Rang Rasiya 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 8th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra holds unconscious paro, he lifts her in his arms and takes her inside the house. he takes her to his room and puts her in bed, paro blabbers do you belive on my love? he says calm down, he turns to leave but paro holds his hand, rudra says i am not going anywhere, i am here, he wipes water from her face, he puts blanket on her, paro is feeling cold in wet cloths, rudra says paro your cloth need to be changed. he comes to maithili and says i need your help, paro is wet, change her cloths, she says okay. they come to paro, she puts hand on her foot, paro winces in pain, rudra holds paro’s foot and says be careful she is having pain, maithili smiles seeing his care for her. she says you go out and change, he says be careful, maithili says don worry, he goes out closing door. rudra changes his clothes and recalls how paro was standing in rain on one feet, he is tensed. he says this girl has gone mad, dilsher says you are right, she is mad because how can a cute girl like her can like you, when she talks its like honey and you dont talk but bite. rudra says you should be her father, dilsher says you are mistaken to not see her and not understanding her. when i saw her 1st on cupbord i was sure you both have something. dilsher says she said that she loves you and wants to marry you, rudra says there was whole community when she said that, dilsher says what about you? rudra says i am angry on her, dilsher says you are always angry, but its time to wake up, things are changing rapidly, wake up.

Scene 2
rudra comes to paro and checks her fever, maithili says she is fine dont worry, rudra says i am not worried but she is mad to stand in rain like this, he says he will put wet cloth on her fore head, maithili says you go and sleep , i will do it, she calls me jija. rudra takes cloth and says i will do it, maithili says you dont care for her then why you took her inside, let her remain outside getting drenched in water, rudra says she got unconscous, maithili says so what, if she was lying unconsious in rain then she was suffering because of her maddness, why you took her inside, rudra says i took her inside out of humanity even after knowing that tried to burn dilsher, maithili says no she was not paro, i have proofs that paro was not the one but i dont think you need to see them because somewhere you knew paro cant do that, you just believed that just to keep paro away from you, just to keep this fire between you both, maithili says to rudra that till when will you hide your love for paro, you say you are doing this for humanity but i had seen when paro was wincing in pain you too had pain on your face, i know you will not accept it because you dont want to that paro is something to you, rudra says thanks for your help, maithili says sorry and leaves. rudra says to paro that you are nothing to me, you mean nothing. paro is sleeping in bed, she turns her head, her head is abput to fall from pillow, rudra holds her face putting his hand on her cheecks, he sets her head and looks at her thoughtfully. (rangrasiya plays). he places chair beside bed and sits there looking at paro, he keeps hand on bed to save paro’s head from falling, paro turns and sleeps on his hand, she holds his hand, he is about to take off his hand but stops himself.

Scene 3
sumer comes home in night, mohini comes and says where were you? were you also standing on one feet to go to jaipur, she ask sumer what are you doing? he says you have no idea whats going to happen, its raining heavily tonight but real strom will come tomorrow.
in morning paro wakes up and sees her head resting on rudra’s hand, she gets up, rudra too wakes up, he checks paro’s fever and says its gone, paro ask i am here? rudra says i brought you here, paro see her cloths changed and my clothes who.. rudra doesnt answer her, she says major sahab i am asking something, maithili comes and says storm came and its still there, she ask are you ok? paro says i am fine, maithili says you must be as rudra took care of you whole night he was awake. paro looks at him, he leaves. paro ask my clothes.. maithili says i changed them, rudra was so worried for you, paro ask he was tensed, maithili says yes he was not allowing me to touch you till i assured him that i will take care, paro says why he did that? maithili says ask him. she says now get fresh, she leaves. paro remembers maithili’s words.

Scene 4
sumer takes newspaper and is about to check it, rudra comes there and snatches from his hand, he gets aman’s call who ask him to come to headquaters. rudra ask what happened, major singh takes call and ask rudra to come fast, sumer takes paper from him. rudra leaves fro headquarter. sumer is about to read newspaper but mohini takes it from him. mohini reads newspaper which says that stone hearted bsd officer took advantage of innocent girl to make his mission successful, title of news is “is it price for loving someone or is it disrespect to love?” paro’s pic of standing on feet in rain is also published. sumer says they published it he is happy. mohini says you did it, sumer says i clicked that pic and sold it, mohini says you have waken up sleeping loin, sumer says no now he will know.

Scene 5
dilsher comes to paro, she is stunned to see him and says all thinks that i put fire in your room, dilsher says let them think but i know its not true, my son is a fool. he says i saw daughter’s love you eyes. he says not to cry, i went to mandir as i wished that rudra will get a girl with whom i can leave him, he says i know he is not accepting you but he is not bad, what he is today is because of me and his mother who left him. i went out my anger all these years infront of rudra so he bitter but dont lose hope. he shows saree and says its of rudra’s mother, he says i let her go because she wasnt mine but whats yours dont leave him, he says i still take her as my wife, he blesses her to be happy and leaves. paro looks at saree and says i promise bapusaa i will never break your trust.

PRECAP- rudra comes to paro and says our madap will be here,our havan will be here, he lits fire and start taking pheras, he says 7 promises of disrespect and deceit and 8th promise is of rudra, i promise that i will be never of yours, he puts sindoor on her fore head, paro is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Shubhra Surendra

    What is the name ofthe person who comes to Paro and Rudra’s room and says why won’t bhabhisa recover, afterall rudra bhaisa is taking care of her so well. What is her role in the serial?

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