as to bring her DIL back in their house. She is a little upset but I will talk to her. a lady greets them. I got to know everything about you and couldn’t understand as to why that principal did that with you. Aman turns to his mother. Shall I drop you somewhere? The lady continues to boost Aman’s morale. The school will call you on its own one day. Gayatri looks at them in confusion. She is shocked to know that Aman has been fired from the school. All the children were complaining over Aman’s forced resignation. Teachers also protested a lot but that trustee is not a good man. He dint like it when Neha got admission in the school. first he targeted you and then he rusticated Neha from the school as well. He dint do it right with either of you. She gives hope to Gayatri that everything will be fine. Gayatri looks at Aman pointedly after that lady is gone.

Jyoti ji is on call with Sunita ji. She tells her about a prospective match for Akku. She also asks Sunita ji about Neha. Sunita ji says it is our tradition. Neha is here for a few days only after which she will go back to her house. Jyoti ji replies that Neha came back in two days only so I was asking. I will inform you after talking to Karan’s family. the call ends. Sunita ji is worried what if they lose such a good guy because of Neha. Akku asks her mom to do oil massage but Sunita ji is worried. People have started gossiping about it. akku tells her to let it be. Sunita ji speaks out her concern. Akku assures her that Didi will go back to her house. I anyways don’t care about those whose thinking is narrow minded. I will marry a sensible guy. Sunita ji thinks of talking to Gayatri ji once.

Gayatri ji is hurt that Aman lied to her. he explains that he dint want her to get tensed over it. I am searching for a new job. I would have told you everything after getting one. Gayatri ji is sad that neighbours know the truth but not his mother. How will we manage everything now? He assures her that he has applied for many jobs and has got good reverts too. I will find one very soon. she talks about the competition. I am angry that you lost your job because of your own stupidity. What was the need of getting her admitted in your school only? He says Neha is not at fault here. I dint even know that Neha took admission in the same school. He tells her everything in mute. Tell me who is wrong here? Even principal sir had to resign. Trustee has played a game with us. Neha is innocent. She was even ready to give up on her studies for my job. Gayatri ji agrees that Neha is not wrong but he got stuck in all this. He is positive that he will get a good job soon. everything will be good in future too. She tells him that she is going to temple. I will pray that everything sorts out between you two, you get a job and I will bring my DIL back too. She leaves. Aman knows that now things will only sort out between them when Neha agrees.

Sunita ji greets Gayatri ji. She apologizes on Neha’s behalf but Gayatri instead apologizes for what all happened with Neha at her home. It was good that Neha and Akku disclosed the matter at the earliest or situation could have worsened. I understand how you must be feeling right now. A mother thinks that her daughter’s MIL will take her place after her daughter’s wedding but I did nothing of that sort. Please forgive me. sunita ji tells her not to do so. Maybe it was a test for Neha to understand the hardships of life. Gayatri ji knows that Neha is an intelligent girl. I promise you this wont repeat again. sunita ji nods. Gayatri ji asks for Neha. She gets to know that neha is not at home and decides to wait here only.

Neha back hugs Aman. He pretends to be angry with her. he holds her ear. We got married after so much difficulty but you left me. say sorry. She obliges and then says I love you to him. he replies too but she calls him a liar. You don’t trust me. this time he says sorry. I will make sure this is not going to happen ever again. she asks for promise but then he realises that it was his imagination. Ma is still not back. Hope Neha has not told Ma about cricket. She will get upset with Neha if she gets to know about it. Ma can bear anything but not this. he leaves.

Neha touches her MIL’s feet. Gayatri asks her to come home. You don’t have to worry, I will say sorry now. Neha requests her not to say this. Gayatri says I never thought that Ma ji hates you so much and will do all this to separate you from Aman. But she is the elder of the house. We will have to accept her like this only. Aman and I will anyways be with you only. No one will think wrong of you now. you are an honest and clean hearted girl. I can overlook all your drawbacks in front of these good attribute of yours. Neha replies that she is in fact happy that everything is sorted. Dadi ji has been scolding me since I was a kid. But I know she will accept me one day. Gayatri ji appreciates Neha. Neha apologizes to her for making Jayanti Massi drink that potion. Gayatri ji suggests her to pack her bags till she finishes her tea. Sunita ji is happy though Neha apologizes to Gayatri ji as her words might hurt her but she cannot come. Please ask Aman. Gayatri ji wants to know the reason and so does Sunita ji. People gossip and insult a daughter’s family when she stays at her home after her wedding. Gayatri ji says I wont leave without knowing the reason. sunita goes to attend an important call.

Gayatri talks about Aman losing his job because of her. still I have come here to take you home. We will discuss everything later once we reach home. I will talk to Aman in case you both had a fight. Pack your bags, you must listen to your elders. Neha says I know I should come but I have made a promise to myself. I am sorry as I know I am making you angry. I wont come to that home till Aman enrols himself in NCL. Gayatri is shocked to know about NCL (Nirman Cricket League). You know I have strictly told Aman not to play cricket. You are forcing him for that only? Neha talks about Aman’s dream. He always wanted to be a cricketer. Gayatri ji gets angry. He lost his job because of you and yet you are pushing him towards a wrong path. Neha talks about how being a cricketer is better than doing a job. Gayatri ji disagrees. Only 4 people get selected out of thousands. I don’t want Aman to get into all this. why do you start another drama even before the previous one has settled down? Why did you start talking about all this? neha replies that Aman has been dreaming of becoming a cricketer since his childhood but he dropped it as he grew up. He thinks that he has lost that golden chance but that isn’t the truth. NCL is an option. Once he gets enrolled he will achieve his dream. This is his last chance. You remember how everyone used to call him Brett Lee when he was a kid? Just give him one chance please. Gayatri ji points out that Aman is way beyond that age now but Neha explains that he still fits in the age bracket mention in the NCL article. I know you don’t like cricket much but Aman does. Cricketers get paid a lot. Gayatri talks all practical. Don’t show him false dreams. Neha talks about seeing dreams so as to fulfil them. let him try once. Gayatri ji relates that her husband too had lived in his dream world all his life. When his dreams broke he couldn’t tolerate it. he got heart attack. I stopped Aman on time. He may have felt bad about it but I had a really bitter life experience. I have done his good only by stopping him. I have made him a responsible human being only. He is taking care of the entire house, Neeta’s fees, Kartik is busy setting up his business. Is this not enough for life? Neha can understand her point of view. But what about Aman’s dreams? His dreams are lost in the past, just like his smile. Please return that to him. Gayatri denies. you cannot live your life for yourself only. I have made enough sacrifices for my family. you will understand it too when you will have your own family. It isn’t possible that all dreams can come true. Aman realised only one of his dreams – his marrying Neha. Neha smiles. What about his other dreams? I want to fulfil all his dreams. Gayatri ji talks all negative. You have come in our house now. You don’t know what is to be done and when. Maybe this is why Aman dint agree for your condition.

Precap: Akku tells Neha that she has accomplished the most difficult task in this mission. Neha says making Aman go to the trials is way more difficult. He wont go I know, but once he is there he will get selected for sure. Akku nods. Neha understands Aman’s situation too. He doesn’t have a job right now. how do I tell all this to him in this condition?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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