Do Dil Ek Jaan 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 9th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya asking Vedika from where did this mouth organ come. He is annoyed and says you are my pride, my life, I don’t want the past to hunt you. Vedika says I love you Papa, I don’t know from where did this come. Satya says are you sure. She says yes. Satya takes him home. Vidhaan is talking to Antara’s and Raghu’s photo. Satya comes to him and Vidhaan hears someone coming and hides the photos. He thinks where did the mouth organ go. Satya comes to him with the mouth organ.

Vidhaan is looking out for it. Satya says what are you searching, is anything lost? Vidhaan sees a photo and stands on it. Satya shows him the mouth organ. Vidhaan sees his wallet and picks it up. He says I was finding this. Satya asks and whats this Mr. Music teacher. Vidhaan says its a mouth organ. Satya says I m impressed, you know its name, I m really interested in knowing how did this come here.

Vidhaan is tensed and says you brought this. Satya says don’t act smart, how did this come here. Vidhaan says I did not have it, I can’t say. Satya looks at the room. Vidhaan hides the photo. Satya says play this. Vidhaan says what. Satya says show me, play it, and gives it to him. Vidhaan says I will try. Vidhaan plays it. Satya stops him and takes it back. He says did my daughter come here. Vidhaan says yes. Satya says did she help you in cleaning this room. Vidhaan says yes. Satya says did you not tell her thankyou. Vidhaan says I said. Satya says how, by giving this mouth organ? Vidhaan asks waht doubt do you have.

Satya says take care Sunny boy and throws the mouth organ. Vidhaan picks it. Satya says do you need it. Vidhaan smiles and says no. Satya says its not yours and takes it back. Vidhaan says there are many things here which are not mine. Satya says remember this. Satya leaves. Vidhaan gets angry and says Satya Naik, take loan that you can pay. Satya comes to Manohar and is angry. Manohar asks what happened. Satya says nothing, are you fine. He says do you remember Antara and Raghu. Manohar says I remember. Satya says what happened with them. Manohar says you know it better.

Satya says they had a child right. Manohar says yes. Satya asks him to drink and think. Satya makes Manohar tensed. Manohar says I remember they had one child. Satya asks what happened with the child. Manohar says as you told me, I killed the child. Satya asks how did you kill and where. Manohar says I m growing old, don’t remember. Satya gets angry and asks him again. Manohar says I remember how I killed the child, I have the proof, I will give you. Satya looks at him. Manohar says do you want the proof now. Satya says now……. Manohar is tensed.

Manohar says you are after me these days, I have always served you and your mum, what did I get, you did not trust me ever, I did this for you. Satya asks for proof. Manohar says I will give, I knew it you will ask me one day. He gives Satya a paper and gets up. Satya says great Kaka, I knew you will do this. Satya says keep an eye on the music teacher. Manohar agrees. Satya drinks the wine and leaves.

Vidhaan is thinking about Satya and is angry. He says I want my mouth organ at any cost. Vedika comes to him and gives the mouth organ to him. He is shocked. She says tell me the truth, whats special in this, which makes my dad annoyed and you happy. He says I want it. She says take it and teases him. She says first tell me. He says stop being kiddish. He gets angry on her hurting her hand. She says its paining. He leaves her hand and takes the mouth organ. She says its ok, I understand, if you want, you can share with me, I promise I won’t tell anyone, you miss your parents a lot right.

Vidhaan smiles and looks at the mouth organ. He says I don’t even know them, how will I miss them, I did not meet them. Vidhaan talks to Vedika and says how can you be so happy. She says you don’t know how to flirt. He says you are unique. She says correct, you also be like this and takes his photo in her phone. She says come, sit here and takes photos with him. He stares at her. She looks at his stare and asks why are you seeing me like this. He says how was I seeing. She says in photo. He says how. She shows him the photo. He says delete this. She says I won’t, my wish, these are the memories, might be required anytime.

Music plays……………….. She says shall we start the class. He teaches her how to play the violin. They get close. She looks at him. Music plays…………………. She smiles seeing him. They have an eyelock.

Vedika asks Vidhaan why do you be rude to me. Manjari comes there and sees them together.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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