Rang Rasiya 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 9th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

At the haveli all are celebrating..! Thakur is greeting all and Paros in laws.. compliment Thakur for great wedding drama that is a cover up of true things! Thakur glares at him n says. .drink as much as u can sustain n not blabber ..! He tells him to leave..! Thakur is led aside n informed that Kesri is missing! Thakur says he must be somewhere nearby! He asks about guns and is told one box is missing..! Thakur fumes and says.. find the box fast! Bindi comes to Thakur and tells him about guns in the haveli..! He feigns ignorance.! Bindi says.. saw many guns.. at one side of the haveli..! Thakur hints his man not to hurt Bindi n let him handle..! He tells Bindi to take him to the location..! She is scared..! Thakur says many times what we see is an illusion! Bindi says.. really saw the guns ..maybe Paros in laws are involved.. Paro is also at the same place..! Thakur asks what she is doing there? Bindi says..took her to meet Varun ..! Thakur tells his man to go check that Paro-Varun are safe.. he leaves.. ! Bindi suggests to inform cops..! Thakur says.. am here.. lemme see n then decide the future course of action..!

Paro comes to freshen up and Laila greets her..! She asks Paro to relax.. n says.. ur hubby is very simple..just use ur brains to keep him in control..! Laila says.. learn how to charm men from me..! Laila says.. women are different.. but men are of three kinds.. a kid.. who treats life as a game. n need reassurance. second type are mamas boy…who always obey their mom ..! Dun oppose their moms in front of them.. or they will go against u..! Also fake tears for them n they will melt for u.. ! Laila turns to leave..! Paro asks what about third type? Laila teases her saying. .oh so interested.. well third type of men are animals.. who dun have heart.. and who hurt themselves and others..! Laila says.. like my Rudra..! Paro is stunned..! Laila tells Paro to relax as her would be hubby is a human..! Paro is called by her mami … !

Bindi shows the location to Thakur and he asks can i trust u? She says yes.. ! They walk towards the haveli …! Thakur tells Bindi that his ancestors souls inhabit that part of the haveli .. and they still talk to him … n make fun of him! Bindi says ur famous ..! Thakur says. .my name.. my fame.. is all lost .. nothing is left..! Thakur says one fine day he was told that he only will get haveli .. n no kingdom..! Bindi says.. that was wrong..! Thakur says.. so now will tell u something important..! Thakur leads Bindi to the lake..! She asks where they are going? Thakur looks all around and then tells Bindi that whatever she saw was the reality and that he buys those guns ..! Bindi is scared..! Thakur says.. he buys them to sell them off to trouble makers.. ! He says every year the barats coming bring guns with them … ! Bindi is scared for Paro..! Thakur says.. how long will u worry about the world? Leave it.. coz u know more than u need to ..! Thakur spots the crocodile approaching the shore and Bindi tries to run ..! Bindi begs for mercy. .but Thakur pushes her in the water..! The crocodile attacks n kills Bindi..! Thakur watches from the shore ..! Thakur asks his man to call Paro n his mami in his room..!

Part 2

Anant comes to Rudra and he asks if Kesri confessed? Anant replies that Kesri confessed everything about Thakur n his wrong doings!

Thakur asks Paro-Mami if they have anything to tell him? Especially concerning BSD? Paro nods her head to say no..! Thakur tells Thakurain that he took a decision without consulting her..! He says situation is such that the wedding cant happen tomorrow.. ! All are shocked..! He says wedding will be tonight..! Paro is surprised..! Thakur says.. to trust him with this situation …! He says have news that BSD people plan to ruin this wedding…so cant take chances..! Mami asks how to make so many preps? Thakur says my responsibility …leave it to me..! He says wedding will be within one hour..!

Thakur tells his men to make all preps for wedding pronto and asks for Kesris whereabouts? He is informed that Kesri is missing n he guesses that Kesri is with BSD who will be planing to attack tomorrow..! Rudra informs his boss that the wedding is tomorrow so we have to get the permission to inspect Thakurs haveli rightaway..! Anant rues that we have proof and cant do anything! Rudra says.. we will turn Thakurs world upside down. anywhich way.!

Part 3

Paros in laws ask Thakur what the matter is . why the rush for the wedding? Thakur glares and says.. get the wedding done as fast as possible ..! Varun is confused and his friends /cousins tease him …! Paro is getting ready too …! Anant asks Rudra is its safe to fake search warrants? Rudra says..everyone is safe in a cage.. so .. n says.. we need to hurry up before Thakur finishes up his work and cleans up his trail..! Rudra says. .in BSD there are two types of officers..one who follows rules.. and another who makes them. . n i m in second category! Anant says he is ready to do anything for country n him..! Rudra says just dont get killed..!

Precap —- Thakurs men are quickly packing away the guns..! Paro asks Thakur where is Bindi and he says BSD people took her forcibly ..! Paro is shocked..! The barat gets ambushed by BSD and Rudra opens fire.! Suddenly Paro shown watching Varun getting shot..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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